Thursday, October 28, 2010

raya 2010 snippets

our lil family tree:)

father-daughters moment. very rare.hehee


i always think salam hubby dpn parents n ramai org adalah lakonan.nak minta maaf betul2 should be just the two of us:p
o bkn lakonan eh.hehe

eva pun nak tema hitam:) xpe, next year dah boleh pakai bj kurung ye sayang:)

it's not too late to share our first raya with our 2nd child, baby eva latheefa:) i noticed that ever since i became a mother, baju kurung cotton is a MUST on the first day of raya! ye lah, nak boria dgn anak dara:) hehe .guess i haf to be selfish next year:p nak jgk merasa pakai baju glamor di raya pertama.hehe.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

how i deal with my post-pregnancy look

at this time i was a mummy of one :)

3 months preggy with eva. time ni weight belum menggunung lagi :p

3 bln preggy sama mcm 3 bln after delivery, kan:p

during pantang- keluar buka puasa :p

time pantang jgk ni, bulan puasa, tp dah lepas 30 hari la

2 weeks before baby eva popped out!

once upon a time when my tummy felt so huugeeeee

time ni nia baru 10 months mcm tu.nak kurus mcm ni blk??

the last time i looked kurus before i knew i was actually pregnant with eva!

raya 2010

time ni pun dlm pantang wif baby eva, main solek2 :p

my latest picture about 2 weeks ago.still on the wayyyyy....

as a mother of 2, i dont think any women out there would want to look like a mother of 10. (even some mother of 10 might look like an anak dara, and i salute that!) once i got pregnant with eva last year, i've been mentally prepared on the strategies that i need to execute in order for me to get back my pre-pregnancy weight. at that time rasa kalut la jgk, ye la, after 1 year plus lahirkan nia and a lot commented that i looked slimmer than before kahwin dulu, now i have to go back to square one and work hard to leperkan perut itu dan kurangkan inches di sana sini dan situ :p

waktu nia dulu, i started losing weight drastically once i stopped bf which was about 6 months after she was born. mmg badan sgt menyusut dan semua lemak/air hilang begitu saja.hehe. this actually contradicts to the popular beliefs that menyusukan anak will reduce my weight. well, it didnt happen to me.

accepting the fact that i am now a mother of 2, and believing that it will be harder to lose my weight this time (since berat i waktu lahirkan eva was 69.5 while i was only 65 when nia dulu), i tried hard and promised myself untuk berpantang betul this time.

so, during my pantang days, my weight turun jadi 59kg trus (on the 1st week after i gave birth to eva).so i have aroung 9 kgs to be 50kgs. but to me, dpt 53 kgs pun dh boleh puas hati:) so, my mission began.

first, it was the makcik urut.she massaged my perut and after a few days she managed to 'kecilkan' my perut.i thanked her for saving my eyes from continuing to witness my horrible 'after birth perut'. well, org tua2 ni kan pandai urut, so if betul cara urut tu, mmg kecik la perut.

secondly, i wore bengkung (the traditional one) religiously dari pagi sampai malam sampai pagi (only bukak time mandi) i really had to remind myself on this coz time nia dulu i was so undisciplined, pakai takat 2 jam je trus bukak coz rimas. and i wore my socks too :)

thirdly, was the set bersalin. unlike waktu nia dulu, i bought leesa formula satu set (rm300 plus) but ended not using anything except the minyak halia as pilis tu. so this time around i act smart (:P) so i just bought the things that i will use FOR i dint buy the whole set, just bought krim halia leesa formula (to be used a s pilis) and minyak herbanika NoNa Roguy (to be used with the bengkung) and pil phytonatal Nona roguy (highly recommended for ppl yg susah nak buang air besar after birth!) i took this pil 2 biji sekali sehari. alhamdulillah eva was not affected by it and mummy was satisfied coz perut mmg lawas, every single day :) well, that's all for set bersalin. plus pil haruan (sorry saya ni penggeli untuk minum2 ni so i chose pil instead).

