Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy happy happy *all bcoz of u shugiga*

today is valentine's day! but there's nothing special bout today coz me n hubby never celebrate valentine's day...kena jalan kaki n naik tangga sebab parking jauh kat court tadi ada la:( termengah2 mak buyong ni pagi2...geram betul! well, yesterday was our 7 months anniversary sejak kami dinikahkan:) hehe... n this week is my 27th week of pregnancy which means by next week i'll be 28 weeks preggy=7months=3rd trimester :) laju je masa berlalu...rasa mcm baru smlm buat pregnancy test dkt dalam toilet office :p

yesterday i had my monthly checkup...hubby was in malacca since monday n the sweetest thing was he drove all the way from malacca n reached home at 830am, went for the check up n by 1 pm drove back to malacca :) hehe, lil shugiga, see how excited ur daddy was?it's very rare to see him act this way tau..walaupun dia mata gam but he was excited not to miss the checkup coz that's the only chance for both of us to see the little baby:) but now since i'll be entering my 3rd trimester, i'll have to see the doctor every 2 weeks which means boleh jumpa shugiga lagi kerap!yeay, hilang rindu! yesterday berat i naik 1 kg so now dah 60 kg:( least an achievement compared to last month tak tau camne boleh naik sampai 4 kgs??!! lil shugiga weighs 1.2kg now:) hehe dah besar dia eh..tapi we were quite frustrated coz her position was terlentang so her face tgh mendongak...jadi dapat tgk muka dari tepi je, xboleh tgk full view mcm last month:( kepala dia pun is currently at the right position, kat bawah so hopefully okay...mummy's health ok n baby's health ok so insyallah..the doctor told me that starting from 36 weeks onwards dah boleh ready by end of april tu kena berjaga jaga..huhu

right now baby semakin kerap menendang, selalu sgt sgt...tapi best sgt:) rasa sure rindu in 3 months time dah tak boleh rasa dia tendang health condition is okay currently..i think the 2nd trimester is the best so far coz badan dah stable n my body has developed a lot n look a lot like a preggy mummy to be:) it's just that kdg2 perut rasa senak n ulu hati..pedih sikit..coz perut dah besar..i miss my old clothes:( n one more ting lately dah ada mcm rashes or gatal dkt kaki n lengan..muka pun im gonna see doc. ranjit real soonnn coz hubby n mummy dah complain :(

for the past 2 weekends we did our shopping for the far most of the things in the list dah beli...stroller, car seat, bath tub, craddle, towels, blankets etc. and ive been warned to stop buying clothes for the tutup kedai untuk baju ye, i'll only welcome kwn2 yg nak bagi hadiah baju je la:p hehe. next month we'll buy the baby's cot n playpan pulak...n things like botol susu, sterilizer, breast pump semua beli next month..seronok sgt2 shop for baby..leka dibuatnya sampai terjumpa far n lan dekat the curve waktu tgh leka tu!hehe. n my mummy is going to sponsor another built in cupboard in our room for the baby..since dah takda tempat lagi nak letak brg2 baby..meaning my room akan jadi bilik yg penuh dgn almari bajuuuuu huhu tak suka coz bilik akan nampak lagi kecik tapi kalau tak buat mana nak letak brg2 shugiga?? kesian dia...

recently ni jugak there were a few events that required me to wear baju kurung..huish memang susah n pening nak pikir coz baju bnyk style yg ketat2...sampai i had to borrow my mum's baju kurung to ning's wedding dkt martrade.!but that baju was worn by her 16 years ago k!! is got married on the 1st feb n my dearest buduk finally got engaged on chinese new year,8th feb (tho everything was done last minute but alhamdulillah she looked gorgeous!) n an old good fren of mine from skool will get engaged this 23rd! ramai betul org nak tunang n kahwin this year..alhamdulillah :) oh ya..this month pun most of my best fren punya bday! happy bday to dik ya, rini, juju n marre!

alright...i'll update more after i see the baby :) n thanks to my dearest hubby for giving me a 'true suprise' last weekend:) it's essential for me n the baby:)

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