Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hey fargu! nothing much to update la :p

this week is my 18th week of feeling much much better bout myself :) since there's no more muntah2,loya2,or any kesakitan yg melampau sampai tak boleh pegi kerja (tho kalau ikut hati dan nafsu mmg malas nak pegi keje sampai tahun dpn!)

been so busy suddenly,tiba2 bnyk files yg masuk dahla next week nak cuti raya n krismas..hmm malas malas malas.i hate last minute notices. btw,my 4th check up will be next week, n believe it or not, for the past 2 weeks my tummy had been growing quite fastly! and it is still growing right now..i guess the time has finally come to see the "excessive" changes the doctor told me b4! i do not know how big is my baby right now but my tummy does look big n bloated n rasa dia mcm kulit yg sgt menegang,nak pecah mcm tiup belon! mlm2 is the part where it hurts so much,mmg tak selesa dah nak tidur...pusing kiri kanan n meniarap lagi la sakit! n i cant imagine how will it feels bila perut dah masuk 6 months??lagi nipis??pecah??huhu scary!! this morning i felt so "tegang" n "keras" hehe n i wonder is this what they called contraction?if it is then it is just the beginning...cant imagine 2 bulan lagi! pergi kerja pun dok rotate baju kurung yg more shirts or pants or skirts!n kain baju kurung tu secara rahsianya mmg tak zip n cangkuk langsung!!haha tak muat!

my back ache is also getting worse slowly...bawak extra bantal n toto to office,tak boleh tahan duduk lama dkt atas kerusi ofis yg keras ni!! i realize it's not easy to carry a child n now i appreciate my mak a whole lot more!! tsk tsk :(

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