Tuesday, February 17, 2009

B**BS issue

i have an issue with my b**bs.

before i got married, i always complained about how small it was.i want a bigger one.haha

as soon as nia was born, my B became obvious and of course bigger.i had to change all my work shirt to a size L. L??!!haha just because of my B.pakai la baju longgar bawah tapi ketat atas ke tempat kerja.i started thinking, bigger B is not as satisfying as it sounds! my body is just not proportionate anymore! banyak baju tak muat dibutang and i became paranoid!!

as soon as i stopped breastfeeding nia at the age of 6 months, i got my first red flag on my brithday (after 1 year and 2 months of hassle free monthly routine!!) and for every month, i will get the red flag on the exact date as my first one.so my mom said im SUBUR jadi kena la berhati2 ya :)

months after months,as my body shrinks, my B shrinks too.and i really mean SHRINK.i have to change back to my pre-natal bras and im thankful actually that it has come back to its normal size.HOWEVER, my issue here is, it's not only small in size but i think it has no 'fillings', isi takde, mcm karipap tak berintikan kentang.haha.i consulted my mom and she said it's normal that after breastfeeding dh habis, our B will become lemah dan tak bermaya..huhu sedih kan??i asked her, whether we need to apply any creams yg berlambak2 available di pasaran tu untuk mengembalikan kesegarannya?and she answered "ala, lama2 dia normal balik la,tgk mak ni, keras je kan??" hahaha. geram but true enough.so ,tunggu je la ye,and exercise sikit tgn tu my mom ckp.

so to any of you who have experinced this and dah guna any miracle cream, share lah ye :)


pretty jolie said...

entry yg sgt luc. hahaha.
tak semestinye best ada biggie b. wanna some of mine? getting rid half of it.
biar la tak bermaya or merudum sekali pun asalkan sesuai dgn badan dan sihat.


Ms.WifeY said...

haha.aku dah agak comment kau.i want just a titsy bitsy part of urs so dat jadi mantap!kalau tak jadi paruh la!hahahahahha

I am a mommy to be said...

paruh? yaaakkksssss!! hehehee.. i remember i penah nampak u punye! ahahahahhahahahahahaha. neways, ade satu cream ni. i penah bace dkt blog org. boost up ur breast. nantilah i check balik. org tu ckp mcm very effective. serious tak ingat la.

fiena said...

hey! talking abt B - B for Blair (gossip girl)?? hehe.. jgn nak ngengade..i personally think u have nice B.. unlike mine, nasi lemak lauk asing [according to marre) damn! hahhaa...like u told me before darl, love ur body... muahhs!

Tina Najib said...


it's my 1st time here and i really love your blog as i can relate so much to it, now that i'm pregnant! :)

anyway, am just curious, kalau kita breastfeed, kita takkan period ke?

pretty jolie said...

hahahahha vodohhh :)

I am a mommy to be said...

hahahahaha.. nasik lemak. i ingat lagi marre gile. hahaha. fiena. ahhahahahaha.. nasi lemak lauk asing. ahhahah.. juju confirm dah geli dah bab2 ni. hahaha.

Ms.WifeY said...

to juju,runut sizuka and fina: haha korang mmg lawak n mengimbau kenangan itm!!fina, u nasi lemak asing,i karipap takde inti!!hahahha

tina:hye tina!rinie's fren rite?hehe as for me, my period didnt come until i stopped bf.but some of the people, their period will eventually come eventho they continue bf,normally if bf more than 1 year la:) tapi bf ni org kata one good contraceptive method tapi still kena jaga2 !:)

Tina Najib said...

ohh okk.. thanks for the info.. tu la i ada dengar, ada this one nurse at the hospital i go to every month cakap, kalau breastfeed, boleh family planning.. i was like, how can that be? hehehe.. now br i paham..

thanks! :)

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

lol,so hows ur boods now?ok tak?buat la yoga..i slalu practice yoga.mine was 35D before,n lps bsalin 36double D,n now back to normal 35D balik..n no more jatuh,bak kata ur mom 'keras ' gitu..lol heheh very d lucah.