Tuesday, February 24, 2009

babies month

our trip to cameron highland that was scheduled on the 7th and 8th february was cancelled due to mummy's and daddy's sickness.daddy got high fever n mummy got her untolerable piles. i was on mc for the whole week.couldnt walk nor sit.the last time i had this worst nightmare was in 2007-when i was in my first trimester..

i must admit i was very very frustrated coz this trip was supposed to be our very first mini family trip.just the 3 of us..tapi :( and now we still cant find a perfect dat coz barney is very2 busy on weekends...hhmm mimpi la lagi.. so,on the 7th tu, sebab geram sgt tak dpt pg cameron, me n barney brought shugiga to taman burung in kl :) at least we brought her out and thank god,nia enjoyed her mini trip so so much!we were very happy to see her smile and through out the walk she didnt even merengek mintak dukung!she sat in her stroller and bising sorang2 tgk burung.i guess my daughter enjoys nature so much unlike her parents, we both got exhausted eventho baru separuh taman tu kita jalan, so we decided to go back! tak berhenti minum pun coz mengah.hehe.ye lah 2-2 sakit..

well, a good friend of mine, far is getting married to lan kismis in 3 days time!syukur and i wish both of you happiness :) cant wait for her wedding day! i'll be taking leave on that day :) hehe

for the past 1 week (14thfeb-22nd feb) 4 of my friends delivered their babies safely:) congratulations to 3 baby boys (k.dana, yen/ida and meq/ajee) and a baby girl (kak ira). it's amazing that 4 of them could be 'making' babies at the same time back then!haha. well, meq is one of my chickies, a small sister to me and i felt quite sentimental looking at her lying on the bed as a mother :) we knew each other since we were so small n now u have a big responsibility dear!cant wait for dikya's turn (it would be funny kan?) her baby farel is huge 4.1 kg and so adorable at the same time!at the moment he looks more like meq, but babies' faces do change kan!hehe.cant wait to visit him again! but i have high respect for her coz knowing meq (hehe) im proud she gave birth naturally when her baby's head is so big comparing to her pelvics!!congrats dear!

on another note; ahmad zulkamal, my senior in uitm and a colleague of mine in agc passed away on saturday 21stfeb09. al-fatihah. it was a shock as i just bumped into him for 2 days in a row before saturday and now he's gone. tho i am not close to him, i learnt one thing for sure; appreciate your loved ones no matter where they are.u might see them today,but no more tomorrow....

back to nia, she got her 2nd pneumococal injection on the 11th feb. and now she's 10.4 kg!haha only 1 kilo naik after 2 months...ye lah, baby pun aktif merangkak and berdiri sana sini..so no more baby demok i guess??alhamdulillah, since new year nia tak kena demam lagi.batuk2 sikit2 tu ade la tapi cepat recover.i guess the vaccine works :)

my darling is turning 10 months old/young in 4 days time! will update on her development later!



pretty jolie said...

i lovee niaaa in a demok version and now i love farell too sbb dia demokkk mcm cinaa putih. ee geram

Anonymous said...

i like the way you say 'tata'. like sars. very sweet. :)

I am a mommy to be said...

hehe...tini. the same thing happen to radhi n fay jugak. time baby2 ya Allah bulat semacam. hahaah.. tapi bile dah aktif dah boleh bergerak2, terus jadi kurus. but its a good thing what.. at least dia aktif. takdela duduk terperonyok je. ehehhehe.. hugs to nia.

alaa... u ckp pasal meq mcm tu. u pun i still tak sangka dah ade baby. punyela terjerit2 dulu. ahahhahaa.. n now u dah nampak keibu2an. :P

yaaa.. farel comel!. mcm mini meq. ahaha..tapi nanti muke dia mesti berubah. n i betul2 respect meq boleh push a 4.1kg baby. walaupun 2 hrs dia push, but she did it. haih... i dah penat tunggu turn i pulak. eheh.

Jucci Jucci said...

sabar rinie. your time will come. just go with the flow