Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the girl in (high) heels :)

this picture was taken somewhere in june...it was your first real encounter with high heels :) and that's mummy's working shoes by the way..

u walked confidently and didnt collapsed! such a good try baby :)

posh spice kicik??haha

and just when we tought it was something funny, it actually became a habit to you! you became a shoe fetish since then!everytime u see mummy's heels or nenek's heels, u would go, grab and wear em'!

look at you, trying on my new shoes before i could even wear it!

and finally u got ur first pair of 'kitty' heels :)
haha it was not easy finding this for you!thought of getting a second one for you but the search was neverending... :( nasib baik la kasut hitam ni terjumpa dekat warta :)
remember nia, ur very first heels was bought at warta!
(if only u knew what warta means to mummy and frens!!haha)

2 inches??humm :) n u love wearing it inside the house :)

u seem to enjoy this shoes very much, do u know that? everytime we ask you to go and pick up a shoes before we go out, you will come out from the room with this pair!!
haha ur daddy mmg geje habis la!

this is another proof, main ptg2 dekat luar pun nak pakai kasut ni :)
oh, and do u remember the incident at ur playground dkt our love nest tu?ada sorng kakak darjah 5 tu screamed "eh main dkt padang pun nak pakai kasut tinggi ke??mana boleh!!"
haha u ignored her and went straight to the slide.if only u knew what she meant, i guess you would be embarassed and ran home to change ur shoes!!haha :)

bootylicious :) nyum nyum

well dear, you and your heels are inseparable (at this moment) even though daddy is so geje with this idea, mummy always smile dengan bangga everytime you take out this shoes!haha padan muka daddy, u actually proved him you are a girl!!a mummy's girl indeed!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the girl in kurung(s) part deux

this cute red nyonya kebaya was bought for u by nenek and u wore it for our raya photoshoot :)

this white kebarung was given to u from opah and nek su made it personally for u:)

this was on the 5th day of raya, during our first trip to ipoh, daddy's kampung :)

this was on the 4th day of raya, in kl and this cute pinkish kebaya was bought by nenek (again)hehe

see, told cha u really loveee kuih raya a.k.a muruku sayang!

oohh, the kain batik (as opposed to the 'belah tepi' red kebaya) is a 'duyung' style.haha.so i remembered,u were walking slowly, all prim and proper :)

this one was also given to u from opah.as u can see, u lovee kurung, maybe becoz it's less tight and u can walk freelyyyyyy:)

oh, look how cute and moody u were on the first day of raya! mummy has exactly the same pair kurung pahang (except mine has lotsaa beads on it!!) mummy bought the material and sent it to the tailor.u looked so 'rendang' in it (mcm pokok rendang!) haha. as far as i can remember, the hairband only lasted for not more than an hour!!!huhu
so darling nia, u passed with flying colours for this year's raya in wearing all your kurungs successfully without leaving any of them behind! let's see what's gonna happen next year?? muach to u munchkin!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

if she was a boy.....

somehow i pity my lil nia.hehe she's already 1 year 6 months but her hair is still so shortie. but lately i can already make a smallie tiny pony tail. well, that's a big achievement already!!haha dont they sell hair extensions for toddlers??hehe
my hubby and i have this issue on styling nia. i, obviously, love to style her according to my sense of style = feminine+funky+stylo+comel+sweet and the list goes on...
my hubby on the other hand, love styling her according to his style = sneakers and lottsss of sneakers!!u name it, how many pairs of adidas and nikes does she have at this particular age??geram i coz end up nia pakai kadang2 aje n last2 dah tak muat!!dah la mahal, so the daddy always blame the mummy on this!!hehe, i always tell him, tunggu u dapat shugagi (a s0n) la, dia boleh pakai semua kasut ni..
so, my hubby likes to dress nia with sneakers + dress especially when im not there to monitor!!but, i think if the sneakers are paired together with the dresses, they look cute tho!like barney said, i want her to dress like lily allen!haha
what's the relevance of the pictures above?well on that particular day, it was the 3rd day of raya and nia became a 'victim' of fashion to his father!she was wearing a kurung to mahkota parade and hubby thought, "let's buy her something she'll be more comfortable to walk with". so he picked up a BASEBALL player punya suit!!and lil nia ran with her diapers to the girl rack and she picked up a girlie suit!!see, nia has a fashion sense after all, and she obviously knows she's a girl!!hahaha..but since daddy was paying, nia pun pakai baju baseball tu...
so dont u think she looks a looooottt like a boyieeee what more with her shortie hair??nenek dia mmg geram la tgk nia jadi boy kejap!haha..can imagine how my 'future' son will look like :0

Monday, October 12, 2009

the girl in kurung...

sorry nia, mummy is busy and so malas in updating this blog..but i dont wanna miss blogging bout my lil princess in her kurungs during raya :) well...just so that you remember, these pictures were taken during 2nd day of raya, syawal 2009 when u were about 1 year 5 months..u enjoyed wearing the blue/yellow kurung with lotsa beadings (tho the kain was a bit meleret) which mummy bought for only rm50 at qassa s.parade :) i remembered my heart screamed with excitement when i saw this kurung hanging cutely on the rack:) and u were at nek andak's house in malacca. this year,u learnt the meaning of 'kuih raya'. u are a bit choosy and you have your own favourite kuih raya:) look at you, just look at you, how 'makcik-makcik' were you?? choosing ur own balang and running away with them! so tamak eh? well, nia, pls remember, ur first fav kuih raya that u chose by urself is MARUKU or also known as 'kuuuu' (as pronounced by you:)

Friday, October 2, 2009

your 2nd year of raya :)

makcik kecik kain belah tepi :p

lets tango with my kitten heels!

oops, kain terbelah! haha
our family raya picture at creative litebox studio :)

on the 9th day of syawal or 28th September 2009, my nia turned 1 year 5 months old :)
this time around, she celebrated her hari raya wholeheartedly! she wore 5 baju kurung/kebayas, for 5 days in a row! and im proud to say she was comfortably happy in her sarongs and heels! no complaints at all! lil diva in the making :p
she also knows the meaning of 'salam' when we asked her to do it, she appreciates the 'angpaus' and successfully became a makcik yg menyebok nak pilih kuih mana yg sedap :p huhu..she even broke a cookie jar at one of our relative's house!menjerit la mummy dia !hehe

one thing yg geram, my 12 kilos nia doesnt like to wear her hairband anymore:( membazir je beli, she only wore it for about an hour then terus bukak! as compared to last year when all she could do was to lie down, cute je dgn hairbandnye :)

let the pictures speak for themselves:) raya 2009, from bangi to pj to kl to malacca to kl to ipoh to rawang....phew....but it sure was a memorable one and different from the previous years :)