Friday, October 26, 2007

still in rayA mood~

hubby n wifey at p.ramlee the musical 191007 (me 11 weeks!)

phewww...dah 2weeks since my last post...lamanya (plus malas)...well, to raya was good...first time cium tgn suami pagi raya plus ada dialog lagi (coz i bnyk dosa..huhu) n first time dpt duit raya from my hubby...well,he's the only person who gave me duit raya this year since im working, married n a mom to be (boringnye org lain dah tak bagi duit raya...) we wore pakaian sedondon, silver+bluish & baju this year pun lain sikit dari zaman belum kahwin...ala ala long dress (maternity dress??!)huhu!

first day raya we went to datok's house in pj then me n hubby went to mama's house in damansara...pastu gi kubur kat tmn melati...went to 2 of his uncles' houses both in kl then went back to 5 pm all of us (including mama n k.didi) went back to malacca for 2 days :) on sunday tgh mlm we went back to bangi n i muntah teruk gila sampai nangis coz dah tahan loya sejak dlm the next morning my hubby advised me not to follow him n mama to ipoh for a day trip...huhu first year beraya tak dpt gi ipoh tapi lega gak coz i got enough rest on that day...:) well..itu je la raya i...the rest, i just welcomed org yg dtg beraya to our house in bangi hampir setiap mlm coz all of us will be going to uk dah...

basically takder open houz n my only fren (excluding adikya, anis n meq)yg dtg beraya was juju who brought jaja along...:) thanks juccilovey coz i truly missed u! oh ya, meqqie got engaged on the 20th oct! congrats lil sis! u're ON THE WAY dah eh...btw, she looked truly sweet n beautiful on dat day n the event was a sweet last....

Thursday, October 11, 2007


kind of sad, lonely, bored at this moment...thinking that all my loved ones are at home busy preparing n cooking for raya...while here i am..all alone feeling so stuck in the office :( this year is the first raya where i am not able to join the girls preparing for the ketupat.....before this..i mean all these years mak akan kejut us after nenek n busu sampai rumah...then me n ayu dgn mata gamnya turun masukkan beras dalam daun ketupatt...sampai tgahari baru siap:) tahun ni tak meriah betul coz i only applied for raya leave on tuesday (one day je cuti)

well apart from that, this year marks a new experience for me too...first time beraya dengan hubby as a wife n a mummy to be!huhu all in one!hopefully n insyaallah next year dah tambah a new 'lil one' :) quite excited to celebrate raya wif barney,siap sama2 pagi raya n salam him :) taking pictures on pagi raya..hehe..

it's almost noon which means it's time for lunch break..i guess i nak balik rumah jap coz sumpah boring kat ofis...senyap sunyi je...tinggal 3 org!!org lain dah balik cuti :( before i go, i wanna wish everyone, all my friends n family SELAMAT HARI RAYA, POHON KEMAAFAN KERANA SEBAGAI MANUSIA BIASA SUDAH TENTU BANYAK DOSA SECARA SEDAR ATAU TIDAK TELAH DILAKUKAN SEPANJANG TAHUN INI. enjoy raya!

p/s:sumpah mengidam gila ketupat,kuah kacang n ayam rendang! (tapi bukan kuah DOC KAC k!)

Monday, October 8, 2007

morning n night sickness

helo lil kac'!

my trip to penang last week was a pleasant one..alhamdulillah the 4hours journey pegi n balik were smooth...tak jammed n i pun takder sakit perut or nak muntah...penang was so oldskool' n i luv the environment there...quite jakun gak coz dah dekat 11 tahun tak pegi penang!for the first time me n barney bukak puasa kat luar:) he drove me to gurney drive n we ate at the chinese stalls...makan gila2!charkuey teow kerang, laksa penang, nasi goreng n rojak pasembur:) memang worth it:) then we went back to the n barney decided to go for spa.dah excited n siap pilih oil dah, tiba2 the lady asked me "are u expecting?" so i said yeah. unfortunately they wont accept preggy woman for spa:( kempunan gue...kesian barney tak pasal2 he also couldnt go for the spa coz i didnt want to be alone while he's "rejuvenating"!

hari sabtu we had a family gathering buka puasa in bangi...ramai sgt including cat's side n his TFC's. mlm tu pun i makan quite a lot coz we catered nasi minyak waktu i kahwin yg i tak sempat rasa tu:( mmg sedap...mlm sikit my barney, b'cha n the boys pegi beli lotsss of bunga api n mercun n we wall had fun main bunga api n mercun..ala2 suasana kampung!yg tua sampai yg kecik semua main! my hubby plg budak2 skali! yg perempuan semua tgk sambil duduk kat tangga..hihi...i played a few bunga api n me n buduk terbakar rambut busuk gile bau ikan bakar!!huhu

yesterday me n barney decided to get out of the house n jalan2 coz dia nak cari baju we went to SACC mall...he bought 3 pasang baju, semua sedondon dgn i...light blue...light purple n red...i belanja him sepasang:) oops lupa on sabtu all my baju raya siap n alhamdulillah semua muat n jadi:) but this time i had to pay wif my own money:( thank god barney belanja semua...kalau tak sah-sah i pokai... since i already bought barney's sampin in terengganu last month so itu je dia butang baju melayu...n the sampin i bought in t'ganu was worth it coz dia warna putih n corak songket dia color rainbow so can match with any baju:) after SACC we went to parade in subang...bought seluar for me(since i no longer feel comfy wearing tight pants) n also baju for meq's engagement...nasib baik dpt gak cari baju merah menyalaaaa!!