pantang makan.urrmm..not strictly, i ate mknan pantang biasa, nasi dlm portion yg sikit tp kerap la. but one thing for sure, i berjaya x minum ais lngsng waktu pantang! im so proud of my ability coz my close frens would know how i love munching ice cubes!! hari ke 30 je ada minum sirao bandung sbb buka kat luar :p tp bila dh biasa minum air kosong, mmg nak air kosong je, air sejuk mcm dh x best. so bagus la benda2 ni :)

i also did steam bath waktu pantang coz my parents house ada benda ni so i fully utilised it and managed to do 10 sessions dlm 1 month. pastu malas dah:p hehe. this thing pun helped jgk.
berat dkt scale machine tu nak turun 1 kg mmg la ambik masaaaaaaaa tapi slowly but surely.

yg penting, i managed to sarungkan jeans lama (tho not all) and baju kerja dah cukup bagus (save duit xyah beli working attire baru). but for long term, i invested in these 2 items:

a) herbalife. i took the f1+f3 (shake) and tea. i started on this meal replacement plan once i started back working (since 20th sept) alhamdulillah, managed to be consistent (on weekdays only coz weekend bnyk dugaan open house la, keluar makan la) and i drank at least 2l to 3l air per day!that's a big achievement to me:) minum banyk, pee pun bynk so at least toksin pun keluar :p herbalife ni mmg berjasa to me coz waktu nia dulu herbalife jgkla yg berjaya menguruskan i :) i also felt more healthy minum benda ni coz herbalife has a lot of nutricient kan:)

b) the most talked-about brand these days or should i call it "every mummy's new best friend"? - Premium Beautiful Corset or PB. i contacted hanis even before i delivered eva to but the set from her. she only managed to see me on my 2nd week of pantang and after 2 weeks of pantang, i started wearing the corset (waist nipper and long girdle)for the whole month sampai habis pantang, everyday 8 hours minimum. i didnt wear the bra yet at that moment coz bf kan kat rumah so kesannya agak lambat coz x pakai full set kan. but as ive said earlier, slowly but surely :) as soon as i started going back to the office, i wore the whole set everyday from 7am till kdg2 tu 9 pm! (depending on what time i go back home). now pb has become like a second skin to me, it's so comfortable, easy to wear (xsampai 5 min), bendable and going to the loo is not a problem at all! senang je bukak and pakai balik.i just bukak long girdle tu je, yg lain still intact:) mmg pakai pb ni badan rasa kemas, kejap dan tegap. and it doesnt look like a 'fake body' at all from the outside! lama2 pakai mmg selesa n rasa nak pakai hari2 je. mula2 pakai je rasa ketat sikit. and now i noticed my set dah longgar sikit even after pakai cangkuk yg last and tarik tali habis2an. dari segi inci mmg turun.that's for sure. alhamdulillah peha pun kecik sikit, dpt pakai most of seluar lama (tapi belum semua lg esp yg super skinny.huhu).

oh ya, one more thing,i wear my pb during office hours meaning 5 days in a week. kalau weekend tu i let my body feel 'free' kejap and in case im going out and i need to hide my bulging tummy, i use the super efficient 'penyorok tummy' =SPANX! the good thing about spanx is that it hides all the bulge in a blink of an eye! however it's not for long purpose or to reduce weight ke apa, it just acts as a penyorok tummy, in a very, very sleek way:) kalau pakai baju ketat pun mmg xnampak from luar coz spanx ni nipis mcm pantyhose this is a good solution whenever you're in a hurry!

i know, this time around semangat agak berkobar2 untuk kuruskan bdn secara cepat and i tried using all (safe) means, coz takut terleka and terlambat nanti, lemak2 tu semua menjadi daging yg degil! yer la, as a woman we need to act fast when it comes to this issue. xleh tangguh2 lagi kan.hehe, so far after 2 months plus lahirkan eva ni and lebih kurang 1 bulan amalkan herbalife + pb full set, my weight turun from 59 kg to 55 kg. 4 kgs tu are something to me. insyaallah, lagi 5 kilos in a few months kot? i know it's not easy but i will not make it as an obstacle.hehe. i give myself 3 more months to achieve my goals.

but i will be very honest here, my tummy is not as flat as those models out there coz im the type yg memang ada tummy sket walau kurus pun waktu anak dara dulu.hehe. ni kan pulak bila anak2, but insyaallah, with my 'investment' above, i hope it will be gone in a few months :) and my 'spider webs' are still there. i know, sooner or later it will be gone (mcm time nia dulu) but for the time being let me just appreciate my tummy and spider webs as a 'living proof' lahirkan a baby angel 3 months ago :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If any of you ladies out there are wearing hijabs or want to make hijabs as a gift to your loved ones, please feel free to visit my new blogshop at

