Monday, January 28, 2008

kick n move, u made me smile :)

me n the "new sisters" rini n dikya
the purple carpet (me 25 weeks/6 months!!)

so many things had happened since my last post....hmm..let me start with my family get away in avillion p.d we went there on the 19th jan til the was just a simple n relaxing shopping (since pd is not a shopping paradise) but avillion was great...the ambience n the villa are both romantic :) we just santai2..jalan at town n tepi pantai plus naik basikal air yg tak menarik n memenatkan!haha...but im glad we went there, at least i had the chance to spend quality times wif my hubby:) on the 2nd day lil shugiga didnt move at all...she made me worried..usually she will be so active..maybe different ambience so she decided to take a looonngg nap kot...mummy was worried dear..sumpah rindu nak rasa shugiga gerak! then finally late at night (around 1 am) when i was lying down to sleep,i felt her again:) alhamdulillah..coz it cud be dangerous if the baby is not moving all of a sudden u know. esoknya dia active balik:)

on monday,from avillion we went back to bangi then in the evening me n hubby drove to malacca for a 2 nights trip s coz i had a meeting in malacca..early plans had been made so that hubby couls teman me to malacca since i wont drive alone!! thank god the chairman of the meeting was sporting enough..he ended the meeting on tuesday since k.l also deserved a public holiday on wednesday!yippie! in malacca we did a lot of shopping for lil shugiga. coz we found this cute lil shop where they have a lot of cute n trendy lil girl's clothings!sumpah crazy:) hehe when i realized that we already bought 10 bajus for shugiga just in malacca alone,i stopped being crazy. dear shugiga, mummy realized sumthing, u should feel blessed n beruntung to have a mummy like me who would usually go crazy buying her stuffs but since i knew u will be around, all the priorities were shifted to u alone dear:) now whenever mummy goes shopping, 'ur shop' would be the place mummy would go crazy over...mummy's bank account n credit card's payment are all for you dear....u see how much mummy sacrificed to shut one eye to all the beautiful handbags n shoes??hehe..i guess that's a natural instinct every mom would have towards their child..especially for a first child like my situation:) the excitement overrides my own priority..careful financial plannings had to be made when u are expecting a child...n trust me it's not easy..but lil shugiga,my love towards u are growing everyday n i cant wait to see u in this world wearing all those cute lil thingy:)

btw, at 3.45 am 25th jan, i woke up from sleep coz i felt shugiga moving.n when hubby was touching my tummy to talk to her, suddenly we both SAW her moving for the first time!! usually we could only FEEL her but this time when my hubby tapped my tummy with his finger, she responded n we could see her moving!i mean my tummy was moving (imagine as if u're watching sumthing moving in a blanket,mcm tu la!) hehe.we were both happy n excited coz now she had learnt to respond to us:)

on friday our family had dinner wif cikodin's family to celebrate the newly-wed..najmie n rinie in golden palace horses..on saturday i met the chickies in bangsar (after watching cuci wif tia) for anis's bday dinner...i swear i was so damn exhausted coz this time i had to drive all the way since my hubby was not around:( btw friday morning i had a bad morning otw to car tyre burst!pecah! syukur i was not speeding at that time n i realized it a.s.a.p. so che man had to come to sg.merab n changed the tyre...shugiga was kicking me all the time that morning..hehe sayang tau mummy tgh susah eh?

sunday morning me n hubby had our first ante-natal class till 130 pm. we got so much infos during the class n it was fun especially the exercise part n the breathing techniques...i felt so excited for the delivery but at the same time takut jugak..but from what ive learnt, it's all about psychology...insayaallah...husband will play the most important role..n plus, ive to start planning from now, whether to use epidural or not...omg serious suspense dgr betapa sakitnya... then in the evening we got ready for anugerah juara lagu in bukit jalil..the rain was pouring so heavily as soon as we turun the purple carpet dlm keadaan tak terurus, basah n photographers terus amek gambar.chitty btol. ajl was fun compared to what ive at least i enjoyed the night tho shugiga was quite suprised to hear the loud music n she started kicking...hehe

okay lah..that's all for the time being..i think i looked chubby especially my face part n also my lengan...addduuiish...have to watch what im eating :(