n for the first time me n barney had our buka puasa wif my dear childhood sisters at penang village:) sumpah rindu especially adikya coz she's been missing for quite some time! but the dinner was worth it like always...they were so caring, excited, happy to see my new 'condition':) i always feel extremely happy when im wif them.they r the people i cud call complications,no jealousy,no issues...everytime we meet (even after a looonngg time) all we do is laugh laugh laugh..forget about everything else...we just be ourselves..our kiddy selves..the way we were when we first knew each other:)love u chickies!

okay..nak balik dah..toodle doo!

p/s: i dah start MUNTAHMUNTAH since last nite n this morning.n i felt so awful.n i cried:(

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

two hearts that beat as ONE.... is rabu n im veryyyy bored right now..well, updates on what happened last weekend...

i went to the o&g last saturday.we've decided to choose that place for me to give birth due to the good package that place bye-bye to hospital putrajaya...we've looked at the pros and cons btw choosing a govt hosp or a private medical centre to deliver the baby...hosp putrajaya is good but after considering the looooooonngggg hours i have to wait everytime i go for check up n also the fact that we don't get the chance to see the doctor(only the nurse) everytime i go for check up...n the limited questions i can ask...n the 'not-so-friendly' treatment i'll get from them...bla bla i decided to deliver the baby n go through my routine check up in a private medical centre.n it's so neeaarr to my home...bangi...

we went there on saturday based on an appointment at 12 noon.n by 1245 everything was over:) that's one good thing about it, we can make appointments. well, the doctor that i chose was dr.fazlina. she's a very gentle lady, provided me wif a lot of infos (since i asked A LOT) n the most important thing, she made me feel comfortable around her.tu yg paling penting. she scanned my tummy to see n hear the baby's heartbeat:) ya Allah...the first time i saw the tiny little creature, i felt so hubby pun excited.just imagine, dlm usia 7weeks 5days, the baby was only 1cm!tapi yg magicnye (kuasa Allah) we could see the heartbeat!!laju sgt!!comel sgt!!hehe tiny little heart yg berdegup as fast as 160! we both felt so relieved n happy that the baby's heart was beating normally:) alhamdulillah..

the doc printed out the pic n she told me for the next appointment, dah boleh nampak kaki tangan semua:) hehe tak sabar!the baby will grow real fast in a few weeks time...from 1 cm to ??cm?? so the next time i go there i have to ask for medicines since i'll be flying away to yg kecut perut ni nak naik plane for 13 hours..rasa nak muntah!

then sabtu tu pegi buka puasa rumah cik umi...meq n anis pun everybody (aunties,uncles, buduk, datuk n nenek) were excited to see the baby's pic!hehe...semua suruh jaga diri elok2...insyaallah,kan barney? :) cuma mak je belum tgk coz she's in london currently so dia pun tak sabar nak tgk the pic...

well..since we've chosen a private place, we need to SAVE's a BIG reminder for right now i have to control my shopping habit n focus more on's all for the baby:) ye la kalau pagi hosp kerajaan free je...tapi ni everytime pegi kena keluar kena la berjimat.. raya pun next baju insyaallah siap this weekend..berapa la agaknya ongkosnya??!huhu. nasib baik dah beli baju raya for my mum n mum in law now boleh focus on me alone;) duit raya pun dah tukar..huhu first time this year i'll be giving out duit raya!!hehe

ok lah..esok i'll be going to penang...ada me n hubby took this opportunity to drive to penang n enjoy:)huhu..i simply drag him along coz i dont wanna be alone at this moment..btw, my hubby dah complain yg i ni dah jadi mcm org tua..huhu ive to admit since preggy ni im a bit memboringkan..malas nak keluar rumah..out of 4 buka puasa events yg i kena ikut, ive turned down 2!!kesian my hubby, dia kena pegi sendiri without me..but petang ni n next week i kena paksa lagi...hmm think first la..tgk ada mood ke so PEMALAS??!! thanks to hubby sebab banyak give in je dgn my kerenah ni... we even went out to midvalley on sunday n believe it or not,tak sampai sejam berjalan, i dah ajak dia balik!! now u tell me, is that me??SO NOT ME....