Sunday, September 30, 2007

i miss my wedding -part 1-

before sanding in my room..

not done yet! side..140707

songket..on my nikah day..130707

reception at the groom's place...210707

Friday, September 28, 2007

butterfly kisses in my stomach

don't you find this baby super duper cute like a doll??!!huhu i found this pic in the internet...ish anak siapa la ni kan??comell i decided to put her/his pic as my pc's wallpaper n also hp's wallpaper:) dah masuk 7weeks 4 days dah:) cepat je time flies by.... n for the past 2 days i felt slightly better...alhamdulillah...anyway, recent updates on my health condition, i went to the clinic again on monday n the doctor gave me extra medication since the condition of my piles is getting worse...i need to go for a check up again tomorrow to make sure that everything is alright..but i think the medicines are good coz i feel better now n the bleeding has slow down...n tomorrow is also the day for my 1st formal check up with the medical's nearly 8 weeks so it's time to hear the heartbeat:) i really2 pray n hope that the baby is in a safe condition n will not in any way be affected by my health condition..

btw,i just wan to express my condolence n deepest sympathy to allahyarhamah nurin jazlin binti jazimin for her tragic lost....may u rest in peace in syurga adikku...

on another note,ive been 'on leave' from puasa for a week dah since i have to makan ubat n 'masukkan' ubat..huhu:( n i need to eat A LOT but in STAGES..meaning i takleh makan sekaligus banyak2 coz nanti rasa nak are my list of foods so far...
1.soya bean
2.milk (both vanilla n chocolate)
3.laksa..lots of laksa (mengidam)
4.nasi lemak
5.cereals (koko krunch wif milk)
8.bread (with any toppings including sambal ikan bilis)
9.siput sedut (tiba2 je suka)
10.fruit juice

so what do you think?hehe...ive been forcing myself to eat most of the foods everyday tapi if u realize, one thing is missing...i really really need to eat more sayurs...:( hmmm will i still be able to fit in my baju raya? *sigh*

Thursday, September 20, 2007

clinic face

today is exactly one week after the good news:) n within this 1 week dah masuk 3 kali i pegi jumpa doctor! last friday i went to the clinic to confirm the pregnancy...alhmadulillah, today the baby is exactly 6weeks 3days old:) i spent the weekends at my in law's place in damansara...hari sabtu half of the day since 9am was spent at tv3...did a recording for hari raya tv9, about couples who celebrate raya for the first time:) mmg badan penat sgt campur sakit perut yg neverending...

on monday i was on m.c coz sakit perut n mual yg teramat sgt!!the doctor said it's normal n the sakit perut is the symptom dat i have to live with throughout this pregnancy:( dapat la ubat for mual n perut masuk angin...tapi i still puasa...sakit perut ni mmg sgt2 tak selesa especially when i go to work..rase takde mood all the time..muka masam n rasa nak baring je all the time...hhmmm kesian my hubby asyik kena je kalau i bad mood..berdosa i.but thanks to him for making me happy n to all my frens who got to know bout this too, thanks for being happy for me:) i guess all i need right now is happiness n ketenangan.its all for the baby.

n yesterday i started getting buasir.but i was not sure at first.all i knew was punggung sakiiiittt peddiiihh sgt pun susah,duduk or baring pun sakit!dah la hubby takde:( barney is in pahang for 2 takde org nak mengadu:( then today i didnt go to work coz terlalu pedih sampai jalan terkengkang2! so i went to the clinic wif bujelin. doctor checked n she said mmg dah teruk!biru n lebam coz the vein dah twisted, patutla pedih n sakit sgt!!so i tak puasa, she inserted the pill dlm tu, ya allah sakittt sgt!n i got an m.c for 2 days:) jalan pun takleh so dok baring mengiring je la ni:( tak sabar nak tunggu barney balik.....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

1st day of ramadhan- a new chapter of life-

exactly 2 months ago me n my hubby became one entity...130707 adalah hari kami bernikah :) and exactly 2 months from that date, adalah hari seluruh dunia menyambut kegembiraan dan kesyukuran...ramadhan...n yesterday, hari pertama puasa will be the day that i will never forget:) memang betul kata orang ramadhan bulan penuh keberkatan n sesungguhnya i feel so blessed n bersyukur sangat2 kat Tuhan sebab makbulkan doa me n hubby...n for sending me the most precious gift:) i know my girlfriends will scream like mad if they get this news..hehe..i was shocked smalam but then happy..then nangis :) hehe first experience....

actually dah hampir 2 weeks ive been having this 'period kind' of stomach ache...but it only comes during night time..pagi je okay...then my monthly red flag tak datang..then ader la lagi a few symptoms yg at last made me told my mom...coz i have no idea what it was and no one to ask...then after getting so curious n penat n sakit slalu, yesterday i decided to make a move.

since smalam puasa, so waktu lunch hour i went out alone to guardian n memandai2 sendiri cari the test kit...nerdy punya pasal, i terbeli samapi 3 and they cost me rm50!!!mahal la n berat hati gak coz i thought ade 2 je actually ada 3!!so terbazir la...but since it was my first time so tak kisahla terspent sikit...then i went back straight to office...pegi toilet..did the test and ya Allah...the result was damn laju, tak sempat berdebar pun!!i terkejuthappy,tak percaya semua ada!!:) and then of course the first person i told was my dearest mom:) then hubby n a few people..tapi as usual la when i reached home smue org dah tau sampai 'e' pun tau!! my mom ni practically the whole world dah la excited kan:) thanks mak...

so now...i have to go to the doctor to clarify things...n hmm bnyk nak kena blaja ni..a new chapter of life! n i pray sgt2 supaya everything berjalan lancar for me:) me n hubby excited sgt till when i told him die suruh i sumpah berjuta kali coz dia tak percaya biasala b4 this kan i suka main2 ngan die...hehe..happy shugagi!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

there's always a first time...

helo shugamonkeymonk...i will mark today, 12th of September 2007, 1215pm as my first time blogging!huhu..since lil shuga yg request to create our own lil' blog, so i saje test2 n here i am :) well, testing dulu k...more to write later...btw, i think there's not many options for me to choose as the background n since im buta it, so this layout will be the best one at the moment...