Feast your eyes but be fast to grab the ones you like by e-mailing me at or you will have to wait for the next batch :)

Hope to get the support from you girls out there, insyaallah, hijab2 ni sgt menarik warna dan design nya. they are quirky, fun, fabulous and funky. they actually represent my taste:) and most importantly the qualities mmg best coz i've tested them first before i decided to share those beauties with you girls :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

melancholic mode

"a mom holds her daughter's hands for a while, but she holds her heart forever...."

yesterday was a saturday, a lazy family day for me. as usual, i woke up surrounded by 2 beautiful fairies around on the left and one on the right. suddenly si kakak bangun and started talking non stop- "mummy jom pegi breakfast.sama mummy, sama daddy, sama baby eva....bla bla bla." suddenly she heard my mom's voice outside. she quickly ran to the door "nak nenek".

rupa2nya her nenek was getting ready to go for a wedding. apa lagi anak dara kecik tu, terus nak ikut. she decided what baju to wear - as usual her "baju princess", what shoes to match her baju, what handbag she wanted to bring. everything she decided on her own.i didnt have to do anything but agree.

so i walked her downstairs (in my tak mandi mode) and as i sat there watching her, my mom reminded nia, "pegi salam mummy dgn daddy". so she came to me, salam n kissed me and said "mummy, bolehkah saya pergi??" (i was the one who thought her bahasa baku bm ni.hehe) and i said "boleh".jgn notty2 k." so nia tugged on her handbag and waved confidently to me, "bye mummy! mummy duduk rumah, jaga baby eva k?" and she walked away into the car.

at that moment i really felt old. mcm mak yg ditinggalkan anak pegi berjalan. and i could already imagine that exact situation in 20 years time?? but at that time she would be leaving with a guy....huhu nia karlyssa, you're just 2 years old and you're already confident leaving without mummy :( you grow up too fast sayang...luckily i still have a 'baby' :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my 2nd gift from heaven

i've been procrastinating in updating about my 2nd bundle of joy, baby Eva Latheefa Farish. Pejam celik pejam celik, she's turning 3 months (young) by next week:) alhamdulillah, sepanjang hampir 3 bulan ni, she has been an 'easy' baby. senang sikit nak handle, xde meragam (nangis2 or kembung perut mcm Nia dulu). Now, i can say i have understand her better, i know if she cries it's either she wants milk or she's uneasy coz tak burp lagi. after burping she will lay down and sleep. hehe. wait. before i go on and on about her current 'perangai', i think i have to be retrospective and jot down on the day we both met in the real world - 19th july 2010 :)

Eva Latheefa was born exactly on the day i entered my 38th week of pregnancy. 3 days before that, which was on a friday -my last day at the office. lucky me, this time around (again) i did not have to apply for an early leave or any mc coz she arrived on a perfect day-MONDAY! hehe sama mcm Nia jugak. On that Friday, i had dinner with my family at meatworks. on the way back, i had mild contraction.and i swear at that time i thot i was already going to give birth! it was my first time encountering such a painful moment thru out my pregnancy journey! that time hubby and bapak stopped by to buy durians (at 10.30 pm, mind you) and as much as i wanted to eat the durians, all i wanted was to lay down on my bed and hold on the tiangss!!

balik rumah, tahan sakit sorng2 coz hubby had to go for his recording session. on saturday, i was scheduled for my check up(which i already had an instinct that would be my last check up). however, the pain was already gone. i was 69.5 kg at that time (haha lagi sikit je nak touch the number 7!) and went happily to see the doctor. she checked me for another reason (nak buat vaginal swab to see whether ada infection ke tak. but then she said she wanted to check skali whether ive dilated or not. masuk and godek2, the she said "awak tahu dah berapa cm?" and i was suprised when she said "4cm!". la patutla last nite perut sakit memulas2!

she told me i could deliver the baby on the same day but since my contraction dah xde at that moment and i was panicked coz i havent bought the basic items for my baby (pampers, bla bla bla..tu la take for granted lagi:p) so i told her that i wanted to go back and would only come back when i feel the pain again (later). so she said it's either today or tomorrow. or else i have to be admitted for delivery on monday (19th july).

