Thursday, March 13, 2008

kelopak mata petai... hehe :)

latest updates on lil' shugiga **

this week im officially 31 weeks preggy...where the doctor advised me.."lebih kurang 6 minggu lagi je...u dah kena get ready"...huhu cepatnya masa berlalu..but im excited coz soon i'll have my own lil soulmate to teman me when hubby's not around late at night...:)

yesterday was my routine check up.mummy weighs 61.9 kg (ouch!in 2 weeks??) n baby weighs 1.8kgs :) hehe dah bulat awak ye! her ruang in my tummy dah semakin padat that's y i could feel her moving secara "tajamnya" every single second!syok tau feeling ni...tho kdg2 terkejut gak..but i'll surely miss all these nanti :( she was looking at the camera..her position was all good..n for the first time, she kept on opening n closing her eyelids!ya allah happynya dpt tgk semua tu, n she kept on covering her face wif her lil hand:) mummy n daddy sgt2 teruja!

im also officially 37-40-39. arghhh perut semakin membesar dan spider webs semakin menjalar di saat2 akhir! well today is also mummy n daddy's 8 month's anniversary (nikah). but we r not celebrating due to bz ness..hmm lagi 4 bulan dah 1 year kami kahwin...kejap je... hmm..went to get a haircut the other day(tapi bukan potong, layer saja coz hubby tak kasi) was contemplating on coloring my hair black tapi ibu2 mengandung tidak dibenarkan mewarna rambut yg penuh bahan kimia itu ye!so..sabar je la lepas pantang nanti k!

everytime i miss my lil shugiga, i'll go to her almari baju-open it-n smile while being all dreamy sambil tgk her pinky cute lil dresses....- hmmm...that's the only 'view' that can soothe my mood yg selalu moody je sejak akhir2 ni..yelah badan asyik sakit2 je n terasa berat.but shugiga, mummy has a secret from u,hehe.but i dont feel's been a loooooonnngg time since i last bought a high heels...beli gak kat aldo the same kasut i saw a few months ago coz i think it's a worth investment (nak balas dendam lepas pantang)hehe.itu je la mummy beli..semu lain brg awak je tau....huhuuuu.okaylah.kepala pun dah pening baru balik meeting yg whateva! n this headache has got into me for this whole week, tak tau nape?? next week tak masuk ofis, gi kursus then cuti maulidur rasul yeay!!! c u shugiga in 2 weeks time!!muah!


Far said...

Hello Mummy and Lil Shuggi,

Auntie Far got you some real cute stuff.. tak sabar nak bagi..heheh itz not as KT as Uncle Najwa's prezzie... but I know you will like it coz we May babies have GREAT sense of style... hahahah... muackz to mummy and daughter.. take care!!!

Ms.WifeY said...

huhu.thanks mak usu fargu!! sure it's a cutie pie gift!!tapi bodo la, UNCLE najwa!

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