Monday, June 15, 2009

some people are just insensitive

how would u feel if someone says this to your innocent 1 year old child?:
"ee, gangster la dia ni.dah besar sure jadi pembuli.sure buli semua org kat sekolah"; or

"evil, evil, evil, evil" (i lost count brapa kali dia sebut evil)

okay,there is an issue here.everyone,i mean literally, everyone would feel offended and angry if it happens to their child.who won't?especially when it came out from someone whom u r not close with and all this while u've been sick with that someone's laser mouth.especially when those untolerable words were spoken to an innocent child who doesnt even understand 'life' and who is still in the phase where she wants to explore and learn more about herself. what was that person thinking when those words came out from his/her mouth?? what did my child do to that person that made the stupid person uttered those words??

thank god my lil nia didnt understand what that person was saying and thank god, she didnt even bother to go to that person or even looked at that person.nia must have felt that person's bad aura. i was really really angry and pissed off till i became so sorry nia for not being able to defend u as my a mother i should have done that.but all i know, u are one smart girl who behaves and mummy is proud of your development. u were doing your own 'gugu gaga cute things' when that 'stranger' tried to interfere and gave stupid negative comments.yup.that person was stupid. that person doesnt even know you or your adult who loves to give negative synical comments,laser,disrespectful and arrogant. mummy is not suprise coz all this while ive tried to tolerate with it. but when that person crossed the boundary and did this to my baby child, i juz cant accept it anymore.

to that person.u have not reached my level dont talk much about handling a's way different than handling an infant.u can only learn from experience. there's no hard and fast rules when it comes to handling a toddler yang dalam fasa nak explore things and be creative. there's no theoritical methods, parental instincts will tell you what to do. after all, my daughter is not buas or uncontrollable.go ask my close frens. it's just you that have an issue with your mouth.please be extra sensitive to other people's feeling, especially if u ckp dpn mak budak tu. apa lah dosa seorang budak kecil yg masih belum kenal dunia sampai u rasa u layak nak cakap anak org evil?who are you by the way? what if someone says the same thing to your own flesh and blood?

well, i believe in karma.

p/s:on another note, last nite we went for nia's chicken pox's jab.the paed told us that nia doesnt look and doesnt act like a 1 year 1 month child. she's like a 1 year 6 months physically and mentally!haha.the paed told us that at her age, being able to speak 4 clear words are good enough.but when she heard nia talking to her (as in talk, not baby talk)she was the way, nia can already speak about 10 words! well sayang,only 'intelligent' people like the paed deserves to tell you who you are:) dont listen to some stupid lalat like the one ive mentioned above.

love you:)


Najwa said...

well wat can i say ton..there r piple in dis world who r insensitive, who is obnoxious and who dont give a damn wat other piple will feel..eventhough im not married n obviously i dont have any child..but if someone say that 2 my nephew or niece i'll melenting..come one..nia is only 1 year old girl..wat does she know abt all da things dat da person said..shes an innocent budak..seriously if org ckp mcm tue kat my ank buah i akan sound and tampar..oklaaa tue over..but sound tue mmg confirm..ish..i just hope whoever said dat will learn his lesson one day, maybe not in dis life but one day..i just hope..cuz 4 me seeing my bro,sis,frens nk besarkan their kids is not easy no matter how u pupuk da child..but same like u i believe in matter wat, NIA ur such a great lil 1 year old baby girl same with ameera farzana( i luv u BOTH)..adorable lil 1 year old LIL GIRLS..i repeat little..msk skit kepala whoever yg sangggup ckp kat budak 1 year old note she doesnt even know wat is right or wrong yet,dont treat her like shes ORG 2 dat person, bug off!!!

Jucci Jucci said...

It took me a long time to reply to this.

First and foremost, LALAT is such a funny word used. Hahahaha.

Dear Nia,

You are not at all a Bully or an Evil. I mean it, NOT. Aunty Jolie (puji diri sekejap) sees you as carefree, mature, adorable, happy, sweet, genius, friendly, easy going and fun loving little baby. By little, I mean you are harmless and have no possibility of becoming a bully etc etc. How much can a 1 year old baby know/understand whats going on around her?

Don't worry baby and Mummy, I know both of you are strong and your upset-ness is very much felt by me - one person that loves you both equally many :) If someone do that to my Bot Bot, I'll definitely spread my wings and cekik that lalat.

Smile always, cheerio~

Much love, Jucci Jolie :)

Monalisa said...

Dear Kak Tini,

That LALAT was totally an asshole! Well yeah..Nia is simply sweet,adorable,smart and seriously, she's a happy baby! :) I was disgusted by his mean words to Nia which clearly reflects his own true personality as a person..Nia is only 1 year old and of course, she's exploring everything around her and i don't even have a clue where this 'EVILNESS' came from! STUPID LALAT! Stay strong and please, your a fantastic mommy!, really :)

To Nia,

You're such an angel and feel free to explore the world and be yourself! Soon you'll realized that the world is LOADED of sick and arrogant people, but hey, no worries, ur mommy will always be there to love n protect u :) You're such a fun loving baby girl and i adore u ever since :)


Stay bitter and horrible your whole life, coz that's what u do BEST! But hey, wait till karma knocks on your door! HUH! Jack***!

Ms.WifeY said...

thanks to my girls, urkel,jucci n monalisa:) tho u girls r not married n not yet a mummy,im so touched that at least u girls pun ada 'perasaan' sensitif towards budak kecil.

love u!

~f@R~ said...

To Nia and Mummy,

I was there and I KNOW FOR SURE that Nia did NOTHING to warrant such an action.

Nia was well behaved,intelligent, cheery and "mendengar kata". When she wanted something and I said "NO", she instantly STOP and tak hold a grudge pun and still want to bermanja2 with me and Bookie...

