Thursday, February 28, 2008

musim sakit :(

well, i promised to update this blog once ive 'visited' lil shugiga...which was 2 days ago :) hari rabu 27th feb tu i woke up eagerly coz we planned to go for bfast b4 the check up since hubby wont be able to follow coz dia ada studio recording at the same time...tiba2 nak bukak mata punya la mata gammmmm yg sakit sgt!! guess what?i kena SAKIT MATAAA!! this is my second time kena sakit mata during pregnancy..the last time was in nov last year..guess i got it from my mum coz last week she was on mc for the whole week sebab sakit mata :( so we went for bfast, then i had to go to my family clinic amek mc (dpt 2 hari mc yeayyy!) then baru pegi check i was a bit late...a mak buyong walking alone (without her hubby) breathlessly eager to see her daughter...kesian kan...:(

but as usual, she made my day...i was the last person to be called...i weighed 60.2 kgs (naik 200gms in 2 weeks) so ok la tu coz my dear girl pun naik 200gm so kira berat i tu berat my daughter la :) hehe..she weighs 1.45 kgs dah:) and this time her position was just perfect,muka hadap camera!!yeay...dapat tgk dia sucking the air ketuban n keluar2kan lidah dia!!excited sgt i! then mummy dia yg buta i.t ni pun cuba ambik video guna hp coz my hubby pesan, tapi coz hp baru, tak set timer dia, last2 every 7seconds je video tu stop, so kena record balik! rupa2nya capacity dia is for mms punya size patutla kejap je!tak puas hati dpt record kejap2 :( according to the doctor, baby mmg minum air ketuban (amniotic fluid) but then she will keluarkan balik as her 'air kencing' so the air will go round n round...

then it was time for the doctor to snap her pic,my baby ni punya sombong,tau time tu org nak ambik gambar dia, time tu la dia telangkupkan muka dia!!then doctor kacau2 perut i baru she moves again but she used her hand to cover her mouth!hehe comelllnyeee:) n i saw her nose...err looks like mummy's nose :p hahah..well my stretch mark has begin to appear...rapidly dkt paha..perut ada sikit2...uwaaaa ..cannot elak la :( bcoz my tummy dah besar lagi n semakin sakit coz tegang...well...sakit2 badan dah start terutama kaki..n mummy got a bad cough this week...daddy too :(

well, i also had my tetanus injection/suntikan kancing gigi for the first time. the second time will be next month. sakit dia sikit je coz jarum kecik (plus doc kata,ni baru sikit, nak bersalin lagggiii sakittt..euwww) however, the after effect la yg lemah sikit coz my tangan kiri mmg jadi lenguh2 n sakit2...maybe for 3 to 4 days kot..tetanus injection is for the mom, not for the baby. this is to prepare me during labour nanti. in case there's luka, koyak semua, they want to avoid from jangkitan kuman so that's why kena suntik kancing gigi ni...

shugiga's wardrobe dah siap..well, it's quite big so she'll be sharing it with her daddy :) nasib baik wardrobe to taruk cermin so my room nampak luas jugak la...for the time being, kami tgh puasa dari beli brg2 shugiga..coz mostly 80% dah month we plan to buy her baby cot, electric breast pump, bottle sterilizer, and the month after beli her pampers n bottles n baby wipes...takut pulak lupa benda2 kecik ni...thank god ada list tu :)

2 more weeks i'll be seeing shugiga 3 more days i'll be 30 weeks preggy!!huhu excitednya for the baby's arrival... btw, b'cha was admitted to the hosp on 23rd feb til 27th feb due to her tonsils..kesian this whole week i was busy n penat ulang alik drive pegi hosp sorang2 coz hubby keja mlm...penat sgt badan :( hhmm..tomorrow is shugiga's baby shower!!yeay!quite excited coz tak pernah experience n decorations pun tak buat beria2 sgt coz most of the time were spent in the hospital..tapi takperla...update later!! nak balik lunch ni!

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