Thursday, April 17, 2008

36 weeks preggy...counting days...

today is 17th april 08 n im entering my 36th week of health condition..hmm sgt la tAk best...minor contractions semakin kerap attack...sakit sgt...especially when i lay down on bed waktu nak tidur, nak pusing kiri..perut pun ikut senget ke kiri....pusing kanan, perut senget ke kanan..had major problems to turn my body around...waking up from bed is the hardest thing to do...berat sgt rasa..just imagine this, perut kejang+ keras plus rasa mcm period pain plus pubic area rasa kena cucuk plus celah kelengkang rase sakit+longgar2 (mcm ader org lepas kangkangkan u!) huhu sakit tau! tak campur baby gerak sakit n sakit pinggang,bahu n belakang!

well, itulah pengorbanan seorang bakal mummy bawak instinct tells me the time is getting nearer...i was on m.c for a day last week due to the contraction n when the doctor checked my tummy and pelvics area...dia tekan2 (sakit sgt) last2 she told me that the baby's head dah engaged!yeay,meaning it's anytime soon..maybe 2 weeks from last week..patutla bawah ni rasa sakit sgt esp time jalan, kepala baby dah masuk dalam pelvics ares rupanya! thanks shugiga coz doc kata i should feel lucky dia dah engaged, insyaallah senang bersalin :) on sunday a bidan came over to my house n urut my badan to prepare for labour biar ada energy sket coz badan i dok sakit2...n she told me the same thing, kepala baby dah menuju ke bawah!hehe

well, last week on the 9th april i went for my monthly checkup at az-zahrah...i was 63.4 kgs! (if im not mistaken) n lil shugiga dah 2.7 kg!naik 500 grams! baby jgn grow besar2 sgt k? sikit2 je so that senang nak kluar k??hehe.i budget by the next 2 weeks dia dah 3 kgs n by the time lahir, lebih sket kot...huhu comelnya! anyway, on that day, she made her parents happy n excited again coz the moment the camera pasang, tiba2 dia mcm senyum rupa2nya after that she was moving her mouth mcm tgh kunyah2!tgh minum air ketuban rupanya!haha comel sgt, nasib baik daddy dia sempat ambik video so everytime i feel like i miss her i'll watch the video la :) ish tak sabar for her arrival...anyway, i heard 3 good news in a row last week. first wife osh delivered their baby boy on the 8th april, the next day my jiran delivered her baby boy (3.7 kgs!!besar kan) n on the 10th kakak farisa delivered her baby girl yg tembam comel tu!! huhu excited n happy sgt dgr good news ni n tak sabar2 rasanya for my turn coz wife osh n my jiran kahwin 7.7.07 and kakak farisa 27.7.07. so next is my turn la.....huhu. and all of them delivered normally.congrats to them!

well im planning to take my leave starting from the 28th april...rase2 dah dekat that time dah38 weeks n next week last la i nak keje..malas dah..penat n i want to have a good rest n i want to prepare for the baby's arrival..basuh baju2 dia, basuh bedding set, ganti comforter i, bersihkan bilik, pack bag nak gi hosp n sterilize all the bottles :) so next week on the 23rd is my next appointment, cant wait!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

period pain during pregnancy**argh** had been nearly 1 month since my last post.serius skrg ni mood malas is attacking n tho i wud realllyyy luv to share some of shugiga's updates, tapi jari ni malas nak menaip...huhu a lot has happened during this period of time n we were all very2 extremely busy adapting to our 'new life' since my hubby n my family just opened our new cafe...will talk bout that later coz right now my priority is to talk bout lil' shugiga, the flower of my eyes!hehe :)

today im officially 35 weeks preggy...5 more weeks to go before the expected due date..might be earlier jugak..excited but takut at the same time since the time is moving soooo fast n the big day is arriving in a blink of an eye, i dah start takut...couldnt have a wonderful sleep at nites (besides sakit2 perut contraction n sakit pinggang) ive been thinking n wondering if the pain im going thru rite now dah sakit sikit, what more kalau betul2 labour pain??it scares the hell out of me...but im praying that i will go through a normal delivery as planned n most importantly i want my hubby barney to be beside me all the time, witnessing his wife going thru the labour pain!coz i want his support n i know he's the only person who can make stupid jokes n redirect my mind away from all the scary thoughts...

well, last 2 weeks on the 27th mac i had my regular check that time i was 62.9 kgs (bukan i yg naik k, shugiga yg naik 400gms!) n lil girlie dah 2.2 kgs:) hehe comelnyeee. this time around i tak puas hati coz couldnt see her face clearly since dia dah besar n ruang dlm perut dah sempit, air ketuban pulak nampak kurang...hmmm rindu la tapi when the doc printed her scan pic, muka dia masam :( sedih ke baby?hehe.tu la org cakap kalau mummy tension, anak dlm perut ikut tension skali...but mummy couldnt help it la dear, there are some circumstances surrounding me yg buat mummy tension:( tapi now dh ok dh kot:)hehe. i also had my 2nd injection n so far sugar level n blood level smue the 37th week i'll be visiting the doctor every week...

