Wednesday, April 14, 2010

every mummy's enemy

so we've entered the 15th day of the month -APRIL- the month where my miracle was 'awarded' to me about 2 years ago :) as our lil family is busy planning for her 2nd bday party, here it comes again, my biggest enemy (in fact,it's every mom's biggest enemy) the evil COUGH. it started 2 nights ago, out of no where.exactly about a month ago, mr. cough attacked nia but that was due to the cold wheather in u.k. Around 2 months ago, mr.cough also visited lil nia, but that was due to nia's notty habit while swimming in the pool -minum air pool curi2-

and as her mom,i have this instinct and was 'waiting' nervously to 'hear' mr.cough knocking on the door.well, true enough, it just happened while she was sleeping at night - complete with the 'phlegm package'!! i was worried sick. and maybe due to my -imbalancehormonnestate- i just broke into tears, couldn't accept why it has to come for a regular visit for 3 months in a row!!so i 'instructed' mr.barney to bring her to her paed coz for the past 2 months we just took the medicines (without seeing the doctor due to time constraint).i felt quite guilty at the same time coz we also have another appointment with her paed at p.m.c that was due last march.tapi tak pegi2 jugak.. :(

as nervous as waiting for exam result,i called my hubby just now and asked him what the doctor said.the doctor suspected maybe she has asthma but both of us do not have her phlegm dh banyak n she had to pakai the neubalizer (again)!apa lagi mengamuk la makcik garang tu! the only thing we could suspect is her latest habit, suka sgt masuk semua jari n tgn dlm mulut!!i thought it only happened when she was a baby!since she's nearly 2, dah pandai la jugak melawan bila org kata no tu there's nothing much we could do from stopping her from menjilat2 tangan dan jari yg memang tak bersih setiap masa tu....huhhhhhuuuuuuuuu

so, here it goes again,the 'usual' routine of makan ubat..penat betul bagi budak 2tahun yg tak suka mkn ubat ni.mencabar.
dear nia,mummy always pray for your good health, more than anything else in this world. now, this is the part where i feel it is 'mentally torturing' in becoming a mummy to small children -u know which part nia?the part when i get worried like there's no tomorrow everytime u got sick. for all my worries for you, sangat2 la beyond words, and this is one of the things that u cannot pay back even with rm1 mil. same like the day when u were born 2 years ago...

luvnote: to 'redeem' my guilty feeling, mummy has made an appointment with both az-zahrah and p.m.c paed on your 2nd birthday itself! so let's spend the whole 28th april for your medical check up k sayang :)


najwa said...

kesiannya nia..i bet its hard 4 her 2 eat her medicinie..yg besar gedabak pon susah nie yg 2 years old girl plak..nia, try n listen 2 ur mummy k..u better take care of ur health lil nia cuz ur gonna have lil baby 4 u 2 take care of her b good k..

btw, ton celebrate her bday doing medical check up??? i pitied bosan..:P..nia sabar k ur bday party will b so much fun u'll totally forgot da suffering dat uve 2 endure during the medical checkup k..:)..luv u nia..-auntie jua-huhuhuhuhu

Malicious Mind said...

tinie, my mum said I was like her when I was a small girl, and most doctors didn't know whether it was only a bad cough or athma, it went for so long until I dah besar jadi mak orang baru i tahu I have chronic bronchitis..

just watch out what phlegm is she producing, whether its yellowish or not, try and take preventive measures such as ventilate the room, bukak tingkap during the day, no aircond at night, and try buy the ionizer and put next to the bed ( like im doing now) it helps to cut down the cough especially at night, no carpets, make sure bibik clean the room everyday spotless. i hope it helps.

kesian nia. get well soon

i am Rinie said...

alaaa..siaann niaaa.. dah la kene pegi hosp time birthday. but i gt to spend a day with ur mommy. :)

yeah.. i pun risau kalau dani sakit. batuk ke ape ke. risau tu mcm teruk sgt. sgt2 teruk. sampai boleh nangis. now baru i rase time my mum rase waktu i nangis dulu. i feel like biarlah kite yg kene daripada dia yg kene. sbb anak kite kan masih kecik lagi n so. :( sian nia. n u of cos.

btw, adam pun doctor suspect dia asthma. batuk2 lama. n suke masuk barang dalam mulut. dulu time kecik2 dia suke kutip barang. so doc suh adam pakai neubalizer as well. so mmg susah la n kesian sgt tgk dia pakai bende tu. but my bro n sil buat w/o failed. ikut time n so on.makan ubat semua. alhamdulillah.. now adam is getting better. n maybe, doctor said, maybe asthma takkan attack dia. so i really hope kalau u ikut what the paed ask u to do, insyaAllah nia will be fine.

take care nia dolly!!get well soon! c u soon. okay.. x0x0

n u take care too. jgn risau2 sgt. remmber u have a lil ones in ur tummy.