Maybe the person meant it as a joke and things might have gone too far, but we all know some things we just don't joke about,no matter how open minded and outspoken YOU might be.It is always amusing when the joke is not on you.

However,if and when you do realized that you have hurt someone feelings regardless of your intention,I do hope you can be the bigger person and just say you are sorry to mummy and baby.

If I did ruffle any feathers with this comment, I would like to apologize. No intention nak jadi batu api but "when you are wrong, you are wrong" c'est la vie, right?

To Nia, T-Na love you. Nak gigit ur pipi demuk again the next time I see you *muackz*

Cikpid said...

Nak tumpang menceceh bleh?/ rasa mmg biasalaa budak2 at this age agak nakal2 sbb die nk explore mcm2..i believe lagi ligat budak..lagi pandai nnti sbb die berani nk explore..

mulut org mmg x leh nk dicontrol. sy pon sgt skt ati ngan org mulut celupar sgt penah tanye baby sy ckp boy..trs ckp.."wah..jadi mat rempit laa ni nnti.." amboih..cubelaa doakan yg baik sikit..

dayah said...

Salam Kak Tini,

Sabar yer kak. Jahat betul "LALAT" tu. So stupid ckp Nia mcm tu. Mesti silalat tu tak berhati berperut. Ada ke budak kcik dia ckp mcm tu. Sudahlah budak tu tak fhm apa. Padanlah dengan nama lalat, kotor!!

You are adorable. Ignore what people say about you dear. Grow to be Solehah and intelligent ya dear .. muaaahh :D

Anonymous said...

kelakar la.i dont think its proper to use this forum to indirectly invite people to say mean things about another person. at the end of the day, kita pun sama lah jugak dgn orang yang 'mulut jahat' tu kan? apa bezanya kita dgn dia? esp to those who comment with bad words here. it doesnt make us a better person. kalau korang betul2 lebih baik dan sopan drpd lalat tu, nasihat. bukan mencarut. :) after all, im sure the blogger doesnt want things to jadi's not good for the soul, people!

-the blogger knows me so i don't owe anything to anybody else-

Jucci Jucci said...

Haha. We know you too Anonymous. :) Ok, back to work.

Malicious Mind said...

Hmmmm. banyak species orang macam ni in this world. I dah kene quite a number of times.

1. when we were in a plane ride from KL-KK, she was happily playing and some arse from the backseat suruh dania diam.Time tuh dania was not even a year old yet.

2. Some stranger complemented Dania as to how cute she is but bile orang tuh tanya dia, at this age how many words can she say? Well, I told orang tuh, she can say few words and she takes instructions. orang tuh selamba je cakap " ohh, she's quite slow ya, at this age, dorang dah bleh cakap in sentence".
I was pissed la. macam je semua budak sama. development budak lain-lain.

3. When we were in Jakarta, Dania was crying and I admit la a bit annoying, but ada orang arab tourist ni siap tunjuk muka marah depan2 dania. Lagila dia nangis!
and he did that 2 days in a row! ( that arab tourist was staying on the same floor dengan kiteorang)

You see, memang kite tak suka orang buat macam tuh, sebab dia masih kecik. tapi there are ppl who are incosiderate and bile you luah rasa marah you, I do faham..
banyak2 sabar la. kita sebagai parents pun tiap tiap hari ada benda baru kita belajar.
The lesson that we get from all this is that we try not to be like them. It pretty much set a good example to our children. :D

Take care.

nnn said...

Banyaknya peminat blog entry ni. Hehe...I admit, kadang2 i pun ckp macam2 dkt budak2...Dani pun i selalu cakap macam apek jual VCD la apa la..not good things. So after this, I akan make sure I dont say things like that anymore, not even in jest!mana la tau nanti kena dkt my own kid baru i tau how it feels.I agree with anon jugak, kita tak tau ntah siapa yg tinie maksudkan. mungkin org yg sangat dekat dgn dia or family dia, nanti tak elok la kalau disebabkan orang lain yg lebih-lebih, dierang pulak yang jadi gaduh. And jgn la kita mintak benda tak baik dkt org lain.Ok semua org bertenang..hehe..Cheers~

Ms.WifeY said...

okay, thanks everyone for ur comments.i guess this is a place for me to express my feelings just like other bloggers and i didnt expect some 'overboard' punya comments.i just want to share my feelings where i think as a mummy, i should feel that way and wanna know how others would feel if they were in my shoes?well, thanks for every supportive comments but yeah, no harsh words here ok,coz we might hurt other people's feelings :)to quote what kak dana said,- "The lesson that we get from all this is that we try not to be like them." so try not to use some offensive language and be more wise n matured in giving comments k:)and just like what nnn said "jangan la kita minta benda tak baik jadi dkt org lain". i myself believe that i do not want bad things to happen in return coz i truly believe we will learn from our own experiences one fine day :)

cheers! -issue is settled- (thanks to someone who is sooooo considerate)

Monalisa said...

Hahaha..We noe who u are 'Anonymous'! Sad,sad,sad... Love u anyway Kak Tini & Nia baby! :)

Shmea said...

hi kak tini. some ppl r just plain insensitive & i don't think we can do much abt that. tp takpe, one day that person akan sedar jgk. insyaAllah.

swit@kon said...

tak baik ok!!! budak kan... biarla orang tu...sabar k tini!

al-Buduk said...

sapa ckp kat Niji cam tu??
bgtau aku kirko!!

Walaupon Niji takut kat tokchu nya... tokchu nya tak pernah ambik ati.. kekadang majok gak tokchu sbb tak dpt nak hug2 Niji cam dulu... :(

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

wow,sini pun ade issue?come over n read my 'postpartum suhaila' on my blog ;)

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