Monday, February 22, 2010

pengantin cny + valentine

pengantin lama (that's what they said:P)

as they themselves are photographer,just look at their pelamin!gerammm!!hehe..wonderfully done by the wedding fairies

upacara bawak lari hand bouquet yang agak lama :p

our small "apple + lemon" family

me and the january bride :P

sebok je rampas hand bouquet from the bride!

nia and her "e'e"

she lovessss the hand bouquet :)

the 3 beradikss

wangi*my sis*me*my sis in law

mmummy dearest:)

with my 2 chickiess

hindustani potong pulut kuning :)

me with my sis in law and my hubby's cousins

it was a hindustan song at this particular moment

haha baru perasan cara i bagi nia minum betul2 mcm "hindustan":P

tengoklah "pottu" dekat dahi dia yg tahan tak sampai 5 minit tu:P

*nikah at the mosque*

my one and only (lil)brother got married february:) the nikah ceremony was held at malacca on the 5th feb 2010 and the groom's reception was held at our parents place in bandar baru bangi on the 14th feb 2010. the night before, (13th feb) we had a small 'bollywood theme' reception, just a simple makan2, and joget sakan :) it was fun tho..congrats bujel for your 'sekali lafaz'!now i have a new sis in law:) *wink wink*
well,let the pictures do the talking,just to share a few, randomly from my sis's camera and a few from the official photog...


Mrs.R @ Emi said...

cantiknya adik ipar awak...
pelamin pon sgt elegant jugak

Lea Shmea said...

omg so cantik!!! the dais unique sgt. love the bollywood theme! siapa punya idea ni? hehe. btw your baju kurung lawa la kak tini. where did u get it made?

Ms.WifeY said...

bollywood theme tu my dad punye idea,biar nampak meriah..hehe and the dais tu mmg pengantin and twf yg punya idea:)

thanks,it was just a plain chiffon but my-long-time-fav-tailor dzulclassique made it all beautiful:)

Ami Schaheera said...

congrats dapat adik ipar! cantik sangat pelamin and baju dia.. really love the b&w dress.. and bollywood theme, waaah meriah betul ni!

: s h e "2 d" n a: : said...

Chomeinye nia curi hndbouq tu..nice theme!!tp u pakai tudung sgt chantek n kemas .. Love it ;)

si cantik said...

i wonder how do u put on ur scarves? cantik banget! pls teach me how

Malicious Mind said...

lovely wedding!

and the hot mama pun gempaq..hopefully everything goes well with your 2nd pregnancy,

i like the picture of nia and the hand bouquet ,too cute.

take care :)

Inas said...

Beautiful family :)