Sunday, November 22, 2009

nia's first tv show :)

haha.this was appeared live on air, on a sunday morning,on father's day (somewhere in june). my nia even pooped a loottttt few minutes before her call time and mummy yg gelabah cari toilet kat ntv7 tu to clean her and make sure she looks good on tv:)

the topic was about the relationship between a father and his child.mainly nia main2 dgn straw and got distracted, susah sangat nak pandang camera!!but thank god she was on her best behaviour and didnt cry at all tho she could see her mummy watching her behind the mirror!

ok nia,this entry is some sort of a reminder to you,maybe you still x mengerti waktu ni,but the host,he is MR. OS, a legend (at least to mummy and the gang!!haha our inside joke) i dont know whether you would feel proud or malu to tell your frens when you're big enough nanti on your first experience appearing on tv:p hahahahahah

Thursday, November 19, 2009

nak ada adik baru ke??

the pictures above were taken in may, during our trip to hong kong when nia was about 13 months. that was the first time i saw nia 'feeding' her two bears, so i quickly grabbed the camera to capture the moment! we (me n hubby) both found it super duper cute to see her sharing her meal and milk with her bears,in her own will!tanpa paksaan, tanpa suruhan:)

ever since that day, she will not forget to include her bears if they were around her and at the same time she's having her milk or meal. my nia has developed her 'kakak-kakak' character, showing that she actually cares for another (in)human beings. hahah.

little did i know that at that point of time (may) i actually just conceived, no wonder why nia acted that way:) now, i guess nia is ready (for an adik). just wait and see k nia?for the time being, bermanja2lah anda dengan patung2 anda :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mummy's F.A.Q

to all working mummys out there, im sure your mind will be 'interrupted' once i a while at the office, thinking of what your child(ren) is doing at home right?pity us, we cant be 24/7 around our kids to make sure they are safe n sound.unless in very rare cases where they will install the cctv at home to and can view 'live' telecast from their pc at the office. still, we can never know the EXACT situation.most of us rely on our maids, pengasuh or our own mummys:) just to share with all of you,as in my case, this is the normal-frequentlyaskedquestions to my maid.i mean, the exact same questions,wajib ada every day (dah mcm hafal dialog plak:p)

me:hello, nia buat apa

maid: ni,saya gendong/sedang main di dapur/sedang nonton barney, etc..

me: sudah berak?bila?berapa kali?

maid:sudah (sambil describe the condition of the stools) (in my case,i really need to monitor on nia's stool, ye lah fobia asyik diarrhea je)

me: sudah makan?

maid:sudah!banyakkk!tambahnya 2 kali...

me:sudah makan vitamin?

maid: sudah!vitamin sudah, kur kur maples juga sudah (hehe, kur kur maples tu actually scotts emulsion!!)

me: nia dah mandi? dia ok tak?ada nangis tak?

maid:sudah...ok ok ajaa..nie ketawa ketawa ni..kadang2 aja lewel,mau main di luar terus terusan.

ok,the text above is a real dialogue every single day i call my maid from the office.sometimes dalam sehari boleh 2 kali tanya benda yg sama.haha ,just need a sense of security. semenjak nia dh pandai borak ni, slalu gak suruh diorng pass the phone to her, hilang rindu:)

well nia, mummy used to ask myself last time, why must your nenek call our home to check on mummy when i was little..the event continued till i was in high school, sampai geram ok waktu tu!!i guess it's a deja vu now...huhu.bottom line is, every mum teringin nak tau apa anak dia buat 24/7.especially when u r so little mcm right now:)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dear anak dara mummy,

**my biggest frustation is when i had the urgency to go back home, only to find out that she was already's equivalent to not seeing her AT ALL for one whole day...rugi sangat sangat dah satu satu hari...all i did was to look at her sleeping face and kiss her puas-puas :( well, that's one of the millions dillemas a working mother will have to face.... :( **

Monday, November 9, 2009

my 26th birthday celebration

finally, with this new baby + maxis broadband + sony cable (i lost the old one)= online and balas dendam uploading picturessssss (thanks barney!)

my first birthday treat, just the 2 of us. we both felt sooo like 5 years back on that particular nite :p

my second treat by my besties at kokopelli. recommended foods :) and ambiance too :) then they treated me with Cuci The Musical !

later that night, i was treated by my parents for a fine dining at ibunda. very privacy and nice foods too :) thank god my barney finally turned up (he had a show at mifa opening that nite) so the postponed bday dinner was complete!! a nice closure i must say:)

Friday, November 6, 2009

diarrhea made her thin

this is me, on my 2nd day at the hospital. i lost about 1000grams and i think i can wear skinny jeans now.haah.

i got this cute roxy bikini from auntie B :)

i "decided" to fall sick a day before mummy's 26th birthday.pity her :(

i finally got admitted on 2nd nov, my nenek's bday (see,i choose my date well!!) after 5 days of continuous diarrhea and vomitting....

this pic was taken on the first day i got sick (29th oct)..i was too tired of all the sickness and lack of sleep...thank God it was not rotavirus, just a stubborn kind of virus that only went away after 7 days residing in my chubby body :(

my little fairy- 4 days before she fell sick -12.5kgs

* alhamdulillah, my baby nia was discharged on the 4th nov after 3 days in the hospital and the diarrhea has stopped since then. according to the doctor, it must be due to the things she pick and put into her mouth.huhu. nia, pls take note that this is the 2nd time in this year that u broke ur parents' bank account!pls la syg,be more careful coz mummy couldnt control u when u r out of my sight :(