Tuesday, October 7, 2008

photofunia addict!!

once upon a time when shugiga was in my tummy
cat framed my engagement pic
please buy our special edition 'duet' album
the wedding dress i bought from italy
he adores me till he's old and wrinkly
my 3rd time appearing as a cover after urtv and media hiburan
our honeymoon vacation

my pumpkin
when people thought we were the most pretty girls!
motherhood love
oopps.me n my long lost ex!
wayang puteri jawa

incomplete picture
he stalks us coz we looked damn cute!
we appeared on paper on the first day of raya
this painting worth a million


i AM a Bonda to Be said...

aritu i try nak buat yg vogue tu.. tapi gamba besar..terus malas. hahaha.nways, pretty girrlllsss???

love that pic!

miss ya. mwax!

Malicious Mind said...


~f@R~ said...

hahahah no thanks to you the whole day I duk main nie kat office...

pretty.jolie said...

haha WERE pretty girls.

hahaha. i alwiz love that pic of ours. dating berdua masa tu ! hehe

i AM a Bonda to Be said...

hey, MASIH LAGI PRETTY OKAY.. takde were. ARE. ahhahahaha

Ms.WifeY said...

haha.pretty plus HOT MAMA :p

Anonymous said...

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