Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BENCI TAPI RINDU -a love story-

*proud parents/2008*
*mum & dad to be/lenggang perut-baby shower*

*honeymooners-preggy 2months/penrith*

*tunangan orang/mac 2007*

*zaman bercinta/date at one utama*

*zaman bercinta/date at the studio*

*zaman bercinta/date at bangsar*

*zaman bercinta/muzik-muzik*

*zaman bercinta/equatorial hotel*

it has been a long time since the last time i blogged about the man of my life.since nia was born, everything is about nia.nia.nia.kesian barney :( hehe. in 8 days time, we will reach our 4 years and 10 months anniversary. how fast time flies. i can still remember the first time i saw him and his group performing at mmu 5 years back.

how i hate looking at his snobbish face tho i couldnt see his 'gatal' eyes behind his dark shades. the reason i went for his show was not because of him but because of another member whom i used to have a crush on:p haha. i didnt even bother to look at him what more shake his eyes were all glued to another jambu guy.hehe.

a few days later, a friend of mine (who happened to be his friend too) called me. and i thought i could recognize his voice asking me to come over to modestos for their album launch. but it was more of asking a favour from me to jadi gadis bidan terjun. i agreed to come over, not because of barney but i was too excited to meet the jambu guy again!ahah. so there i was, in the middle of afternoon, walking unconfidently into modestos. and there he was, on the stage preparing for soundcheck.salam salam semua org including jambu guy and i was briefed by barney on what to do on stage as 'cik tipah yang tertipu'. he was so over-friendly that day and i was quite uncomfortable but im glad, at least he made me felt 'welcomed'. so we had lunch before the launch.i can still remember; a very long table +lots of guys (jambu guys) whom i was starstruck with due to their ability in singing good rNb songs+ spaghetti +pizzas and the list goes on....and i was kinda lost n controlling myself.i ate the pizzas with fork n spoon when i usually eat them with my bare hands. and i was sooo lost in the middle of the 'entertaiment people in their entertainment business'.

big barney showed interest in me starting from the lunch table.he kept on introducing me to other people as his 'fiance'.i felt stupid+bullied+irritated+geli and didnt know how to react. imagine, he just met me for a few hours and i was already his fiance??so, the show started after lunch.i was nervous, couldnt imagine myself 'crying' in front of all the reporters.but there he was, trying to comfort me...(i was like "ee..cube schweett la konon). so i managed to do them performed and as soon as everything was over, i was about to leave but the boys were busy being i just asked my friend to say thanks on my behalf to them. as i was about to enter my car, big barney waved to me, asking me to wait for him to finish his interview. but i didnt care less (hehe jual mahal sket) coz i wanted to avoid the traffic jam.

as i was driving and nearly reached subang, my hp rang. "hello boleh saya cakap dengan tipah?" me:"tipah?siapa ni?" (i felt annoyed coz i got the hint already but was still unsure) "tipah la.u tipah kan?" eee...geram sgtttt.takder tactic lain ke?? "ni cat la...." hehe...all i could think at that time was to just play around with him..layan je coz i menyampah sgt...and starting from that very first call, the rest became history:) dari benci jadi sayang. i never thought i could end up marrying him and have a beautiful lil nia as a result of our love. i dont want to elaborate more on our courtship period, but they were full of memories and beautiful experiences.being wif him has built my self confidence.i met a lot of people, and these people are from a very different world where i was taught to brush up my communication skills, and i learnt a lot. looking back, i am so so so thankful i met him and didnt end up with my sodeeplycrushheartbreaking ex-bf. due to our 9 years age gap, big barney made me a better person/woman.

dear big barney, u completed my journey of life.because of you, i became a wife and because of you,i am now a mother.but deep inside my heart, i would always want to be your stylish,outgoing,sporting girlfriend you loved to have during our courtship period:) because those were the reasons you fell in love with me back no matter how many shugagis or shugigas we produced, i will try my best to maintain as 'your grilfriend' k? love u, n many more years of blissful marriage to come, insyaallah.

love, billy bob (barney girl).

p/s:a big thing i learnt =lagi u tak suka/benci org tu, dont be suprised if u end wif that person u hate the most. (just like me....hehehe...)


~ n u r ~ said... new in your blog..just come accross to your blog after peeping in rinie's blog..hehehe btw, salam perkenalan..hahaha *so skema*

nway, i was tertarik with your last remark. As it happen to me oso...Im married with the person that I used to hate him soooo it turns to the other way round.hahahaha so moral of the story tak leh benci seseorg tu terlampau kan??

nnn said... schweetttttttt..i like the girlfriend concept. i pun wanna be like that in the future, hopefully. :)

The Fabulous Cats said...

barney say"hey,hey, billy bob i love u too...tq for those sweet things ya(suara barney)"gila ingat semua nyer...i pelupa gila dan u ingatkan semua buat i in love more n more u apple

The Fabulous Cats said...

nia sayz..gaga gaga papapapap mamama u

Ms.WifeY said...

nur: hye nur,salam perkenalan :)haha.yup, very true indeed.benci org berpada-pada, jangan bynk ckp sgt nanti termakan tuan!

muys: so schweet kan?u dont be muys k bile dah ada anak thn dpn :p

barney: guys.always pelupa.huh :p

nia: mammmiiii wuvvvv uu tooooo

Shmea said...

i love the first pic! a very happy parents.

Ms.WifeY said...

shmea: thanks dear!gambar tu in nov waktu impak maksima the musical :)

swit@kon said...

shuwit gila!
tang tipah tu lawak..hihi

lissa said...

hey there.stumbled upon your blog. so sweet ur story =) write more k? haha

~f@R~ said...

hahah i know what you mean... ala2 aku yang selalu kutuk kismis waktu mula2 start class dulu... and oh my god I'm marrying him in 6 weeks time... hehehhe