Thursday, January 17, 2008

my dream girl........ :)

yesterday, 17th jan, at 2 pm i went for my monthly pre-natal check up at az-zahrah. we were supposed to know the baby's gender so we were kinda excited.but b4 that i had to be weighed n the result totally made me rolled my eyes in disbelief. i gained another 4kgs in one month making it 59 kgs or 9 kgs weight gained during my 23 weeks of pregnancy. i am still in denial. i dont think i look like 59!well 1 more kg i will reach the number '6'!! and when i asked the doctor she told me the average weight gained in one month for a pregnant lady is between 500g to 1 kg per week.and i had reached the maximum. coz the ideal one would be around 2kgs-3kgs per she advised me to control my eating habit n selera like one person, not TWO!owh...coz if the weight consists of water retention then it's no problem to lose it back after the pregnancy but she said it can also be LEMAK.that is the hard part to get rid off... :(

well, let's talk bout the baby.the baby was in a "terlentang" position at the time of the scan.hhmm nakal eh nak main nyorok2 lagi coz it's hard to see the gender properly in that position...suddenly the doctor said "i think i can see a line la.mcm burger.but im not 100% sure.60% la.after this you can check wif dr.anson for the detail scan". huhuuuu.i was smiling broadly while hubby looked a lil bit "terkedu" (coz he really really wanted a boy) i could see her face clearly this time. she was closing her eyes but sometimes she opened n closed her cute lil' mouth.and she moved twice while being scanned.i felt so overwhelmed n rase nak nangis lak :)

so at 4 pm we went for the detail scan wif dr.anson. i swear i couldnt understand all the medical terms plus she was so fast instructing the nurse to record all the baby's details!well a detail scan is to check in detail on the baby's fingers, mouth,nose,bones, spine, heart rate, pundi kencing,perut, etc. alhamdulillah she said the baby is in a good condition n semua lengkap.insyallah. when she passed the private part she said "baby xx". i was quite confused btw xx and xy. so i asked again.she checked again n this time the baby was in a better position so there it was..nothing but a burger line...! balls, no birdie. btw, the baby's weight is now 706gm, nearly 1 i wonder where does the extra 3 kgs go to??hehe

we both husband n wife were happy n still insisted to but the baby a pair of timberland shoes but of course, a pink one:) hmmm...cant wait to look around for girlie stuffs:) mama luvs u!


farisa said...

heart! congratulations!!!! cant wait for her grand entry in may!! best shopping brg baby girl!! hopefully she's not as notty as u! hehe!! but make sure she gets ur love of fashion!!!

Far said...

Yeah congrats... May babies are always super duper cute :)

Ms.WifeY said...

thank you girls! now i have a 'lil gang'! hehe