Tuesday, February 24, 2009

babies month

our trip to cameron highland that was scheduled on the 7th and 8th february was cancelled due to mummy's and daddy's sickness.daddy got high fever n mummy got her untolerable piles. i was on mc for the whole week.couldnt walk nor sit.the last time i had this worst nightmare was in 2007-when i was in my first trimester..

i must admit i was very very frustrated coz this trip was supposed to be our very first mini family trip.just the 3 of us..tapi :( and now we still cant find a perfect dat coz barney is very2 busy on weekends...hhmm mimpi la lagi.. so,on the 7th tu, sebab geram sgt tak dpt pg cameron, me n barney brought shugiga to taman burung in kl :) at least we brought her out and thank god,nia enjoyed her mini trip so so much!we were very happy to see her smile and through out the walk she didnt even merengek mintak dukung!she sat in her stroller and bising sorang2 tgk burung.i guess my daughter enjoys nature so much unlike her parents, we both got exhausted eventho baru separuh taman tu kita jalan, so we decided to go back! tak berhenti minum pun coz mengah.hehe.ye lah 2-2 sakit..

well, a good friend of mine, far is getting married to lan kismis in 3 days time!syukur and i wish both of you happiness :) cant wait for her wedding day! i'll be taking leave on that day :) hehe

for the past 1 week (14thfeb-22nd feb) 4 of my friends delivered their babies safely:) congratulations to 3 baby boys (k.dana, yen/ida and meq/ajee) and a baby girl (kak ira). it's amazing that 4 of them could be 'making' babies at the same time back then!haha. well, meq is one of my chickies, a small sister to me and i felt quite sentimental looking at her lying on the bed as a mother :) we knew each other since we were so small n now u have a big responsibility dear!cant wait for dikya's turn (it would be funny kan?) her baby farel is huge 4.1 kg and so adorable at the same time!at the moment he looks more like meq, but babies' faces do change kan!hehe.cant wait to visit him again! but i have high respect for her coz knowing meq (hehe) im proud she gave birth naturally when her baby's head is so big comparing to her pelvics!!congrats dear!

on another note; ahmad zulkamal, my senior in uitm and a colleague of mine in agc passed away on saturday 21stfeb09. al-fatihah. it was a shock as i just bumped into him for 2 days in a row before saturday and now he's gone. tho i am not close to him, i learnt one thing for sure; appreciate your loved ones no matter where they are.u might see them today,but no more tomorrow....

back to nia, she got her 2nd pneumococal injection on the 11th feb. and now she's 10.4 kg!haha only 1 kilo naik after 2 months...ye lah, baby pun aktif merangkak and berdiri sana sini..so no more baby demok i guess??alhamdulillah, since new year nia tak kena demam lagi.batuk2 sikit2 tu ade la tapi cepat recover.i guess the vaccine works :)

my darling is turning 10 months old/young in 4 days time! will update on her development later!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

B**BS issue

i have an issue with my b**bs.

before i got married, i always complained about how small it was.i want a bigger one.haha

as soon as nia was born, my B became obvious and of course bigger.i had to change all my work shirt to a size L. L??!!haha just because of my B.pakai la baju longgar bawah tapi ketat atas ke tempat kerja.i started thinking, bigger B is not as satisfying as it sounds! my body is just not proportionate anymore! banyak baju tak muat dibutang and i became paranoid!!

as soon as i stopped breastfeeding nia at the age of 6 months, i got my first red flag on my brithday (after 1 year and 2 months of hassle free monthly routine!!) and for every month, i will get the red flag on the exact date as my first one.so my mom said im SUBUR jadi kena la berhati2 ya :)

months after months,as my body shrinks, my B shrinks too.and i really mean SHRINK.i have to change back to my pre-natal bras and im thankful actually that it has come back to its normal size.HOWEVER, my issue here is, it's not only small in size but i think it has no 'fillings', isi takde, mcm karipap tak berintikan kentang.haha.i consulted my mom and she said it's normal that after breastfeeding dh habis, our B will become lemah dan tak bermaya..huhu sedih kan??i asked her, whether we need to apply any creams yg berlambak2 available di pasaran tu untuk mengembalikan kesegarannya?and she answered "ala, lama2 dia normal balik la,tgk mak ni, keras je kan??" hahaha. geram but true enough.so ,tunggu je la ye,and exercise sikit tgn tu my mom ckp.

so to any of you who have experinced this and dah guna any miracle cream, share lah ye :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

family planning

family planning has been a 'trend' lately. for newlyweds, most of them opt to use many methods of family planning for various different reasons. well, it's up to them right? as for me n hubby, we never planned for children after we got married.alhamdulillah, after 2 months of marriage, i was pregnant for 5 weeks :)

after nia was born, i was introduced to various methods of family planning by my gynae. before my confinement ended, i met my gynae and we discussed about family planning while hubby sat outside with little nia who was just 1 month plus. she explained to me about 4 types of family planning which i can choose, namely:

