Wednesday, January 2, 2008

new year, new "us" :)

i miss writing my blogs...been leaving it for quite some times since the holidays season (raya,christmas n new year) well 2007 has closed its chapter.n today, the 3rd day of 2008 will hopefully create a better memory for us :)

just a day b4 raya haji (19th dec) i had my 4th check up.i saw lil shuga but it couldnt be seen yet, whether its a shugagi or a shugiga..hehe..lil shuga is getting bigger..weighing nearly 300 gms n the measurement from head to butt is around 15cm so all together from head to toe it should be more or less 20cm :) susah nak ukur kaki coz lil shuga mmg bend dia punye leg je...but at this one point of time, tiba2 je he/she jumped!haha it was so funny all of us laughed but x sempat nak tangkap guna camera :( insyaallah by next month boleh beginning to miss lil shuga...every morning,every second rase tak sabar for the next check up coz that's the only time we can see lil shuga...n now my tummy is getting more obvious,rapidly..n i look like a pregnant lady now...have started wearing maternity clothes to the office starting this new year:)

at this point of time there's no visible stretch mark YET (hopefully never) but ive already bought new collections of mummy bras n grand nanny berat waktu check up naik 1 it is now 55 kg..the appetite is still muntah2...happy je (n sensitif selalu) so i better treasure this 5th month's happy period before any sickness occur again...

raya haji was celebrated at homey wif all the relatives from melaka coming to bangi together wif my mom in law..then we went to my hubby's side in kl n also to my granny's in pj. ptg tu jalan2 kat ou shopping for us n for my parents' 27th anniv!

well my good friend rinie got married to najmie on the 25th which was on christmas day.congrats u 2!the event went on as planned n rinie got to be the beautiful bride she had been dreaming of:) she's the only close friend i knew yg dah kahwin after me..lepas ni is meqqie's turn!hehe..i also get to catch up n meet my frens during her wedding day...miss all of them sgt2:)

the new year was celebrated at homey in bangi where my hubby n his fren organised a bbq was fun bcoz we celebrated it wif close family n sumpah food semua sedap2, thanks to chef sumo wif his 'secret recipe'! we set 6 tables in the garden n all of us lepak there till 12 of the syarat was to wear the mask or else we wont be getting the ice creams!but mommy to be escaped the syarat as usual:p sharp 12 am my father n the guys pasang our on mercun...hehe by 1230 all of them were in the pool playing the basketball game my hubby bought a day earlier in was indeed a fun game as i was the 'biased' referee! 2am naik atas n zzzzzzzzzzz....

well...2007 had brought beautiful memories to me...i got a job finally in a place that i wanted to be (tho still a contract officer so my aim this year is to be a permanent officer!), i got engaged in march n became a fiance, i graduated in may for the 2nd time, i got married in july n became a wifey (besttnyer memory ni!) n i also became pregnant where i got to know bout it on the first day of ramadhan :) it was such a wonderful experience to feel the baby moving inside my tummy finally on the 5th month:) n 2007 also marked the first time i went for my dream honeymoon,juz the two of us to bali....wonderful n romantic experience:) n the 2nd one to london wif lil shuga inside me:) 2007 was indeed a wonderful year (emotionally as a woman). n i hope 2008 will be a good one too..especially wif lil shuga's expected arrival somewhere in may,mama miss u! n doa sgt2 semoga tuhan murahkan lagi rezeki both of us husband n wife as we have a bigger responsibility this year...insyaallah.

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