Thursday, June 17, 2010

33 weeks and counting :)

it's been a lonnnggg time since i last wrote on my pregnancy journey...and now sedar tak sedar i have about 7 weeks before i reach the full term :)

so many things to update,just to remind me in the future on my experience in my 2nd pregnancy, but for the time being, just enjoy some of my first pregnancy photos (that i never had the chance to take while i was preggy with nia) taken by non other than my mr.photog-my brother :)

cinta kami cinta mati.insyallah :)


Aida Narina said...

hey tinie! u look gorgeous dear at your 33weeks of pregnancy. I wish I'll be a hot pregnant lady bila sampai masa i nanti, hehhee. :) Btw, enjoy your time dear and take care! :)

~f@R~ said...

me like... the hump behind so tongs... hahahah nice :)

Malicious Mind said...

wowww. peewiiittt

nuruL = ) said...

dear tinie...

u look sooo awesome~!.. ;)

p/s: nia's skirt in d pic u beli kat mane yer?..i nak cari 4 my daughter tapi tak jumpe2..huhuu~...tQ :)

: Farisa : said...

So this is the photos you've been talking about. I love it!

Nia looks so adorable in her tutu skirt.U look stunning especially on the individual shots and Cat looks Cat!hehe

Yes. I'm spamming your blog too. I hope ur satisfied now :)

Ms.WifeY said...

thanks aida, so sweet of u :)
haha far, at first i tot 'tongs' tu 'thongs'!biasa la, aku kan k.r blur :p
to nurul, i bought the tutu skirt dkt dpn toys r us empire mall :)susah nak cari tutu in black kan?

najwa said...

mek tini.. compared 2 ur first pregnancy yg u mood swing bnyk giler and pemalas nk dress up..i tink dis pregnancy is a different one cuz dis time alhamdulillah its an easy pregnancy..u look radiant, gorgeous and kening ziana matter wat S.R u always look comey 4 me eventho ader seseorg tue ckp u look gothic..tak langsong k..(writing dis sambil jelir lidah kat seseorang tue)..btw, u know me..aku tak suker memuji..kutukan is a sign of love fr me..hehehe..luv u macho..n may uve a safe beranak experience n cant wait 2 c adik matter wat nia u r as sexay as ur mum with da tutu or just with ur pampers :)..luv u i kena pikir dulu nk sayang ker tak...hehehehehe..muackss 2 ur lovely family..

nuruL = ) said...

tu laa..sangat susah untuk mencari black tutu skirt..tQ tQ tQ 4 d info dear~ :)

Anonymous said...

omg, pretty preggy mommy..!! cat farrish is sooo lucky to have u as his wife..hehe :)


mommy bonita said...

hi tini,im ur silent reader.cant i have ur photog-bro's hp no?thinkin of doin family photoshoot me,hubby,doter n son.seriously nice shots of lovin'em.

Ms.WifeY said...

hye mommy bonita! thanks:) yup, they shoot nice pictures at their studio-creativ elitebox in bangi:)

go view their site-

u can contact my bro or sil:
shahrir-019 3707542