1. contraceptive pill
2. injection
3. iud
4. implan

if im not mistaken, the result of all 4methods is we wont get our monthly red flag. i asked the doctor, "takda jerawat keluar ke?kulit cantik ke?perut tak bloated ke?" coz in my mind, if darah tak keluar, sure badan kita penuh dgn darah kotor kan?haha.actually, the effect of all these is to stop our menstrual system so mmg our telur2 tu takkan dikeluarkan pun in the first place.so there's no such thing as telur tu tak disenyawakan lalu menjadi darah kotor....:)

if i choose the pill, meaning i will get the chance of forgetting to consume it due to time factor,lupa or undiscipline. bcoz we need to eat the pill every single day without fail.or else we will get the chance of being subur okayy..so option no.1 i tak minat.

the second choice is injection or suntikan hormon progestin in any parts of my otot lengan, punggung or paha. this injection will release a hormone called progestin that will stop our ovulation process in the uterus. this injection will only last about 10-13 weeks. meaning, we have to 'renew' the injection at the end of every 3 months. hmm.i dont like this,just like renewing my driving license where i tend to forget especially when it's last minute so last2 jadi malas.sgt tak praktikal especially if we are busy and need to set an appointment date yg kdg2 tak boleh ditepati.

iud is a small thing made of plastic which contain progestin hormone too.basically the function is the same, once it is inserted in our vagina, it will 'thicken' our servics and sort of jadi penyumbat la untuk halang the sperms from entering the uterus lalu persenyawaan telur pun tak menjadi:(
huhu...hhmm..ni pun i kureng sikit,of course, imagining something being inserted in our vagina for a few years!!oh noooo...

the last option explained to me by my gynae is implan or implanon. its a small plastic rod yg sgt la nipis dan pendek which is inserted under our skin at the arm part.the effect is also the same as method number 3.hormon yg sama juga akan dirembeskan.hehe.these method is quite popular nowadays, even the doctor has been using it for a few years.and to her, not getting her period is so besstt!! (mmg best pun coz tak leceh and takyah beli pad kan??) these implanon will last for 3 years and if within the 3 years, say 2 years tibe2 we change our mind and nak anak balik,we can just take it out.usually after few months buka,regular period akan dtg balik..and implanon will make our skin become softer n supple!hehe.best2.the only negative part is, since our hormone dah lari, so nafsu makan mungkin naik n if tak berhati2, boleh naik berat badan la :( but implanon only costs rm500 at my gynae's place and i think it's worth the 3 years period.
so, option no 4 sgt2 la menarik hati saya yg tak sabar2 nak bagitau n bincang dgn suami :):):)

so i set another appointment date wif the doctor for implanon and walked out of her room happily.as i opened my mouth about "kaedah merancang", my husband's face changed.he has his own reasons la..firstly, tak elok rancang2, nanti tuhan tak bagi betul2 after 3 years tu macamana? secondly,he's already 35 this year so he doesnt want to send his child to std 1 when he's already 50 :p thirdly, im still young, so at this age i should do my part as a wife which is to produce babies so that by the age of 30 i can rest and maintain my body :0)

ok ok sayang,who am i to object u, right?after lots of arguments pun i think ur reasons tu masuk akal after i have done deep,considerate thinking.well,it all depends on the husband and wife to reach and settle on an agreement.so,no 2nd visit to the gynae as scheduled,and now we are just practising the natural method..insyaallah,when nia reaches 2 years old,she may get a new companion :) kesian kan kalau sorang2 takda kwn...then maybe i will start thinking about these methods again.apa pun kita hanya mampu merancang je kan??

btw,im just sharing these infos for our future guidelines as every couple has different goals to achieve in their lifes.the choice is in our hand,whether to have 1,2,3, or even 10 children.the only problem is the time factor,sanggupkah anda melalui segala proses mengandung dan bersalin sedangkan rahim dan badan and belum cukup rehat lagi??whatever it is, family planning is good to improve and maintain our family's financial, educational and economical status. the choice is yours, and i have chose mine :)

nerdy singer

im supposed to sing tomorrow.solo.so not me.plssss!! singing is so not meeee!!!

btw,i was given my very first bill.but im only assisting. new experiences...new headaches..
the bill is supposed to be tabled on march. but march will be a hectic month.why? coz i wont be in the office for the whole month due to kursus induksi and btn!argghh shugiga, mummy will be away from u for the first time :( tsk tsk.