Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 years [and] 37 weeks

Dear Big Barney,
3 years ago, i was feeling very nervous and excited .
3 years ago, i felt like i was the most beautiful bride ever.
3 years ago, i couldn't believe that you would shake my father's hand.
3 years ago, i felt my life was complete and a beginning to a beautiful journey.
Today, i'm carrying your 2nd baby.
Today, im in pain counting days to give you your most precious birthday and aniiversary gift.
Today, we are blessed with a pretty but notty princess and a lovely home.
Today, we've fought and cried a lot.
But today, i still love you the way i loved you 3 years ago.
Happy 3 years anniversary sayang :)
We might not have a proper celebration this year,
but let's be grateful coz we still have each other....
love- your wifey.


Jucci said...

this is schweet.

hidayah said...

yup..so sweet !
take care my fren :)