Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a birthday card for nia karlyssa :)

dear baby nia/shugiga/onggek/onkey/kecik

we've been sharing our lives together for one beautiful year

we've been separated from sharing 'the same body' for the past one year

i really miss the moments we shared when u were in my tummy until ive forgotten the feeling of pain while carrying u around for 9 months :)

u've developed from a tiny little creature to a brilliant lil toddler in this one year, and every single day is a new experience for you and me

u are now able to walk on your own and you know your destination but dear, be prepared for more years to come, coz one year is not enough to master the world :)

thank you for making mummy a better person, for letting me experience and learn how to teach u in order to make u a better person.

mummy and daddy love you just like we love you the first time we saw your face a year ago.and all we pray that: semoga Allah kurniakan kesihatan yang baik untuk nia, dijauhkan dari sebarang keburukan, semoga nia membesar menjadi anak yang solehah, bijak, baik hati, rajin belajar, mendengar kata mummy dan daddy dan yg paling penting, semoga nia menyayangi kami sebanyak mana kami menyayangi nia:) insyaallah. no matter how many more birthdays to come, i will always remember ur first birthday as something sentimental to me darling :)

love, mummy n daddy

28th april 2009 tuesday


: s h e "2 d" n a: : said... so touchh :)
amin insyaallah...

Anonymous said...

such a nice post ton..seriously..
wat i can say, its really something 2 c my crazy fren of mine became a wife, a mum, dpt hidayah 2 pakai tudong, got ur own house..and ur going 2 b ur own madam of the household, having more responsibilities and taking care of ur lil one 2 b a wonderful person and ur husband..all of that, and i know u can handle all that smoothly with a bit of bumps here n there..hehehe..:P..luv ya lots ton n nia..happy birthday lil nia..