Wednesday, April 21, 2010

xx!! (again)

well, insyaallah, nia karlyssa will get a new playmate in about 3 months time:) boleh pakai heels sama2, bongkar makeup bag mummy sama2, joget dangdut sama2 and main all her 'anak' sama2 :) alhamdulillah, yg penting sihat dan sempurna.

it was funny when i remembered my hubby's facial expression when we went for the detailed scan with the sonographer yesterday! when the doctor said 'xx' i was quite confused and asked her whether it's a he or she. and when she said "ni anak no. berapa?" i said "second child". she asked back, "the first one is?" "girl", i said. "hah, ada kawan la dia lepas ni:)"

i couldnt stop smiling and wanted to laugh because honestly, i dont mind whether it's a girl or boy coz i already got a girl as my first one.but, to see the 'frustration' on barney's face was kelakar coz he tried to coverline! tak puas hati, he asked the doctor to confirm again. so the doctor ckp, "setakat ni mmg girl la, see, no birdie, and see that line tu..tak puas hati meh i poke baby jap biar dia tunjuk luas lagi!" hehe.

barney pun trus kata, "oh saya tak pernah fikir lelaki ke perempuan..asalkan sihat" so i replied "ye lah tu!!" sambil senyum2:)

u know what barney said? "mcm ni doktor, tak rehat lagi la wife saya next year!" haha saje je nak buat i geram eh??

what really made my day yesterday was the fact everything went well and syukur scan semua lengkap n look sempurna :) i could never be more thankful, asalkan SIHAT. the cutest thing was, her lips and eyes look so much like nia karlyssa but the nose tak pasti lagi..and the skin and the hair :p hehe the baby weighs 700 plus gram ONLY and the rest went to her mummy!!

hhmm...nia karlyssa, be prepared for the arrival of your 'rival'!hehe.i cant wait to pair both of u up in baju2 girls yg best!! daddy, sila jgn jealous ye??


najwa said...

huhuhuhuhuh..congratsssss..i told u its a girl..btw aku tak rasa guilty dah cuz ur hubby was with, dont worry ur baby boy will time geng pompuan dulu...congrats 2 both of u...!!!

~f@R~ said...

kakak cuba bayangkan kau jadi macam auntie aku, she wanted a girl so much... anak ke 6 baru dapat girl.. try and try again :) but you are right syukur as long as sihat :)congrats

lisha said...

congrats! baby better get used to handmedowns :)

new world oder said...

congrats dear :)

Rv Husin said...

congrats tini & family. yes betul tu.. yang penting sehat. Sounds cliche, tapi memang betul kan.. sehat and sempurna sifat what matter the most ;)

ps - did u managed to get my invitation via fb?

i am Rinie said...

hahaa.. heard the news from ya. nways, i have the instinct that mine is gonna be a boy. hehehehee.. :P

bestlaaahh dah 2 girls!!!nia dah ade geng nak selongkar barang mummy. nak pakai lipstick mummy n so. n nak pakai heels mummy of course.