Thursday, January 17, 2008

my dream girl........ :)

yesterday, 17th jan, at 2 pm i went for my monthly pre-natal check up at az-zahrah. we were supposed to know the baby's gender so we were kinda excited.but b4 that i had to be weighed n the result totally made me rolled my eyes in disbelief. i gained another 4kgs in one month making it 59 kgs or 9 kgs weight gained during my 23 weeks of pregnancy. i am still in denial. i dont think i look like 59!well 1 more kg i will reach the number '6'!! and when i asked the doctor she told me the average weight gained in one month for a pregnant lady is between 500g to 1 kg per week.and i had reached the maximum. coz the ideal one would be around 2kgs-3kgs per she advised me to control my eating habit n selera like one person, not TWO!owh...coz if the weight consists of water retention then it's no problem to lose it back after the pregnancy but she said it can also be LEMAK.that is the hard part to get rid off... :(

well, let's talk bout the baby.the baby was in a "terlentang" position at the time of the scan.hhmm nakal eh nak main nyorok2 lagi coz it's hard to see the gender properly in that position...suddenly the doctor said "i think i can see a line la.mcm burger.but im not 100% sure.60% la.after this you can check wif dr.anson for the detail scan". huhuuuu.i was smiling broadly while hubby looked a lil bit "terkedu" (coz he really really wanted a boy) i could see her face clearly this time. she was closing her eyes but sometimes she opened n closed her cute lil' mouth.and she moved twice while being scanned.i felt so overwhelmed n rase nak nangis lak :)

so at 4 pm we went for the detail scan wif dr.anson. i swear i couldnt understand all the medical terms plus she was so fast instructing the nurse to record all the baby's details!well a detail scan is to check in detail on the baby's fingers, mouth,nose,bones, spine, heart rate, pundi kencing,perut, etc. alhamdulillah she said the baby is in a good condition n semua lengkap.insyallah. when she passed the private part she said "baby xx". i was quite confused btw xx and xy. so i asked again.she checked again n this time the baby was in a better position so there it was..nothing but a burger line...! balls, no birdie. btw, the baby's weight is now 706gm, nearly 1 i wonder where does the extra 3 kgs go to??hehe

we both husband n wife were happy n still insisted to but the baby a pair of timberland shoes but of course, a pink one:) hmmm...cant wait to look around for girlie stuffs:) mama luvs u!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

beautiful dreams....

heyho!today is 16th jan n this week is my 23rd week of pregnancy :) well, regarding my workloads, my boss had told me specifically to inform him on any cases i'll be handling starting from next month coz i wont be able to travel anymore coz i'll be entering my 7th month pregnancy somewhere by the end of yeay!no more travelling naik airplane coz the last time i went to jb b4 new year for a case, i swear the air turbulence made my tummy gegar gile!!!it was so scary n i hate the feeling! well, suprisingly i was supposed to assist in a trial for one week next week in klang but my boss decided not to let me go coz he thought that a pregnant lady shall not be exposed to "stressful environment" even though i said i didnt mind going coz it's just in klang n im just assisting...well that's the privilege a pregnant lady gets:)

for the past 2 weeks me n hubby have been spending our weekends n cuti awal muharram to survey for the baby's things. well there are LOTS of things to buy (thank god most of the shops have the complete "what to buy list") n considering the modern day we're living in today, they have so many -newly improved modern wowwie- things for the newborns!crazy pulak tgk tapi mmg syok survey brg baby ni, rase nak beli semua yg the best for our baby:) tapi of course la kena budget coz they cost a lot n we need to start buying sikit2 so that tak terasa sgt cash tu keluar sekali gus!furthermore i think by march dah patut lengkap semua benda yg patut ada coz by april sure dah malas nak jalan n berdiri lama2..coz shopping for baby's essentials are just as tiring as shopping for my own clothes...phew..

n the other day when we went to pavillion, i wanted to try n taste the ever so delicious donuts since ive been wondering why the q never ends??so me n hubby went in the long line..suddenly the man selling the donuts saw me n asked "are you pregnant?" "yes" "well,cut the q, pregnant ladies are not supposed to be in the line". of course i malu nak cut the q since ramai org dpn i n all of them were looking at my tummy trying to make sure whether i was really pregnant!haha.malu punya pasal i didnt move but the guy insisted by taking a box n started picking up doughnuts for hubby pun tlg angkat besi tu n dgn muka tebalnye we cut the q!haha tp best gak kan?