so, i spent my weekends preparing for the arrival of si kecik. last minute, basuh baju semua and kali ni sempat la pack hospital bags (unlike nia dulu).saturday and sunday went by without me feeling any single pain. haih. lagi la berdebar...nape x sakit2 ni??

on monday morning i woke up, siap2, mkn and ambik gmbr wif nia yg baru bgn tido tu.hehe. she cried gila gila nak ikut me and hubby to the hospital!tapi mana boleh kan?so we left her and 'checked-in' to our room. did the ctg test bla bla bla and was admitted to the delivery room around 11 am. i was still 4 cm dilated at that time (static la pulak).

as usual,i required for the happydural awal2 (walaupun belum sakit lagi time tu). this time around, a male doctor came to perform the process.and this time around i could feel the big needle poking into my tulang yg sedia bengkok itu and omg he tersalah cucuk!so he cucuk for the 2nd time, mmg time ni i was already curling my toes and menyesal pulak mintak epi. however,unlike my 1st delivery, this male doctor only injected a very very mild amount of epi. so that i could (still) feel the pain and would not be confused to teran teran dan teran. hehe, i agreed on his approach coz i would like to feel the pain jugak and let the pain be an indicator for me to push.

i was then induced since i had no contraction. sakit ke tak induced ni org tanya? sakit tu dtg slowly but surely.hehe.around 12 plus my waterbag broke by itself. around 1 plus my mom came but i still didnt feel any pain. siap boleh rilek amik gambar and baca paper. hubby finished my lunch. i didnt eat but i drank a lot of air zam zam. i think this contributed A LOT to my fast and smooth delivery after that. alhamdulillah. but sebab sikit2 minum, so my bladder mmg full and the nurse had to 'kencing'kan i. hehe.the doctor said, if the bladder is full, it will be hard for the baby to find her way down. so kena kosongkan bladder. patutla baru6 cm je dilated.

dekat pukul2 pm dah start rasa sakit and i started holding to the bed rail. due to the minimum amount of epi, kaki mmg x kebas lngsng and sakit tu mmg rasa mcm nak berry. my mum went up to my room nak lunch kejap and i asked my hubby to stay with 2.05 mcm tu i called the nurse mintak epi lagi coz dah tak tahan sakit. so dia tambah and said the epi will only take effect after 15 min mcm tu. lepas je tu tiba2 nurse dtg and kosongkan my bladder lagi. tiba2 je she said, dah 10 cm!can push now! everything happened in a split second. laju gila. tiba2 je i dah dikangkangkan.haha. terus rasa sakit perut memulas and automatically rasa nak push. this 2nd time i was not so panick so i applied the right breathing technique. push 3 kali, lil eva keluar at 2.30 pm. patutla senang sangat dia keluar, she was such a tiny baby! 2.5 kg only! kakak dia dulu 3.15, so she found her way out easily i supposed :) and she's a bit petite, 48cm je compared to her kakak yg 50cm dulu.

and she immediately cried sekuat hati as soon as she came out to see the world (unlike nia, again). and due to my motherly instinct, i shed some tears when i saw her.hehehe. ok, u wanna know what my hubby's first word was when he saw eva? "MAK, PUTIH MAK"! haha lawak betul, ala-ala bangga when he told my mum thru the phone! more on the 'putih' story later or should i say "the mocha and vanilla sisters" :p and after that the stitching process was quite painful coz the epi havent take effect yet.yikes. but alhamdulillah sikit je stitches tu. when i was finally on my bed in my room ptg tu baru la epi took effect and kebas seluruh badan. serius rugi amik epi. but one thing yg bagusnya if i compare dgn nia dulu, this time i wasnt confused and i know when to push so the energy was not wasted. so takdela sampai hilang nafas mcm dulu. syukur alhamdulillah sgt to Allah for giving me an easy delivery process :)

so, here she is "Putih" haha, a reason for me to lose weight (again) :p

Sunday, October 10, 2010

sneak preview :p

im actually in a rush, and i have a lot to blog on my newborn, baby eva latheefa farish:) however due to the fact that my camera rosak , hilanglah mood nak berblog. however, here are some pictures of the hijabs that im selling...if any of u are interested, just e-mail me at there are lots of other designs and colours but they are uploaded in my, add me k! :)