Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the girl with the guli eyes who always make my day :)

me n shugiga really miss the man of our life -BIG BARNEY. pls come home. we have so much ample space on the bed tho u know me n shugiga hate to squeeze in everytime u join us on our la-la land :p 4 days to go....

on the other hand, i received a lot n i mean a LOT of comments lately saying that i look slimmer, dah berjaya kuruskan badan, bla bla's a compliment, thank you (finally after 7 months) but it makes me wonder, "did i look THAT flabby back then??" hehe.tu lah seksanya n brape lamanya nak kurus balik if tak pantang betul2 waktu confinement period dulu.malas pakai bengkung, malas pakai stokin, minum air, one lesson learnt.if shugiga happens to get her adik 'one fine day', i know what to do.considering the fact that im a lazy bum when it comes to exercise n diet, i am very very grateful that finally things become normal again (or at least).

on my little munchkin yg sangat la nakal sekarang, these are her new activities right now:

1)finally, i cooked her meal last sunday after procrastinating.malas so bagi dia makan nestum je selama ni.i cooked the bubur + carrot + bayam + isi ikan =blend sampai hancur = SEDAP sgt!! no need to add garam coz it's not good for the baby.nia loves it very much (so does her mummy) n im proud to see her gaining back her weight n eat deliciously :) lepas ni nak try campur brocolli and kentang a bit.

2)nakal ya ampun.up to today, shugiga tak boleh merangkak.she lifted her butt but that's it, she's not moving forward, but upwards!!meaning, nia ni nampak tanda2 nak skip merangkak, dia nak terus jalan.mmg obvious sgt, she likes to stand n jump jump jump like there's no tomorrow.then she will laugh out loud everytime kita "tatih'kan, bravo lil girl, go n walk k?

3)it's very dangerous to put her in her cot nowadays, coz she will stand up n try to 'jump'.haha. letak atas katil lagi la, kalau unattended-a big no no.she is very determined, she will try to get the thing that she wants, since she cant crawl, she'll mengesot.n very laju okay!

4)dah mulut bising dah..nyanyi2 n bercakap..her first word (if it can be considered as a word)- "babah...." then "mamahh'' bile la dia nak reti sebut mummy kan?

5)suka tarik rambut ayu.kalau geram suka pukul2 guna tgn.comel sgt.

hmm..okay lah.kesian nia, lama tak swim semenjak sakit. u have to be grounded for a few more weeks kay sayang?i luv u to bits.i feel as if u r my best fren skrg, u accompany me when i came back from work in our room..when i was having my bath, when we had our talking session on the bed till we both fell asleep....huhu thank God you are around.when i was pregnant back then, i always hope that one day u will be my companion everytime daddy is not around.thanks lil barney:) n to BIG barney, balik cepat k :)


nuruL said...

u selalu layan die bile mood nak betatih die tu dat cepat die akan berjalan dengan sendirinye..

sebab my doter sekarang da 16months old still tak pandai jalan sendiri tau..huhuu~...budak2 baye die semue da pndai berlari *sob..sob*

adieha said...

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pretty jolie said...

hahaha. bab until fell asleep tu yg x tahan. dah kau mmg suke tido. hahaha