Sunday, May 24, 2009


i found these pictures in my camera (which i tak sempat upload pun lagi)

and these are the pictures of our tv yg sempat i ambil semenjak pindah

what r u guys doing right now?we missed u terribly :(

thanks sayang :)

to mr.barney n shugiga, 2 most important persons in my life;

thank you for the jubah hubby deary

thank you for the mug and tray (that i still haven't use coz syg sgt!) lil nia

u both made my (mother's) day :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

an overdue entry - "2nd year celebrating Mummy's Day"

mummy, im a walking girl!!

and i can drive with mr.barney!

im a toddler now mummy,n i love window shopping! :P

during mother's day a year ago, i was still on my confinement period.i can still remember clearly on that day, no celebration,i just sat at home and received some sms'es from close frens.however my 2 weeks old nia was not well and her nose mcm kena later in the evening, me n barney took nia to see her paed. we came to the clinic for other reason but we got an unexpected news from the doctor instead. i still remember,i cried non stop in front of the doctor as soon as we heard the news.lil nia didnt understand anything at all,and she cried too.when she cried, i cried too. she was still fragile and too small and i just couldnt accept the fact.i was clueless and my mind was blank.alhamdulillah, hubby and my family gave me support n strength for me to accept the news and go thru my confinement period positively.all we knew, kami harus jaga nia karlyssa sebaik mungkin. that was how i celebrated mother's day last year and i will always remember it.

a year later, alhamdulillah, syukur pada Tuhan, now Nia has fully recovered and is one healthy girl.sometimes her capability lebih jauh dari umur dia, and she makes us proud:) dont ask me why and what coz it will always be a family secret.yang penting, that experience thought me a lot when i was just a 2 weeks old mummy.i became strong for the sake of my child,that's why i love her too much and nobody will understand it. only those who have their own child understand these feelings, we love our child so much regardless of how other people thought of our child, kan??
a mum's unconditional love

mother's day tahun ni mummy celebrate dengan mama n mak skali at our new house.we went for breakfast, lunch n tea sama-sama. then,mummy belanja mak n mama tudung ariani.mummy pun tunggu la, mana hadiah dari nia ni??hehe..nia gave mummy one set of mug n biscuit tray that says i love u mummy or something like that.hehe thanks syg,i luv it to bits (tp mummy tau daddy yg belikan).heheh..

hmm..what should i get for mummy??

i had fun celebrating a simple but full of love mother's day with my loved ones.i even did extra housechores on that day to show hubby this is what he n nia will get from a happy mummy:)hehe. to nia, mummy is so sorry for being extra garang everytime u are extra notty. kalau mummy pukul tapak tangan nia tu, maksudnya mummy taknak nia pegang benda-benda kotor mcm batu, sampah dan mcm2 lg k? kalau mummy jerit bila nia mengamuk taknak pakai pampers, itu sebab mummy nak nia well dressed before u can go n play, k? other than that i think u behave well enough dear :) mummy understands, this is the phase where u want to be adventurous n it's a good sign dear, at least it shows that otak anak mummy ni kreatif berfikir and active, taklah pasif je kan?

muka nia kalau takut bila mummy marah :p

on another note, nia dah pandai appreciate baby n suka sebut "bebeh" :) hehe.she also knows how to kiss the baby.i hope u can be a loving n good kakak k??sekarang ni kalau jalan dkt mall or playground or naik turun tangga,mmg nia prefers to walk, so mummy pun terbongkok2 pimpin tgn nia to ensure nia jalan elok2...and i hope in 30 years time we can still hold hands together sambil jalan coz mummy pun maybe tak larat sgt:) love u sayang.

now u see it, now u dont :(

our main hall.notice the wall?i miss my tv :(
hall atas.notice the knife?thay took it from our kitchen.scary.

neatly done

our supposedly 'private' area is no longer private

padlock pun hilang

dinding yg kosong.tempat lain dia tak sepahkan. pelik??

our room had been invaded.hello mr, i have no barang kemas whatsoever.

sliding door tepi rumah yg dibiarkan ternganga

we moved in officially on the 24th of april 2009 sempena birthday nia karlyssa. however, tak sampai sebulan, yesterday 18th may 2009 monday 3 pm (we didnt sleep at our house for 2 nights) as my hubby stepped inside the house; this was the condition.

we lost 2 of our lcd tvs, satu letak hall bawah, satu hall atas.the culprit took the remote controls and the bedsheets plus blanket (to cover the tvs).our computers and a laptop are safe. tak sampai sebulan pakai tv tu...n i pity my hubby,he worked hard for the tvs and now, when we are on a tight budget coz semua dah habis untuk move in, the culprit senang2 je masuk n took our belongings, hasil titik peluh kami.

alhamdulillah none of us were at home at that time.this is a gated area which only has one entrance.n still, this is happening.well, to the culprit(s), semoga Allah balas kembali perbuatan anda yang hanya tahu nak bersenang lenang atas kesusahan orang lain. Insya allah doa orang yg teraniaya akan dimakbulkan.and to those who show their concerns,thanks so much for being sincere:) yg anggap benda ni nothing,u will only know how i feel if u were in my shoes.

thank you.

her first birthday that will always be remembered :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

gangster kicik

what would u do if your child does this to other kids?
phew.this is one of the toughest challenge i have to face at this moment.being the only child in the family, nia has no other friends of the same age and she is only exposed to the 'adults'. thus, she gets a lil bit too much excited everytime she sees another kid.maybe she was thinking, "oh, dalam dunia ni ada budak kecik lain rupanya..".hehe
when she was a baby and harmless and didnt know how to walk around, i didnt expect that i would be facing this phase.sebelum ni geram je tgk budak lain pukul budak lain.last2 jadi kat anak sendiri:p the thing is,this is what u have to expect when raising up a toddler. this is the way she explores another 'tiny creature'. coz everytime when she's with us, "the adult", she will be experimenting by poking our eyes,nose and tampar2, bila jumpa budak lain je,she'll do the same thing.
the girl in the above pic is 2 years old, and nia managed to make her cry! 2 days ago when we went to o.u, nia approached a 5months old baby girl and she ter'buat' the same thing,nangis la baby tu! so, here comes the part where the mummy would have to scream n be garang!!haha. bukannya niat dia jahat nak pukul budak ke apa, but she's still learning and maybe she tought what she was doing was something ok.innocently doing it.
the funny thing is, nia is very2 friendly, there was this one time where she approached a 4 years old girl and touched that girl, but dat girl tolak dia, xnak kawan wif her.nia jatuh terduduk, tapi tak nangis, n terus pegi lagi kat dat girl, xserik2 nak kwn jgk:) hehe, mummy dia pulak yg geram dgn budak tu, tolak my nia sampai jatuh :p
my daughter ni kuat now is the phase where i have to mould her, nasihat and warning untuk 1st n 2nd time, the 3rd time mmg kena marah la jgk.after that will come the sesi bermaafan.yer la, i feel bad jgk marah budak 1tahun ni kan, so i nak terapkan jgk nilai2 "sorry" nia, nanti dah besar jgn ego nak minta maaf dgn mummy k?coz dlm 1 tahun ni je dah sejuta kali mummy minta maaf dgn nia.. :)