Wednesday, April 21, 2010

xx!! (again)

well, insyaallah, nia karlyssa will get a new playmate in about 3 months time:) boleh pakai heels sama2, bongkar makeup bag mummy sama2, joget dangdut sama2 and main all her 'anak' sama2 :) alhamdulillah, yg penting sihat dan sempurna.

it was funny when i remembered my hubby's facial expression when we went for the detailed scan with the sonographer yesterday! when the doctor said 'xx' i was quite confused and asked her whether it's a he or she. and when she said "ni anak no. berapa?" i said "second child". she asked back, "the first one is?" "girl", i said. "hah, ada kawan la dia lepas ni:)"

i couldnt stop smiling and wanted to laugh because honestly, i dont mind whether it's a girl or boy coz i already got a girl as my first one.but, to see the 'frustration' on barney's face was kelakar coz he tried to coverline! tak puas hati, he asked the doctor to confirm again. so the doctor ckp, "setakat ni mmg girl la, see, no birdie, and see that line tu..tak puas hati meh i poke baby jap biar dia tunjuk luas lagi!" hehe.

barney pun trus kata, "oh saya tak pernah fikir lelaki ke perempuan..asalkan sihat" so i replied "ye lah tu!!" sambil senyum2:)

u know what barney said? "mcm ni doktor, tak rehat lagi la wife saya next year!" haha saje je nak buat i geram eh??

what really made my day yesterday was the fact everything went well and syukur scan semua lengkap n look sempurna :) i could never be more thankful, asalkan SIHAT. the cutest thing was, her lips and eyes look so much like nia karlyssa but the nose tak pasti lagi..and the skin and the hair :p hehe the baby weighs 700 plus gram ONLY and the rest went to her mummy!!

hhmm...nia karlyssa, be prepared for the arrival of your 'rival'!hehe.i cant wait to pair both of u up in baju2 girls yg best!! daddy, sila jgn jealous ye??

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

every mummy's enemy

so we've entered the 15th day of the month -APRIL- the month where my miracle was 'awarded' to me about 2 years ago :) as our lil family is busy planning for her 2nd bday party, here it comes again, my biggest enemy (in fact,it's every mom's biggest enemy) the evil COUGH. it started 2 nights ago, out of no where.exactly about a month ago, mr. cough attacked nia but that was due to the cold wheather in u.k. Around 2 months ago, mr.cough also visited lil nia, but that was due to nia's notty habit while swimming in the pool -minum air pool curi2-

and as her mom,i have this instinct and was 'waiting' nervously to 'hear' mr.cough knocking on the door.well, true enough, it just happened while she was sleeping at night - complete with the 'phlegm package'!! i was worried sick. and maybe due to my -imbalancehormonnestate- i just broke into tears, couldn't accept why it has to come for a regular visit for 3 months in a row!!so i 'instructed' mr.barney to bring her to her paed coz for the past 2 months we just took the medicines (without seeing the doctor due to time constraint).i felt quite guilty at the same time coz we also have another appointment with her paed at p.m.c that was due last march.tapi tak pegi2 jugak.. :(

as nervous as waiting for exam result,i called my hubby just now and asked him what the doctor said.the doctor suspected maybe she has asthma but both of us do not have her phlegm dh banyak n she had to pakai the neubalizer (again)!apa lagi mengamuk la makcik garang tu! the only thing we could suspect is her latest habit, suka sgt masuk semua jari n tgn dlm mulut!!i thought it only happened when she was a baby!since she's nearly 2, dah pandai la jugak melawan bila org kata no tu there's nothing much we could do from stopping her from menjilat2 tangan dan jari yg memang tak bersih setiap masa tu....huhhhhhuuuuuuuuu

so, here it goes again,the 'usual' routine of makan ubat..penat betul bagi budak 2tahun yg tak suka mkn ubat ni.mencabar.
dear nia,mummy always pray for your good health, more than anything else in this world. now, this is the part where i feel it is 'mentally torturing' in becoming a mummy to small children -u know which part nia?the part when i get worried like there's no tomorrow everytime u got sick. for all my worries for you, sangat2 la beyond words, and this is one of the things that u cannot pay back even with rm1 mil. same like the day when u were born 2 years ago...

luvnote: to 'redeem' my guilty feeling, mummy has made an appointment with both az-zahrah and p.m.c paed on your 2nd birthday itself! so let's spend the whole 28th april for your medical check up k sayang :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

my light during the night....

last night when i was asleep on our bed at the love nest, somebody woke me up.

"mummyy.....bangun...."so i opened my eyes and looked at the clock, it was 4.30 am..."mummyy...nak suussuuu.." so i got up from my bed and told her nicely, "nia dodok jap okk??mummy turun buat suuusuu k??" it was one of the rare occasion where she would just agree (instead of wanting to follow me along) so she said "okkk..." lega dalam hati mummy tak payah dukung nia turun mlm2 dgn mata terpisat2...

so while i was making her milk, i heard her voice sayup2 "mummyy...mummy.." i quickly naik atas and she was just ok, lying on the bed. she drank her milk, half way thru mata hampir tertutup so i felt lega once more coz i was so sleepy at that time. when she finished her milk, i took the bottle from her withour saying anything (usually i each time she finished minum susu i would say "alhamdulill..." and she would sambung "..lahhh..". when i thought she already closed her eyes, i heard her saying "alhamdulillah..." and so i smiled...baru mata ni nak tutup balik, she said "mummy, nak baca doa"..ish..pelik pulak nia ni. so i recited surah al-fatihah and we both menadah tangan (sambil i mata gam). just when i thought nak tido lagi, she said "mummy, nak salam mummy..." i know i easily got pissed off if my sleep diganggu but this time around, aduhh..sayunya hati ni...u know?

then she continued..."nak cerita pasal london dengan mummy..." we always have this kind of conversation especially before she goes to sleep, we recap events that already happened in her life and i always let her tell her own "version" of stories..good enough, this story telling session memang kuatkan memory dia bout past events...but not at somewhere around 5 in the morning! we crita2 for a while n the notty mummy pretended to sleep. but lil nia continued by saying..."nia taknak tidoo..." "nak mummy dokong..." so i asked her where she wanna go? she said she wanted to join her daddy watch tv i said" nia duduuk dgn daddy, mummy sleep k?mummy nak work esok..mummy ngantok.."

"tak nak..nak mummy duduk sebelah nia,ok??" hhmm... "ok" i carried her in front of the tv, she sat on the couch and watched tv while i had to sleep next to her...sitting position.phew..and then i continued my journey to lala land at 5 am...zzzz....nia, sometimes u can act so sweet n so goodie goodie at night, kan?how i wish u're not so garang during day time..hehe