Monday, January 28, 2008

kick n move, u made me smile :)

me n the "new sisters" rini n dikya
the purple carpet (me 25 weeks/6 months!!)

so many things had happened since my last post....hmm..let me start with my family get away in avillion p.d we went there on the 19th jan til the was just a simple n relaxing shopping (since pd is not a shopping paradise) but avillion was great...the ambience n the villa are both romantic :) we just santai2..jalan at town n tepi pantai plus naik basikal air yg tak menarik n memenatkan!haha...but im glad we went there, at least i had the chance to spend quality times wif my hubby:) on the 2nd day lil shugiga didnt move at all...she made me worried..usually she will be so active..maybe different ambience so she decided to take a looonngg nap kot...mummy was worried dear..sumpah rindu nak rasa shugiga gerak! then finally late at night (around 1 am) when i was lying down to sleep,i felt her again:) alhamdulillah..coz it cud be dangerous if the baby is not moving all of a sudden u know. esoknya dia active balik:)

on monday,from avillion we went back to bangi then in the evening me n hubby drove to malacca for a 2 nights trip s coz i had a meeting in malacca..early plans had been made so that hubby couls teman me to malacca since i wont drive alone!! thank god the chairman of the meeting was sporting enough..he ended the meeting on tuesday since k.l also deserved a public holiday on wednesday!yippie! in malacca we did a lot of shopping for lil shugiga. coz we found this cute lil shop where they have a lot of cute n trendy lil girl's clothings!sumpah crazy:) hehe when i realized that we already bought 10 bajus for shugiga just in malacca alone,i stopped being crazy. dear shugiga, mummy realized sumthing, u should feel blessed n beruntung to have a mummy like me who would usually go crazy buying her stuffs but since i knew u will be around, all the priorities were shifted to u alone dear:) now whenever mummy goes shopping, 'ur shop' would be the place mummy would go crazy over...mummy's bank account n credit card's payment are all for you dear....u see how much mummy sacrificed to shut one eye to all the beautiful handbags n shoes??hehe..i guess that's a natural instinct every mom would have towards their child..especially for a first child like my situation:) the excitement overrides my own priority..careful financial plannings had to be made when u are expecting a child...n trust me it's not easy..but lil shugiga,my love towards u are growing everyday n i cant wait to see u in this world wearing all those cute lil thingy:)

btw, at 3.45 am 25th jan, i woke up from sleep coz i felt shugiga moving.n when hubby was touching my tummy to talk to her, suddenly we both SAW her moving for the first time!! usually we could only FEEL her but this time when my hubby tapped my tummy with his finger, she responded n we could see her moving!i mean my tummy was moving (imagine as if u're watching sumthing moving in a blanket,mcm tu la!) hehe.we were both happy n excited coz now she had learnt to respond to us:)

on friday our family had dinner wif cikodin's family to celebrate the newly-wed..najmie n rinie in golden palace horses..on saturday i met the chickies in bangsar (after watching cuci wif tia) for anis's bday dinner...i swear i was so damn exhausted coz this time i had to drive all the way since my hubby was not around:( btw friday morning i had a bad morning otw to car tyre burst!pecah! syukur i was not speeding at that time n i realized it a.s.a.p. so che man had to come to sg.merab n changed the tyre...shugiga was kicking me all the time that morning..hehe sayang tau mummy tgh susah eh?

sunday morning me n hubby had our first ante-natal class till 130 pm. we got so much infos during the class n it was fun especially the exercise part n the breathing techniques...i felt so excited for the delivery but at the same time takut jugak..but from what ive learnt, it's all about psychology...insayaallah...husband will play the most important role..n plus, ive to start planning from now, whether to use epidural or not...omg serious suspense dgr betapa sakitnya... then in the evening we got ready for anugerah juara lagu in bukit jalil..the rain was pouring so heavily as soon as we turun the purple carpet dlm keadaan tak terurus, basah n photographers terus amek gambar.chitty btol. ajl was fun compared to what ive at least i enjoyed the night tho shugiga was quite suprised to hear the loud music n she started kicking...hehe

okay lah..that's all for the time being..i think i looked chubby especially my face part n also my lengan...addduuiish...have to watch what im eating :(


Far said...

Juju told me the name... comel comel ... :)

Ms.WifeY said...

hehe.thanks fargu:) miss cha!

Kristina said...

Well said.