Sunday, January 4, 2009

doubletriple bla bla bout nia karlyssa

this morning - 0715am-

as i was about to enter my car, nia, as usual will send me off to the front door, i waved at her "bye bye niaaaaaa" and to my suprise, she waved back, non stop until i stopped (with her ngantok face). owhh..i feel blessed all at once :)


*happy new year 2009!!*

i didnt manage to write a 'closure' entry for 2008. however, to sum up 2008- one word BLESS-
the things i achieved this year:-

1. being a mother. created my own family tree (but not completed yet) the experience of giving labor n going thru the post natal period couldnt be described. u should experience it yourselves n u will understand :)

2. finally a permanent officer. a shift from prosecution to drafting. no more outstation=more time for nia :)

3. my hubby (and i secara kecik.hehe) bought our own house for our little family (and future kids insyallah). alhamdulillah.

PLANS for 2009

1. a very very GOOD financial planning to furnish our bare house which will be on vacant possession in a short while.phew.susah ni..... so kereta barney will kereta baru for a few years.takpe, saya bersyukur :p

2. take up nia's insurance n open her saving account n put all her monies in it.

3. maintain dgn bdn skrg (as long as i can fit into my old clothes, everything seems wonderful to me :)

4. insyallah, plan for nia's play mate.tungguuuuuu.

5. be a better wife n mother (this one is very very important)

6. become a good n better officer.


*happy 8 months bday lil shugiga!!*

as usual, when her birthday is coming near, she will get her fever :( dgn batuk2 n flu but thank god, sbb dah biasa, we brought her to the clinic as soon as the fever was detected. alhamdulillah by now dia dh ok..n she's a whooping 10 kgs now!hehe.

i made use of the long holidays by spending time with nia and dating with big barney. we went out to pavillion, alamanda and a friend's wedding and i guess it's a big treat to nia since this girl mmg suka berjalan :)

btw, nia crawled secara betul2 on her birthday!!congrats darling im so proud of u!ye lah, selama ni dia dok tunjuk tanda2 nak berjalan je..dok berdiri sendiri, bangun pegang railing cot n kerusi, jalan guna walker tapi tak merangkak.last2 secara naturalnye dia merangkak :)and now she can even bangun dari berbaring pastu terus duduk.comel! dia pun dah start panjat2 her cot, naughtynya!! btw, lately ni semakin menjadi2 dia menangis everytime lepas mandi, taknak pakai baju!!nangis mcm kena dera!sabar je la....nia xleh sabar, nak bangun, xsuka baring :(

n we bought her first doll :) kelakar sgt coz hubby xkasi beli doll yg mata boleh buka tutup tu, dia takut!!so beli doll yg mata lukis je :p hehe.we also bought 2 pairs of shoes for her coz sedar2 je kasut2 dia dah tak muat...hehe.i also bought a diaper cloth for her, nak try dulu nia selesa ke tak, if everything goes well, we can save a lot of $$$.

haf a lot of her pictures to upload tapi cable mcm rosak la pulak..


*the first time she fell*

it was about a month and a half ago. joled was carrying her after her swimming session. bapak went upstairs first without realizing he left his splashywateryfootsteps. while holed was carrying her carefully n i was in front of them...then happened in a blink of an eye, in front of me but i didnt do anything.too shocked actually. alhamdulillah, her head was supported by joled's arms. but shugiga crieddddddddddddddddd as if someone just spanked her!she was shocked actually, n i had to soothe her.

babies falling down from any high places are a big nightmare to parents. moreover, she's crawling n moving so fast right now so i have to be extra careful.she's still sleeping wif us on the bed n her cot is only used as her playground.i used to put a time limit, at least when she's 6 months i'll let her sleep in her cot but i still couldnt change that routine... so about 2 weeks ago, i was lying on my bed in the evening trying to put nia to sleep.but instead, her mummy ni yg ngantok...dalam mamai2 tak sedar, syukur, tuhan bukakkan my eyes at the right moment n there she was, crawling at the end of our bed...NIAAAAAAA!! i quickly grabbed her. alhamdulillah.terus fobia nak now, selagi nia tak tido, i cannot sleep, ok?


she's so clingy wif me right now.she knows when i am around, she will quickly turned to me n open her arms.pastu cemekkk..pastu terus nangis if i tak angkat her. BANGGA mummy k :) once i hold her, she will hug me and bila org lain try nak dukung dia, she will turn around and pegang mummy dia kuat kuat!! love u sayang! p/s: daddy pun kalah okay coz nia refused to go to him, instead she chose her mummy :)


The Fabulous Cats said...

dah mummy selalu kasi rasuah..
buekkkssss frm barney besor

Mrs.R @ Emi said...


Belly Obsessor said...

Hye there. been your silent reader for the past weeks. My baby is just about cutie Nia's age. Previously, I was wondering why my baby is so liat to pakai baju/diaper after her bath. and after reading your entry, I guess all babies mcm tu kot when they reach 8 months old :)

Ms.WifeY said...

emi: alhamdulillah,sementara muda ni la kita kena start invest kan?tapi 99% hubby's nice to build a home after having our own family tree kan? :)

belly obsessor: hye there!what a coincidence,ive been ur silent reader for a while too!slalu jenguk ur blog coz our daughters were born around the same date i refer to ur blog jugak to see her development:) one day we can let nia and anya meet!hehe bukan senang nak dpt geng sama umur ;)