by this time, ive bought all the things including my essentials except for the breast pump.still have to decide whether to buy medela or avent...but since i want an electric breast pump, medela would be a better choice mainly for 2 reasons: 1-ramai cakap medela bagus n better, 2-the electric one costs few hundreds cheaper than avent :) so...insyaallah.. last week i ordered my set bersalin from Leesa Formula (based on recommendation by some frens) the set is called Confinemum Set n for people like me who is penakut to telan benda2 pahit n berempah/berjamu, leesa formula is a better choice compared to nona roguy coz nona roguy mmg jamu habis la,so it will be panas to my body n if i breastfeed shugiga,the baby might kena cirit birit sebab effect panas last2 beli mahal2 tapi end up tak guna, rugi kan?

leesa formula ni a bit modern la,tak bau busuk mcm jamu n tak panaskan badan plus tak PAHIT!! (according to testimonials la) the set consists of tablet haruan(to sembuhkan luka2 luar dan dalam) tablet prawan (untuk sihatkan rahim dan sistem dalaman after bersalin) ginger cream (untuk disapu on any parts if the body + can be used as 'pilis') body contour gel (untuk rampingkan pinggang n pecah lemak..huhu,to be applied b4 pakai bengkung) bengkung, tungku(mcm best je benda ni dah la ada 2) n also minyak telon (for the baby, untuk guna waktu baby kembung perut) all these cost about rm 300++ so i better make sure i will use them sampai habis!kalau tak buat rugi duit je...n i also bought 2 bengkung called bengkung mia from the internet n dia sgt lembut coz dijahit dgn kapas skali so agak tebal la..n warna dia gelap so kalau kotor kena minyak tak nampak la..hmm bengkung ni panjang dari bwh breast sampai tutup punggung n tali silang2...n for effective result-wear it ALL THE TIME except time mandi la!huhu lets hope i'll pass that condition k!

well, a lil bit on kopicat kafe, it was officially opened to the public on the 3rd of April 2008. had a kenduri doa selamat on the 31st march n i have to tell you, since this is our first experience opening a cafe, all of us one family turun padang hari2 sampai tgh mlm, rumah tu jadi tmpt mandi, smayang n tidur je..makan oun dah tak sama2..everybody becomes busy but in a way kafe ni merapatkan hubungan keluarga coz we worked as a team (termasuk la mak buyung ni but temporary jer k) insyaallah kalauh dlm 1 month dh ok we can let the workers handle the kafe la..for the time being kena sacrifice time..kesian bee barney, bukak kedai then pegi show then balik kedai for the past 1 week so he was so damn exhausted (trust me it's not easy doing works in the kitchen!!dah la panas) i ni pun balik je ofis terus pegi kafe sampai la malam...the cafe opens from 12pm to 12 am...alhamdulillah for the past 4 days since its opening, mendapat sambutan, cuma kena promote lagi n make sure foods tu ada quality control so dat customer tak complain...the concept of the cafe is separuh air-conditioned n half lagi katluar..warna gelap (to create a cosy effect)hehe n my bro decorates the wall by putting the photos he took..

i kena tegur dgn bee barney jgn menyibuk dkt kitchen cz i complain sakit2 everytime kena tunduk ambik brg but i couldnt help it, awal2 ni jakun n rasa best je nak tolong org kat dapur tu!hehe but seriously, mmg sakit2 badan n i think i have to be a bit 'malas' dkt cafe for my own safety n lil shugiga's. bila nak bgn pagi pegi ofis ya allah mata gamnyaaa!! ngantuk penat ...biasa la ibu mengandung (walaupun kalau tak preggy mmg i mcm ni :p) n rite now, me n hubby really appreciate the 30 minutes pillow talk we have every nite coz that's the only time we have to talk secara aman b4 we got too tired n doze off to sleep....really hope by the time i dlm pantang hubby can settle down dgn kafe n spend more intimate moments wif me **i slalu ugut dia, ni jer the last month you'll have my attention, after this i dah ada geng baru!hehe

well, last saturday me n the chickies met for meq's bride-to-be lunch at the first her sis planned to throw her a hen nite n sleep over but since all of us are bz n couldnt find a perfect time together (plus my condition rite now doest allow me to sleep over dkt mana2 slain rumah sendiri) so we had a brief lunch dkt the curve.but hope she's happy wif it tho kesian coz tak proper sgt...n she's getting married in 2 weeks time!bestnya!hehecant wait for my lil sis to be a wife..haha!they keep on telling me that i dont look preggy except for my big tummy.muka, tangan , kaki n dari blakang tak nampak preggy..hhmm that's a compliment la kan?tapi i better be prepared to lose my extra kgs ni so that i can fit into my old clothes back! btw, far n najwa came over to the kafe yesterday!they are my first 'fren customers' at this moment!huhu najwa makan assam laksa, far mkn spaghetti meatballs, i mkn lamb chop n all of us had smoothies mango.sumpah sedap smoothies mango ni, bukan nak puji tapi mmg sedap! they also tried some cakes, royal pistachio, premium strawberry cheese n tiramisu.hope they love the foods:) well i really had fun meeting wif the girls coz i pun dh nak dekat jadi mummy ni so when they pay me a visit, i felt appreciated la :P huhu.

hmm..btw,we finally received the good news last wednesday...after all the worries n prayer.insyallah, hope the process goes smoothly as planned...all for u lil' shugiga :)
okaylah, mummy pun dah malas ni..rasa nak tido je n malas gi kerja but i have to save my cuti utk shugiga nanti...n the contraction + period pain tgh dtg nii!!!argh..i miss my bed.. see u shugiga on the 9th of april!