Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my gangstor kichik

it has been nearly a month..so many pictures to upload and so many stories to tell..

well, on a happy note, here's a list of shugiga's new 'friends' for the year of 2009:

1.rinie's baby
2.meq's baby
3.kak didi's baby
4.yen's baby
5.kak dana's baby
6.'my good fren's' baby (still rahsia)
7.my good fren's sister's baby (hehe.rahsia lagi)

wow im truly happy for all of them!alhamdulillah, nampaknya kena beli lotsa gifts next year!

tomorrow nia karlyssa will turn 4 months old!by looking at her size now, physically she looks like a 6 months old lil girlie! on her last check up last month, she weighs 6.35 kg n 63 cm. n 2 weeks ago was her first trip ever, we brought her to Penang coz i had a court case :) hehe. we brought along bak poney to jaga nia since i cant trust barney when he's sleeping! nia was in her best behaviour, she simply loves riding in the car! she slept thru out the 4 hours journey n nangis only when she wanted some milky :) we even brought her to padang besar n had our dinner;- rojak penang, char kuey teow while nia sat in her stroller smiling cheekily tanpa menganggu our dinner! so daddy treated her by buying her 2 sets of toys yg jual tepi jalan mcm ada lampu2 to excite her:) hehe

the 2nd day, before we headed back to kl, we stopped by at kassim mustafa for lunch n since that place was hot n humid (even mummy pun tak tahan) baby nia meragam n cried!!so we had to take turn jaga dia before we could eat...well once we sat in the car she slept like an angel thru out the journey..sayang nia!

however,the nite we arrived from penang, nia had diarrhea...:( i was panic n sad...sedih sgt tgk budak kecik berak2 everytime she drinks n if that wasnt enough, nia demam as well :( n trust me, u can never sleep when ur child is having a fever coz it's dangerous to let her body temperature goes up..had to sponge her all night long...i even took her to the clinic 3 times trhu out the 7 days -ciritbiritmoment- coz najis dia berdarah sbb dah terlalu banyak kali berry :( i took e.l to take care of her n monitor her tootsy n make sure she drinks her air garam...luckily she's an active baby and the doctor told us not to worry coz she seems normal, i dont think she realize yg dia tgh sakit!hehe..the cause of her diarrhea n fever was due to virus...the environment (maybe coz her trip to penang + nenek n atok dia pun demam).we also changed her milk to isomil eye-q lactose free formula n she seems to luv it!alhamdulillah after 7 days, she fully recovered last friday n i was so relieved coz risau sgt2 bila tgk anak sakit, nak kerja pun tak tenang...

however, here are a few updates on baby nia shugiga:-
1)the 2nd time she went to the clinic waktu diarrhea, she weighs 6.8 kg
2)4 days after dat she went to the clinic again n oh my, she weighs 7.1 kg!!! org cirit lost weight tapi nia tambah berat pulak!comellll
3)she can 'baby talk'
4)she smiles n responds easily to anybody
5)she can laugh n jerit!! comel gile
6)she can meniarap n that is her favourite past time currently.pantang biar je, tgk2 dah meniarap..maybe dia rase bangga dpt tunjuk skill baru.btw bagusla, this is agood form of exercise, takdela baby nia kerja dia gain weight je!hehe
7)she has start to touch n hold things that we show to her...exploration time...
8)love love love n i really mean it, she loves eating all her tiny fingers sampai terjolok2 anak tekak!susah betul nak halang...so at this moment air liur nia mmg banjir je kt pipi dia yg gebu tu!

okayyy that's all currently..btw i really2 luv to see nia growing up..i guess it must be more exciting when she can talk n walk, tak sabar!coz right now bila balik kerja hilang semua rasa penant bila dpat 'bercakap' dengan nia n see her laughing n giggling :) i guess it pays all the burden of carrying her for 9 months everytime i see her smile :)

will upload all the pics later...the pictures that speak for themselves..malas nak upload..hehe tomorrow nia will be visiting the doctor again for her 4 months jab! muahh!


kotoko_pink said...

tini,saper yg no 7 tuh ??

hehehehe ~

i AM a Bonda to Be said...


nanti nia jadi kakak nia. eheheheh..comelnyaaaaaaaaa..

more photos of her pls. i tgh collect gamba2 baby ni. ahhahahaha

Jucci Juarez said...

heylo kak long nia! hehe so comel kak long :)
meq preggo as well? wow, congrats meq~!!

Malicious Mind said...

awwwwww she's so big n healthy..

datang la ke KK jalan2... bole our girls kawan kawan..:)

I truly understand how it feels when your daughter have her first fever.. my daughter had hers during her 7 months.. risau gile.. tak dpt tido and like you said kene monitor temperature dia..

anyway.. take care n selamat bertugas!

dana said...

tian nye baby dpt fever.....nway rini dah preggy ke?wah ramai la pasni geng2 budak chomey nie...dana tgu la thn dpn br nak join geng tini..hikhik

Imparfait Saint said...

baby and fever...I know. When my baby had his first fever, i was worried.