Friday, March 13, 2009

a letter to nia karlyssa ...

Dear Nia, look at both of us back then, somewhere about a year ago....this was the first time we met yet we didnt feel like strangers to each other at all!

and there i was, a week before u were born, still confused how u would look like, whether u're gonna be like mummy or more to daddy??

owh, remember our first outing session to alamanda when mummy was still in confinement period?yeah,we used to share 'things' that we dont do anymore now :(

and look at you on your very first day!!u looked so puffy and different!!

well..young girl...a year nearly passed by...and things have changed...just look at you now...

u can stand on ur own!

u wear the same shoes like ur daddy have!

u are so tall n u didnt even change ur clothes b4 u went to sleep (until mummy did 4 u)

And now...mummy has changed too...a big change, i shall say....


and now, here i am...starting from our prophet's birthday...
hope u like mummy's new image :)

did i tell u that i used to think this way before: "isshh taknak la nia membesar...kalau boleh nak nia jadi baby small, fragile and harmless..."
well, i couldnt imagine u growing up into a lil girl, toddler, teenager and a lady...
but that's life dear, we grow up and no matter how much i love you and miss feeding u wif my milk, i know one day u will marry your man, have your own family, and feed ur own baby wif ur own milk, just like mummy did to you...:)
ouch.that imagination hurts. but i wanna grow old looking at you living happily and be successful.

well, nia so thankful for the changes..both for u and me..we both are going thru the phases of life (tho ours may be different) and i hope things will go smoothly for us :)

love, mummy nia.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my 10 months old nia

she turned 10 months old last saturday. ever since her arrival into this world, ive seen so many developments in her; mind, body and soul.hehe. every development is so exciting yet full of suprises :) lets's see what her capabilities are at the moment:

  • dah tumbuh satu batang gigi dkt bhgn cute!semakin geli and sakitla pipi ni everytime nia gigit mummy dia!alhamdulillah, no signs of fever at the moment..
  • besides waving her hands, she developed a new skill- some sort of flying kiss tapi tgn dia terbalik sikit la dari yg kita buat "mmmmuuuah,mmmuuahhh"!

  • i noticed that my daughter likes ayam and birds so much!she can totally ignore everybody else if the chickens are in front of her.we also use this as a trick to distract her attention -so that she can makan ubat or eat her porridge.

  • her very first clear words that we think she could understand the meaning at the same time is -BIRD.hehe..everytime we ask her, mana bird? she will point her tiny finger at the bird and says "berrr". cutie.

  • she can also pronounce dedeehhh(daddy) nananana(no,no,no) but sadly not mummy.mamamama ada la...

  • apart of her super fast crawling activities, she could stand steadily on her two feets sambil pegang benda or clap her hands. :) cant wait for her to find the courage to step!

  • she will automatically clap her hands everytime we sing "pok amai amai, belalang kupu-kupu" she did this even when she's angry or crying!kelakar ok!

  • she hates sitting in her cot,will automatically fake her cry (very drama queen) and mintak dukung.she prefers crawling freely sambil menyepahkan bilik and almari baju...

  • dah start makan makanan adults.she loves half boiled eggs! kdg2 geram jgk bila semua yg kita makan dia nak try,mana boleh ok??!

  • susah sgt nak duduk lama2 dalam stroller.have to trick her.

  • she doesnt watch tv at cartoons whatsoever.not that i didnt allow her,cuma i like to sit in my room n she will sit there no tv.

  • makin notty, makin garang!no no no!
now, i feel much relaxed and i treat her like a friend.she's so determined, she will try to get the things she wants,no matter what, she will try hard.and she's quite independant, she can play alone in our room while her mummy spend her own sweet time playing dressed-up :p thanks sayang, i love you and i will always pray for ur safety n good health. muah!

p/s:cant wait to organize ur 1 year birthday bash!