n now i swear i no longer feel comfortable wearing baju kurung to the office so i had to buy more maternity office wear n skirt.hhmm membazir gak but do i have a choice? well btw this saturday my ex firm mate, ina will get engaged to his long time boyfie, farid.congrats:) too bad i couldnt attend the ceremony coz we'll be going to avillion pd for a family vacation!yippie! will this be my last vacation b4 may?:(

btw, my health condition is stable but i got an mc on the 14th due to diarrhoea..rupa2nya food poisoning!on the 13th which was on sunday,it was our 6months anniversary since our nikah date! time flies so we celebrated the day by pampering ourselves...we both knew we desperately need a good massage so we went to hartamas since they offer package for couple n also pre-natal massage.yeay!at last i got a gooooddd massage coz im already in my 2nd trimester so boleh la urut:) then we went for a movie n planned to end our night by having a romantic dinner dkt bora asmara but mommy to be sakit perut la pulak n hilang mood:( hehe so kena la postpone the dinner...

huh.byknya type.well tomorrow is my 5th check up plus the detailed scan for the baby.sumpah rindu nak tgk lil shuga since dia dah semakin aggressive kicking especially at nights n early in the morning! hopefully can see the gender n most importantly dia cukup sifat dan sempurna:)amin. been having beautiful dreams bout lil shuga lately sampai selalu terlajak nak bgn coz syok sgt layan mimpi tu..owhhhh

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

new year, new "us" :)

i miss writing my blogs...been leaving it for quite some times since the holidays season (raya,christmas n new year) well 2007 has closed its chapter.n today, the 3rd day of 2008 will hopefully create a better memory for us :)

just a day b4 raya haji (19th dec) i had my 4th check up.i saw lil shuga but it couldnt be seen yet, whether its a shugagi or a shugiga..hehe..lil shuga is getting bigger..weighing nearly 300 gms n the measurement from head to butt is around 15cm so all together from head to toe it should be more or less 20cm :) susah nak ukur kaki coz lil shuga mmg bend dia punye leg je...but at this one point of time, tiba2 je he/she jumped!haha it was so funny all of us laughed but x sempat nak tangkap guna camera :( insyaallah by next month boleh beginning to miss lil shuga...every morning,every second rase tak sabar for the next check up coz that's the only time we can see lil shuga...n now my tummy is getting more obvious,rapidly..n i look like a pregnant lady now...have started wearing maternity clothes to the office starting this new year:)

at this point of time there's no visible stretch mark YET (hopefully never) but ive already bought new collections of mummy bras n grand nanny berat waktu check up naik 1 it is now 55 kg..the appetite is still muntah2...happy je (n sensitif selalu) so i better treasure this 5th month's happy period before any sickness occur again...

raya haji was celebrated at homey wif all the relatives from melaka coming to bangi together wif my mom in law..then we went to my hubby's side in kl n also to my granny's in pj. ptg tu jalan2 kat ou shopping for us n for my parents' 27th anniv!

well my good friend rinie got married to najmie on the 25th which was on christmas day.congrats u 2!the event went on as planned n rinie got to be the beautiful bride she had been dreaming of:) she's the only close friend i knew yg dah kahwin after me..lepas ni is meqqie's turn!hehe..i also get to catch up n meet my frens during her wedding day...miss all of them sgt2:)

the new year was celebrated at homey in bangi where my hubby n his fren organised a bbq was fun bcoz we celebrated it wif close family n sumpah food semua sedap2, thanks to chef sumo wif his 'secret recipe'! we set 6 tables in the garden n all of us lepak there till 12 of the syarat was to wear the mask or else we wont be getting the ice creams!but mommy to be escaped the syarat as usual:p sharp 12 am my father n the guys pasang our on mercun...hehe by 1230 all of them were in the pool playing the basketball game my hubby bought a day earlier in was indeed a fun game as i was the 'biased' referee! 2am naik atas n zzzzzzzzzzz....

well...2007 had brought beautiful memories to me...i got a job finally in a place that i wanted to be (tho still a contract officer so my aim this year is to be a permanent officer!), i got engaged in march n became a fiance, i graduated in may for the 2nd time, i got married in july n became a wifey (besttnyer memory ni!) n i also became pregnant where i got to know bout it on the first day of ramadhan :) it was such a wonderful experience to feel the baby moving inside my tummy finally on the 5th month:) n 2007 also marked the first time i went for my dream honeymoon,juz the two of us to bali....wonderful n romantic experience:) n the 2nd one to london wif lil shuga inside me:) 2007 was indeed a wonderful year (emotionally as a woman). n i hope 2008 will be a good one too..especially wif lil shuga's expected arrival somewhere in may,mama miss u! n doa sgt2 semoga tuhan murahkan lagi rezeki both of us husband n wife as we have a bigger responsibility this year...insyaallah.