Monday, June 15, 2009

some people are just insensitive

how would u feel if someone says this to your innocent 1 year old child?:
"ee, gangster la dia ni.dah besar sure jadi pembuli.sure buli semua org kat sekolah"; or

"evil, evil, evil, evil" (i lost count brapa kali dia sebut evil)

okay,there is an issue here.everyone,i mean literally, everyone would feel offended and angry if it happens to their child.who won't?especially when it came out from someone whom u r not close with and all this while u've been sick with that someone's laser mouth.especially when those untolerable words were spoken to an innocent child who doesnt even understand 'life' and who is still in the phase where she wants to explore and learn more about herself. what was that person thinking when those words came out from his/her mouth?? what did my child do to that person that made the stupid person uttered those words??

thank god my lil nia didnt understand what that person was saying and thank god, she didnt even bother to go to that person or even looked at that person.nia must have felt that person's bad aura. i was really really angry and pissed off till i became so sorry nia for not being able to defend u as my a mother i should have done that.but all i know, u are one smart girl who behaves and mummy is proud of your development. u were doing your own 'gugu gaga cute things' when that 'stranger' tried to interfere and gave stupid negative comments.yup.that person was stupid. that person doesnt even know you or your adult who loves to give negative synical comments,laser,disrespectful and arrogant. mummy is not suprise coz all this while ive tried to tolerate with it. but when that person crossed the boundary and did this to my baby child, i juz cant accept it anymore.

to that person.u have not reached my level dont talk much about handling a's way different than handling an infant.u can only learn from experience. there's no hard and fast rules when it comes to handling a toddler yang dalam fasa nak explore things and be creative. there's no theoritical methods, parental instincts will tell you what to do. after all, my daughter is not buas or uncontrollable.go ask my close frens. it's just you that have an issue with your mouth.please be extra sensitive to other people's feeling, especially if u ckp dpn mak budak tu. apa lah dosa seorang budak kecil yg masih belum kenal dunia sampai u rasa u layak nak cakap anak org evil?who are you by the way? what if someone says the same thing to your own flesh and blood?

well, i believe in karma.

p/s:on another note, last nite we went for nia's chicken pox's jab.the paed told us that nia doesnt look and doesnt act like a 1 year 1 month child. she's like a 1 year 6 months physically and mentally!haha.the paed told us that at her age, being able to speak 4 clear words are good enough.but when she heard nia talking to her (as in talk, not baby talk)she was the way, nia can already speak about 10 words! well sayang,only 'intelligent' people like the paed deserves to tell you who you are:) dont listen to some stupid lalat like the one ive mentioned above.

love you:)