Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my new sleeping partner -nia karlyssa-

alhamdulillah,syukur to Allah.finally, the most awaited moment came on 28th april 2008, the day Nia Karlyssa bt Farish was born. let me share wif u the moments...

27th april 08-sunday

i spent the whole day (from morning til maghrib) sleeping n resting in my room, on my bed ALONE. i started to feel the contraction since i woke up but i thought it was just the normal contraction ive been feeling all these while ...not quite sure to differentiate it..well, i also managed to color my hair that morning using the color shampoo (maybe dah ada instinct kot nak siap2kan diri).

then maghrib i woke up coz lapar sgt.teringin nak mkn roti bakar kaya dkt hubby fetch me to go to the kafe. sampai kafe i ate 2 keping roti bakar.satu kaya satu tuna.then the pain was gone so i helped in the kitchen...around 10 something i started to feel the pain i sat down n chit chat wif hubby n mummy.near 11 barney went off for his drama shoot. tiba2 dalam 11.10 pm as i was talking wif mak ayu n bapak, i felt something terkeluar mcm air kencing.i thought, "eh takkan aku terkencing.tak batuk atau bersin pun". but i just kept quiet.suddenly it came again.this time rasa banyak je keluar. then i told them that i need to go to the toilet to check. tgk2 sah la air ketuban dah pecah...

then aye sent me n mak home..i tak sempat pack lagi so i did some packing..relax je sedangkan mak n my maids semua dah panik...i sempat mandi lagi tu!coz i didnt feel any pain plus the water tak keluar banyak sgt...sikit2 je 12 i was already in bilik habsah, the room i booked in az-zahrah medical centre. they inserted ubat utk buang air tu but being me, after about half an hour dlm toilet,hasilnya tak memuaskan :p so i went out n went straight to the labour room..i told the doc that i wanted an epidural (a very wise decision yg i tak nyesal). the pain was still tolerable waktu inject cuma hubby je takut tgk jarum tu...thank god barney sempat dtg to teman me during the process kalau tak takdela semangat i...

by 1 sumthing lepas epidural sakit start dtg..but bukan dkt perut coz bhgn tu semua epi dah cover..sakit dkt ari2.sakit sgt2.i couldnt imagine kalau takde epi, dgn sakit dkt perut lagi. i felt like slapping just anybody!nasib la ada hubby.mmg hubby is the most important person to be in the labour room besides sharing the experience n witnessing the pain (untuk insafkan dia), i really2 need him to motivate me n reduce the pain. alhamdulillah it kinda worked.

around 3 sumthing i takleh tahan the pain so they added epi that time dah 6cm terbukak.after that baru i leh tido2 ayam sikit. finally, dalam pukul 4 lebih doc checked, dah nampak kepala baby!so they asked me to start pushing everytime i feel the pain. the prob is when i had epi, i couldnt feel the pain yg mcm nk berak tu!so confuse sket la. push push push, hubby pun push skali.sumpah part ni mmg rase bertarung nyawa!!mcm nak mati coz tak cukup nafas!!kepala baby kept coming outn in.last2 heart beat die mcm lemah so suddenly i got the courage to push selama yg mungkin walau nafas tak cukup. then tepat pukul5, poop!!! semua terkeluar sekali gus!when they put nia atas dada i, me n hubby terus nangis, tgk the little angel we've been dreaming of all this while finally dah wujud :) alhamdulillah..n the pain went away just like dat once she was born :) so that was my experience giving birth normally to a beautiful baby girl. it was not bad after all, i feel complete as a i have a new job, a mummy!!


Mrs.R @ Emi said...

Congrats...xsabar nk tggu my turn plak..still pk nk amik epi or not...semoga Nia membesar dgn sihat dan jadi anak yg bijak n baik..

kotoko_pink said... proud of u..

hope ur experience will inspired me :)