Sunday, May 24, 2009

thanks sayang :)

to mr.barney n shugiga, 2 most important persons in my life;

thank you for the jubah hubby deary

thank you for the mug and tray (that i still haven't use coz syg sgt!) lil nia

u both made my (mother's) day :)


najwa said...

cunlaa tudong kau tue..n da giftss is so comel..i totally 4got 2 wish u happy mother's day...terlupa laakk u dah jd mak..anyway i hope u'll b a better mother with da years 2 come n many kids 2 come..just dtg kawin aku cukop..whenever aku kawinlaa..and one more thing whoever penjahat yg curik tv kau tue only tuhan je boleh balass..hope they rot in hell..

Sue said...


cantik jubah u.. tak silap jubah hajaba kan? cntk sgt.. tapi kalau i pakai x tentu cntk sbb mcm tak sesuai pulak coz i bdn bsr. u nmpk comelll je..hehe

p/s:salam kenal