Wednesday, December 5, 2007

friendly affair...


a lot of things have been happening since my last post....well right now im quite busy wif office works but since dah mata gam n lama tak update so i think i better write :) hehe
last week was the "meet my frens" week... let me start wif 28th nov, wednesday evening, i rushed home from the office n it was raining heavily but that didnt stop me n hubby to bring the kids (jolid jolin n the burung tiongs) to r'n' b nite at live n loud concert in stadium merdeka. we bought 2 tickets (sitting as i am not interested in standing for the whole night due to my condition) n the other 4 tickets (standing in front of the stage) were given free courtesy of azan as he got lotsss of extra tix. we managed to arrive at stadium merdeka just on time n where not many people have arrived yet so we got to choose our seats :) we also met k.didi n the rest of barney's relatives there so they sat (or stand) wif the kids... the concert was fun especially the part where mark douglas from philippines (i do not know dis guy but his voice was superb n very rnb'ish), taufik batisah, azan,lah n mode sang ...then there were lil g of silk yg my hubby minat tapi i was not familiar of their songs n the kci n jojo at lasstt...but menghampakan, kci n jojo punya suara was out of expectation, pecah (compared to our malaysian singers) n performance agak lucah yg sengaja dilebih-lebihkan until we became bosan. but at laast when they sang crazy, all mylife barulah best...1.30 balik n i actually slept during the concert!haha n tak sabar nak balik coz the music was damn loud n bergegar til my perut terasa gegar je!kesian lil shuga :(

on the 29th i went to bangsar village for rini's 'bride to be dinner'. on the way to bangsar jammed teruk giler n i started sneezing all the way, was thinking of asking barney to patah balik but then we proceed...the dinner was a simple get together n it was fun sebab makan sedap n dpt jumpa everybody yg lama tak jumpa plus the yummylicious cupcakes!! so as i went back that nite i got a fever n bad flu..couldnt sleep the whole nite...thank god barney ada boleh jaga...
but i had to wake up n dragged myself to the office coz ada notice nak filekan..n during meeting my boss noticed my red nose n non stop coughing so he decided to let me go early so dat i cud go to the clinic...balik half day jumaat tu, makan ubat n tido....

on saturday i was still resting n recovering from my flu...najwa n fairy came to temankan me since the whole family went to pd for a family day n barney was in i had them as my sleeping partners!woohoo...went to bangsar in the evening to shop for new clothes...hop from one shop to another n me bought my pregnancy dressy :) had a really delicious nasi goreng ayam dkt mamak then we went back to fairy's houz to get her stuff then balik the way, this week i got a lot of new 'preggy bajus' as bday prezzie from my frens! thanks to juju,rini, far, adikya anis n mek! dat nite main dressing up depan najwa n fairy so dat i know what to wear the next time i go out n not complain about "i takder baju la..."!

the next day barney sent me to the curve for my belated bday lunch wif the chickies...i arrived an hour late due to some unforseeable reasons..hehe sorry girls...the theme was "dress' so had a tough time jugak nak pilih dress yg sempoi di tengahari buta yg panas ni.. had lawak bodoh as usual n picture taking session..ate A LOT..hmm what can i do?shop a bit but the weather was damn hot i got a headache again..pastu balik so habisla weekend i yg best...:(

this week kerja banyak...n nothing much yg interesting the way, im having major headaches lately, i cant rely on paracethamol all the time so i ask barney to i think i need to find a good oil n ive consulted my colleague, she recommended me "voren gel" which can be used by pregnant ladies...well, have no plans for the weekend coz barney nak pegi kedah :( so i guess i'll just have a good rest..that's what a mommy-to-be deserves to have right? :)

will post the pictures later ya!

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kakak aku bosan update lah *yawn*