Monday, September 29, 2008

selamat hari raya from caTiniA

esok hari raya!!

today im sitting in front of my pc,in my room at the office.if you read my post one day b4 raya a year ago, it is exactly the same as my situation right now. sedih tak dapat join the girls buat ketupat-our usual routine a day b4 raya. this is the 2nd year i tak dapat join :(

on a happier note, im officially 50.5 kg now!!i know it might sound nothing to you but it's a big achievement for me!go ask other mummys out there, then you'll know how we sufferred just to get back to our pre-pregnancy weight!huhu. after 2 months consuming herbalife,i managed to lose 4.5 kgs :) my pre-pregnancy weight was 50 kg.and it might sound an easy peezy 5 kgs to you but i have to tell you it aint easy to lose them!tambah lagi i suka makannnnnn :) walaupun i ada ponteng2 gak minum herbalife, alhamdulillah it still works.n now i'm aiming for 49 kg!haha.

went to pick up our baju raya last night.well, 2 je yg okay, the rest kena alter n im gonna pick them up kejap lagi. baju kurung shugiga, omg, comelllll! tak sabar nak ambik family photo esok:)

last weekend i went buffet hunting!makan tak ingat dunia! on saturday me n hubby went out for our lil date n had buffet at the shogun, one utama.i went crazy over all the foods.definitely worth the price, can go again after raya! we also bought shugiga's first walker! it's from chicco and im really satisfied with the quality (sgt comfy) n the design (sgt funky!) so we named the walker "pon-pon" coz dia ada hon mcm kereta!haha. n she luvs it to the max!tapi dia bukan main stering wheel tu, instead dia try makan benda tu!!!

on sunday i belanja the whole family buffet ramadhan dekat restoran padang sari ratu. went there 'walking' from pavillion.the food tak usah cakap, since im a nasi padang fan, of course la sedap!! n ya, it was nia's 5 months bday too on that day :)

alright, i would like to wish selamat hari raya aidilfitri to all the readers.maaf zahir dan batin.bersyukurlah kita masih boleh beraya dengan insan tercinta bersama2 persiapan raya yang sempurna dan lengkap.jangan lupa kepada yang tidak berkemampuan di luar sana.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my magical baby

my little pumpkin is turning 5 months old in 3 days time :) how fast time flies by, sedar tak sedar dah hampir setengah tahun! on her last check up she weighs 7.74 kgs n im sure in 3 days time she'll reach a healthy 8 kgs!

raya is due in a week time n this is gonna be the first raya wif my lil munchkin!cant wait for her 2 baju kurungs siap, sure comel kan budak debab pakai :) me n nia are going to wear the same soft pink wif grey polka dottie kain cotton baju kurung pahang :) but her mummy ada tambah beadings sket la!huhu.

lately, my malas syndrome has been attacking again.i keep on visiting this blog but never put any attempt to update it. but now, once i started typing bout shugiga, i cant seem to stop! shugiga, u r so magical dear:) lately we've been taking shugiga out along wif us to almost anywhere we go, coz she's been behaving like a goody girl so senangla!hehe. one thing that i noticed bout her, she loves riding in the car while sitting in her car seat. once we put her in her car seat, she will keep quiet n be in her own la-la land. dia tak tegur kita, buat muka sombong n last2 dah tido!how cute! bila sampai destinantion n we put her in her stroller, ya Allah, bisingnya mulut anak mummy ni, she loves to talk la skrg ni! u know, that kind of baby talk, wuuuweeeahhh!!sampai jerit2 (mesti dia tgh perasan suara dia sedap n soft mcm menyanyi) n kita pun malu! i remembered last week while i was in subang parade, trying off baju raya in the fitting room, shugiga couldnt stop talking kat luar fitting room mcm saja je nak buat i histeria sbb comel!!!!

well, a few weeks ago we started introducing her to her first solid food- biskut pureen coz that's the only biscuits that is suitable for 4 months old babies. we mixed it wif her milk n cairkan, well she LOVES it! habis sekeping biskut tu tapi ampun, mmg selekeh habis comot mulut dia! we recorded the moment n it was funny looking at her face during the first 5 spoon!dia pelik n tak reti, lidah terjelir2 but after that she kept asking for more:) tapi mummy malas plak so dalam 3 hari je bagi dia mkn pastu dah tak..huhu sorry sayang..n i bought heinz baby's food yg for 4 months gak.perisa banana n apple. she hates the apple one, i understand coz mmg masam! the banana flavour is still yet to be tried (tgk mummy malas ke tak:p) tapi takper, coz she's still young, mummy's milky n fm is enough for her (tgk la weight dia!) next month i can start giving her bubur nasi..syok tau tgk anak makan tapi it takes a looonngg time to feed her, even 1 biskut pun ambik dekat 1 jam!

on her development note, she's 65 cm now n alhamdulillah in a good health (after the diarrhea nightmare). she can smile easily n talk so much n likes to eat almost anything she can reach. my hair is her number one mangsa!!habis sakit kena tarik n makan! she also likes to hold her feet (bet she thinks it's one of her best achievement so far!) n always try to suck her own feet!! (org tua2 kata petanda nak dapat adik!!errkkss!!!) since dia dah suka meniarap skrg, muka dia dah slalu kena sembam kat karpet, cadar, bantal, selimut, tilam so since it's quite unhygenic, ada mcm rashes balik kat muka dia , something similar to milk rashes tu. kesian dia dah nak dekat raya muka merah2, so any suggestions anyone on how to cure the rashes?or else im off to the clinic la nampaknya...

i will only be on leave on the 3rd day of raya :( sedih kan...takper since im no longer a contract officer, i only have 10 days left for my cuti until december from the date i was absorbed as a permanent (2nd sept).oh ya, im no more in prosecution, im officially a drafting officer now back in the hq :) i luv desk job considering the fact i have my baby n i hate last minute outstation notice! anything for you baby...

okay thats all for today and a note to all the nyamuks in my house,:"im so gonna kill all of you who dare to go n bite my chubby faced lil pumpkin!!!!!!! kesian muka dia merah2 kena gigit nyamuk!!!"