Monday, February 22, 2010

pengantin cny + valentine

pengantin lama (that's what they said:P)

as they themselves are photographer,just look at their pelamin!gerammm!!hehe..wonderfully done by the wedding fairies

upacara bawak lari hand bouquet yang agak lama :p

our small "apple + lemon" family

me and the january bride :P

sebok je rampas hand bouquet from the bride!

nia and her "e'e"

she lovessss the hand bouquet :)

the 3 beradikss

wangi*my sis*me*my sis in law

mmummy dearest:)

with my 2 chickiess

hindustani potong pulut kuning :)

me with my sis in law and my hubby's cousins

it was a hindustan song at this particular moment

haha baru perasan cara i bagi nia minum betul2 mcm "hindustan":P

tengoklah "pottu" dekat dahi dia yg tahan tak sampai 5 minit tu:P

*nikah at the mosque*

my one and only (lil)brother got married february:) the nikah ceremony was held at malacca on the 5th feb 2010 and the groom's reception was held at our parents place in bandar baru bangi on the 14th feb 2010. the night before, (13th feb) we had a small 'bollywood theme' reception, just a simple makan2, and joget sakan :) it was fun tho..congrats bujel for your 'sekali lafaz'!now i have a new sis in law:) *wink wink*
well,let the pictures do the talking,just to share a few, randomly from my sis's camera and a few from the official photog...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

a little update on the hot bun in the oven :)

the first time the bump looked quite 'obvious' :p

im about 16 weeks or 4 months right now. already entered my 2nd trimester and alhamdulillah, 2nd trimester has always been the best moment out of the 3! haha. i took a rest from writing simply because i couldnt give my full attention to it. everytime i go to my own blog, i feel automatically blank and the thought of pressing my fingers on the keypad just turned me off. i wandered around, bloghopping...but the mood was just not there..therefore the silence.

about a week after my last entry, my all-day-sickness came...this time around it's everywhere, everytime and so irritating.i just feel the need to vomit-to let it all out of my body...lidah tu tak payah cakap, pahit all the time....i keep on spitting and spitting into the plastic bag dlm my office room ni.appetite? nothing but SUSHI KING. i need to have it at least once a week la.but i didnt eat the raw one,just yg goreng2 tu...sedapnya rasa kalau dpt sushi...syukur tak terhingga! but alhamdulillah, despite of the nausea, malas, muntah, pening and all; mr.flu, mr.cough, or mr.piles tak dtg menjenguk during the first trimester, unlike when i was with nia. back then i had to take a lot of medications and it makes me worried.i felt that the "rasa loya mulut pahit" kali ni lebih mencabar sampai my boss pun tegur kata i didnt gain weight!haha. but finally in the middle of january, the vomitting stopped (but as a closure, i vomitted 4 times in a row selang sejam waktu tgh tido!!that was horror ok!!)then that was it. alhamdulillah. stakat ni m.c pun skali je,unlike waktu nia dulu, slalu mc coz mcm2 penyakit dtg...sekarang ni penyakit 'malas' je yg slalu dtg :p

now that ive entered my 2 nd trimester, tak dapat sushi king pun takpa, coz appetite dtg balik, dgn banyaknya!!huhu...the little bump started to appear around end of january.i can still wear my normal office attire coz they are stretchable but of course la kain kurung tu semuanya unzipped! will need to find new office attire soon...and as of today, kulit semakin kering, and mr.flu dtg mengacau...i dont take any medication coz malas so lagi la irritating..well, on my last checkup 29th jan hari tu, i saw my little angel, already formed into human being with legs and hands and bones!quite suprised coz sometimes i tend to forget i have a human being inside here coz tak rasa lagi dia tendang kan...the baby was kind of meniarap/swimming position and was actively moving his/her hands and legs as if he/she was jumping!!haha totally different from nia karlyssa when she was 11 weeks in my tummy! but the sad thing was, i gained 2 kgs between my 2nd last check up and my last check up!! see, told cha nafsu makan semakin mengganas :p

alhamdulillah, nia knows she's getting an adik but there's another story bout it.nanti la. it's just that im really glad and syukur that my pregnancy survived to the 2nd trimester. lil bun in the oven, see you this 27th ya? muah!
p/s: my lil bun has a 'twin' which is my auntie's lil bun in the oven too!my busu is also 16weeks preggy and our edd is almost on the same date!!how exciting can that be??hehe

