Friday, May 30, 2008


happy 1 month bday to u darling!

no celebration, but deep in my heart,im so proud dat u r growing as a healthy girl:)

went to the 1 month check up juz now.i had my pap-smear done n everything else was okay..

as for nia, she had her 2nd bcg injection.cried for 5 seconds while her mummy turned away n shut her ear(tak sampai hati tgk) n she kept quiet.strong girl!she's 4.3 kgs n 57cm.bout her rashes,she actually has allergies. so have to change her milk n sabun to hypoallergic punye...kesian baby.....

t-na, kel-wa n t-jolie visited us juz now.serius rindu dgn bored sitting at home alone, at least when they came can update on the juicy gossips...hehe.well,congrats t-na on ur engagement!so happy for u,u looked beautiful n cant wait to c u join the wifey club!

well,,nia sdg tido sambil dikendong in her pink sack,,,so bolehla i blog..suka la dia kena kendong...kita yg penat!hhmmm i dont wanna miss a single second watching u grow sayang....muah!


k.juju said... definitely auntie najwa k..wek..nanti once she can talk, nia panggil i kel-wa,mmm.. it sounds like kekwa..meaning a im still gurly laa..wek..huhuhuh..but in a way, different..hark harkh harkh..anyway nia artis baby bie dah ok ker her rashes tue?? hopefully ok..n kim salam kat tia..hopefully shes getting better..daa mummy nia..only a week plus 2 go before u r free of confinement..n can wear all da ridiculous shoes u bought da final week when u were pregnant..wek!!

farisa said...

Nia, i came and visited u.finally. you've grown girl :p ur so chubby and you couldn't stop kicking went i dukung u.

according to mommy,u've always been an angel infront of mommy's friends! infront of me u 'brani" tunjuk ur true colours huhh! don't worry,I'll still love u! as for your skin it'll go away, you've got ur mom's skin la.its ok at least you'll definitely be stylo!

auntie Isya

Far said...

Nia darling, once you grow up you will figure out why all your other aunties has a "T-" except for Kel-Wa.. (p/s: it has something to do with the fact that she is a he..hehe)

Hope your rashes are better soon and hope to see your mummy at Aunt Fiena's wedding *maybe* kisses to both... muackz!

i AM a MARRIED woman said...


huhu...happy belated bday to nia..comeeeeellll sgt...

r u going to fienas wedding? u ok ke?
nanti one of the weekend i pegi sana...susah nak dtg...:( sabtu pun i kejeee... :(

love u nia!!!!!!

T-Nene ahhahahahaha

Jucci Juarez said...

huhu T-Jolie officially ! and kesian Kel_Wa. Haha.

when u r 2 years old , i'll teach u how to make a natural pouty lips. Haha.

Karl, I Love You.