Friday, October 26, 2007

still in rayA mood~

hubby n wifey at p.ramlee the musical 191007 (me 11 weeks!)

phewww...dah 2weeks since my last post...lamanya (plus malas)...well, to raya was good...first time cium tgn suami pagi raya plus ada dialog lagi (coz i bnyk dosa..huhu) n first time dpt duit raya from my hubby...well,he's the only person who gave me duit raya this year since im working, married n a mom to be (boringnye org lain dah tak bagi duit raya...) we wore pakaian sedondon, silver+bluish & baju this year pun lain sikit dari zaman belum kahwin...ala ala long dress (maternity dress??!)huhu!

first day raya we went to datok's house in pj then me n hubby went to mama's house in damansara...pastu gi kubur kat tmn melati...went to 2 of his uncles' houses both in kl then went back to 5 pm all of us (including mama n k.didi) went back to malacca for 2 days :) on sunday tgh mlm we went back to bangi n i muntah teruk gila sampai nangis coz dah tahan loya sejak dlm the next morning my hubby advised me not to follow him n mama to ipoh for a day trip...huhu first year beraya tak dpt gi ipoh tapi lega gak coz i got enough rest on that day...:) well..itu je la raya i...the rest, i just welcomed org yg dtg beraya to our house in bangi hampir setiap mlm coz all of us will be going to uk dah...

basically takder open houz n my only fren (excluding adikya, anis n meq)yg dtg beraya was juju who brought jaja along...:) thanks juccilovey coz i truly missed u! oh ya, meqqie got engaged on the 20th oct! congrats lil sis! u're ON THE WAY dah eh...btw, she looked truly sweet n beautiful on dat day n the event was a sweet last....

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