Friday, February 19, 2010

good bye puting :)

she has a total of 7 pacifiers a.k.a puting at one time. how good/bad is that for a girl who is turning 2 years old in 2 months time?? actually i have a lot of other pictures with nia and her puting but they are still in my digi cam. see, that's the problem, it became an irritating habit. first it started with "nak tido only hisap puting"...then the gian'ness' grew bigger and bigger and puting became her number one best friend.inseparable. every single second she will keep on thinking bout it, and ask for her "teng'ghe" (that's how she called it). end up, she hisap her puting out of no reason or necessity.saja2 sedap nak melekat. sampai nak take pictures pun she refused to take it out! tu yg mummy geram tu....

my parents keep on telling me, it's better for me to put a stop to her habit. nanti gigi rosak la, tak lawa la sebab dah besar and etc....and they keep on telling me that all 3 of us (me n my siblings) stopped hisap puting by the age of 1. how my father did it? he burnt our puting until they became black and mengerekot and sounds so easy peasy but i keep on procrastinating. lagipun mr.barney asyik cakap, "takpe...i dulu hisap puting sampai darjah 2..." well that is a DIFFERENT story, itu mmg geram la kan??i will never let my children hisap puting sampai masuk sekolah!haha.barney siap ckp dia selalu gantung sampai 3,4 or 5 puting sekaligus at one time!!sumpah geram!! :p

so, finally the magical day arrived. around 3 weeks ago, on a saturday, 30th January 2010, my father tiba2 took one of nia's fav puting, a pink one and asked me to carry we went to the dapur gas, my father lite the fire and we created a story to nia who was terrified looking at her puting kena bakar!!she didn't cry or scream, she was trying to understand the situation but at the same time geli and takut tgk puting kena bakar dgn api. but my father was a bit frustrated coz the puting refused to turn black!haha.dia kata puting dulu2 senang je tukar jadi i replied back "ye la puting skrg kualiti, silicone lebih pastu mahal pulak tu!! of course la kalau kena bakar pun still warna putih!hehe".

later that night, nia kept on asking for her "teng'ghe" but i tried to remind her of the 'bakar dengan api' punya story.but of course la, first time kan, hati i pun cair tgk she kept on crying so i bagi dia hisap yg lain, dlm 5 minutes je then dia sendiri bagi blk.on sunday, we went out and i brought 2 putings along- one yg terbakar tu, lagi satu yg elok punya. in the car, she tried to sleep and as usual she needs puting in order to go to sleep. sebab kesian, i kata ok, tapi kejap je.she used it for about less than 5 minutes, fell asleep, then that's it. the toughest part came later at night during bed time.suddenly she mengamuk, meraung, ran to the stairs and called for the maids...she knew the putings were kept downstairs and merayuuuuu for it...haih..mummy pun failed, kesian n tak sanggup tgk dia nangis, so i gave in and alhamdulillah after a few minutes, dia sendiri keluarkan from her mouth and fell asleep.a good start after 2 days, i shall say.

little did i know, that night was the last drama i have to face coz i couldnt believe it, my nia is one strong girl who could be 'redha and pasrah' (haha) in letting go of her 'best friend'. the next day onwards, everytime she asked for it, all i did was asked her back, "puting nia jadi apa?" and she will continue the story herselves "atok bakar...dengan api...jadi panas...phuh phuh phuh (konon2 tiup la)"...then she will say "taknak puting". and now, mummy is proud to say you have survived for 3 weeks without your puting and i respect you for your determination and understanding, dear:) thank you so much for not making it a hard time for both mummy and daddy. see barney, siapa kata susah nak stop anak kita from hisap puting?? :p now senang, keluar pun tak payah bawak puting or fikir pasal hygiene reasons.... congratulations nia karlyssa! muah!!