Thursday, March 25, 2010

we are back !

alhamdulillah things were great and the trip was fun but really really tiring :)

and there were too many pictures taken but what's so special with the above pictures?

coz the last time we went there 3 years ago, we took picture on the same bench and now, there's someone in between, and another one inside my jacket :p

so sentimental....

Monday, March 1, 2010

hello london (in 24 hours time)

hey lil nia karlyssa! remember this? this pic was taken in october 2007, when u were about 2months 'young' in mummy's tummy:) we 'brought' you there so that you could 'feel the freshness' of london's air with the hope to come back again in the future!hehe..we didnt have a clue whether you were a boy or a girl at this point of time, so daddy bought loottsss of boy's clothes for you!!mummy geram je tgk baju girls waktu ni :(

but now, as in tonight, alhamdulillah murah rezeki, we are able to bring you there again!this time you can be there 'physically' sayang! oh ya, it's spring (tho the weather is so like winterr... ) so be prepared for all the pretty dresses!this time mummy will balas dendam!hehe...and again, this time, mummy is going to bring along your lil bro/sis in my tummy:) what a dejavu kan? and again, since we r still not sure of the gender, daddy will have the 'kuasa veto' to buy all the 'tengkorak' rompers just like he did last time :( huhu...
anyway, really hope and pray this journey will be safe and smooth for all of us, coz this is your first experience sitting on the airplane for 13 hours!! this is totally different from bandung and hong kong ya darling?? hopefully you tak poo poo in the plane and plsss behave and jgn boring nak jalan2 dlm plane or demand nak dengar lagu daddy or tgk barney or elmo je!! coz i wont be bringing those cds along!!huhu
let's get colddddd for the next 2 weeks sayang!muah!