Tuesday, July 13, 2010

counting days....

today, im officially 37 weeks pregnant. so many special events happened in july. first, it was my hubby's birthday on the 12th of july, and today -13th of july marked our 3rd year as a married couple. of course i would loovvveeee to celebrate and suprise him for these special events but at this particular phase, i just can't do anthing special. it's not an excuse but i wanna do something special but i just cant execute it, so sorry sayang, might have to wait a little, k?

im counting days...and through out my beautiful 9 months journey, i can count how many times i got an m.c from the doctor- 2 times.2 times only??that's amazing as compared to the time when i was with nia. alhamdulillah, no serious complications. but the major things that i can remember through out this 2nd pregnancy are the times when i got anemia/kurang darah in march when i was about 4 months plus preggy. i had to take iron supplement to increase my blood level and alhamdulillah, 2 weeks ago, my blood level became normal again:)

i also had piles/buasir during my 3rd trimester, about 3 weeks ago and as usual, it became so painful and irritating and i bleed for about 1 week plus (even when im not doing my 'business') and i had to take medication. apart from that, i think my pregnancy went well until i entered my 30th week. braxton hicks contraction, perut tegang sakit tak boleh tidur, kelengkang sakittttttt sgt, couldnt turn myself around, sleepless nights, stretch marks started to mark their own territories and definitely no more high heels at all. well, i couldnt even fit into my baju kurung and had to buy last minute maternity clothes to go to work :(

last friday i couldnt sleep at all and i was experiencing this mestrual kind of cramp and sakit pinggang and i was nervous!!it was like a dejavu when i was about to deliver nia 2years ago.i took an mc and when the doctor checked, she said the baby was already 2/3rd engaged!patutla sakitttt sgt...alhamdulillah she has found her way out. but i keep telling her not to come out at least until next week coz i really freaked out sebab tak habis beli brg baby lagi!!! (okay, i might take this thing for granted this time :() so, during the weekends, me, barney and shugiga did a one day shopping for the lil baby.one go. alhamdulillah.ready.cuma bag je tak pack lagi...mood blum sampai :p my appointment with my gynae will be on this coming saturday and i have a feeling it's gonna be thelast one.hhmm.. my baby was 2.3 kgs about 2 weeks ago and me?? takpayah tanya, tapi mmg dah 66.7 kg!!!aarrgghh.

well, at this particular moment all i want is to deliver the baby safely and i keep on thinking about her, alhamdulillah, my love for her has grownnnnn :) now i understand, the feeling will come naturally, eventually.tak payah takut nak divide your love to your children :) and to be able to but a pair of sneakers for barney for his birthday and belanja him a simple dinner was already a celebration to me :) insyaallah, next year ya sayang? at least the three of us got to spend quality time together at our love nest for 4 days in a row, just the three of us :)

insyallah, our latest addition to our family will be in july, so, tahun depan there will be 3 special events in a month :)

3 years [and] 37 weeks

Dear Big Barney,
3 years ago, i was feeling very nervous and excited .
3 years ago, i felt like i was the most beautiful bride ever.
3 years ago, i couldn't believe that you would shake my father's hand.
3 years ago, i felt my life was complete and a beginning to a beautiful journey.
Today, i'm carrying your 2nd baby.
Today, im in pain counting days to give you your most precious birthday and aniiversary gift.
Today, we are blessed with a pretty but notty princess and a lovely home.
Today, we've fought and cried a lot.
But today, i still love you the way i loved you 3 years ago.
Happy 3 years anniversary sayang :)
We might not have a proper celebration this year,
but let's be grateful coz we still have each other....
love- your wifey.