Thursday, April 23, 2009

pre-birthday celebration

the shugagi's happy family

hey, let's pretend n pose k!

nia wif her stylo aunts

due to her 1 year bday party this coming sunday, a few things came up, as ive expected! my little nia got diarrhoea on wednesday after eating 'sup urat ketin' on tuesday night. tu la...i couldnt control the foods that she consumes coz it seems like everybody is giving her new foods to 'try and test'. nia apa lagi, suka la!

due to that, she 'berry berry' 4 times on wednesday and 5 times on thursday.this morning pun masih sama condition.kesian...her pipi gebu turned out to be reddish- allergic reaction to that food!huh lepas ni no more sup urat ketin k?coz last time she had no problem pun makan shark fin her paed gave a cream to be applied on her face n mummy will make sure pipi u suci murni by sunday k?? i even took an e.l on wednesday coz my maid called n said nia muntah banyk.takut sgt,mana tau food poisoning ke kan?nasib baik i spent the whole evening with her at our new 'love nest'.hehe

alhamdulillah, syukur, the house is almost 100% completed and mmg dah boleh duduk.last night langsir dah sampai and at this stage, everything dah lengkap for us to actually live there. mmg moving in ni pening n penat sgt.penat otak nak fikir n penat badan berkemas.tambah2 lagi for a couple like us who have to buy semuanya brand new coz before this we lived with the parents mmg sehelai sepinggang masuk.alhamdulillah im satisfied tho a lot has to be sacrificed (i.e: my passion for shopping!!huhu :( ) tonight nak buat baca2 doa n sembahyang before pindah rumah so that by tonight we can start sleeping there :)

nia's bday theme color is barney purple.not a big deal, but just to make it merrier:) preparation ala kadar je, ye la, baru masuk rumah baru sorry sayang, tak boleh buat extravaganza sgt, mummy hanya mampu upah aunti najwa jadi clown free :P insyallah next year k? menu for that nite will be nasi ayam penyet/ikan keli with sambal prepared by my hubby:) hehe we'll see.

i love u nia.and u looked so cute for these past 3 days where u would squat down, muka blur, rupa2nya tgh berry!hehe.boleh potty training la pas ni ye?muah!


senioritasara said...

hye...happy bday nia...have a great one.mummy jaga dia bebaik ye.muaaaahhh

mamaAriana said...

alhamdulillah ur nu 'love nest' da almost siap..semoga segalenye berjalan dengan lancar..nanti jangan lupe update bout nia's 1st birthday celebration oke..letak pix banyak2..sukeee~ :)

MIK'YAL said...

hepi besday nia !!stay cute & be a gud girl !!

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

Dear Nia,
Happy Birthday yer..dpt hadiah best2 share la dgn kita..

Yg Benar,

Malicious Mind said...

Happy Birthday baby nia! may you grow with full of love and happiness.. take care :)

Anonymous said...

happy bday Nia!!!
what a loving family :)
i nak tumpang tanya mana u beli ur tudung boleh tak? sangat cantik!! i like it