Monday, April 13, 2009

april- the month of love-

during my brother's merisik ceremony last weekend.makcik kecik yg dah boleh jalan :)

its april, finally:)

this is the month where i received the greatest gift from Allah,a year ago:)

well, lots of things have happened since my last post.i think i will elaborate on my lil princess in the last part :) most of my weeks last march were spent doing induction and btn at nilai. the whole process were tiring both mentally and physically.but the memories were very precious and i learnt a lot about my beloved country now,i appreciate my country more:) hehe.for the first time since nia was born, we both got separated for 5days 4nights!! bayangkanlah betapa beratnya siksaan menanggung rindu :( huhu hari2 mms je muka nia.but one thing about her, dia jenis kalau depan mata mmg clingy habis but once out of her sight, dia bukan kesah pun :(
habis btn, i started back my normal routine.what else?go back to work and continue uruskan hal-hal rumah baru.i can tell you, moving into a new house is not as easy as ABC.mind torturing, planning the budget, dealing with the contractors and banyak lagi memang this month my focus bnyk towards my new 'love nest'.hehe:) insyaallah, we plan to celebrate nia's 1st bday at our new love nest:) hopefully langsir semua dah settle by that time.
last week, me n barney were invited as the guest for a programme called 'sehati sejiwa' at rtm1. nia wal also featured in that programme!it was a 1 hour live show and basically it's a show about married couple, and we were interviewed about our married life; pre marriage and post marriage :) most of the callers who called commented on my new image and congratuled me.tapi ada satu caller tu dia ucap tahniah to barney "kerana telah berjaya mengubah isteri!" haha.memang tak tahan nak gelak la coz actually, penghijrahan i was not forced by anyone including my hubby.

i received a lot of comments, ramai terkejut and tak sangka it was 'that fast'.yah, i dont have to tell the whole world before it happens kan?but once it happens, i knew i have to get ready to receive 'stares adn comments'. bila masuk office, ramai ingat i new officer,haha and ramai la jgk yang toleh dua tigaa kali!but alhamdulillah, i received good comments on my new look. so, takde lah rasa malu or segan.insyaallah, if niat baik, semua berjalan lancar and suprisingly after more than a month wearing tudung, i takda rasa rimas, panas or pening sebab tak biasa kan.

however, i will always remember these 2 incidents/comments:

1. i was walking with barney in ikea.just the two of us and it was our first date after i wore tudung. as we walk, holding hands, i can tell you, the malays, they were staring and ni jenis pandang siap toleh yang tak cover and siap siku2 kawan diorng konon nak bagi signal "eh tgk dia.pegang tgn dgn perempuan lain!". haha their faces were so like geram macam syak my hubby jln dgn org lain!one thing that i can conclude; typical malays..suka gossip, suka jump into conclusion.takpelah sayang, as long as we know the truth..

2.a friend of mine in another division told me that ada sorang p.a to her boss said this to my friend: "puan, puan punya kawan tu dah berubah ya. bagus.saya suka tgk dia dgn imej baru dia. sebelum ni saya TAK berapa SUKA tgk dia". so what can i conclude from this? cepatnya perception berubah, terus suka sedangkan she didnt even know me. just because i pakai tudung.well i dont like this kind of mentality,i know, before this pun bila free hair mmg sesetengah org tak suka n anggap kita ni social sgt, gedik just because we wear short skirts to office!kesian my frens yg tak pakai tudung lagi..apa agaknya p.a tu anggap kat diorng? my clost frens know that tho my image has changed, im still the same old tini,ok :) this is again one typical mentality of the malays: siapa pakai tudung baik, siapa tak , jahat. hhmm..go and do ur own research k?

oh ya, one more funny incident yg i akan ingat was during my induction programme.i was wearing a suit on that day and suddenly a male magistrate came and approached me; "excuse me, can i get ur name pls?to me u look really, really professional! seriously, u look professional! are you from the court too?" haha, my friend kat sebelah i terus geram "so i ni apa?tak professional la, i pun pakai suit!just becoz im free hair so i guess i must have look like a bimbo right??" haha funny sgt waktu tu. and ended up that person who commented on me 'tersuka' i and started texting me coz he thought im still single!terkejut dia bila tau im a mother of one! :)

back to my intention to 'move' in the first place; it all happened from within.i knew i wanted to wear tudung but i didnt know when was the right time to do it.but i knew the time has come when my feeling jadi berkobar2 sampai termimpi2 and the urge finally i decided that 9th march was the right day.hubby was quite suprised when i first told him about first dia tak percaya tapi bila tgk stock tudung i yang bertambah from one day to another, he knew i was serious..satu je dia pesan, and i will always remeber it "u nak pakai tudung boleh, tapi ingat, once dah pakai, jgn bukak lagi ya".insyaallah sayang, i will stick to my decision :)

so, as for nia karlyssa, she still recognizes her mummy and tetap kenal. tapi kdg2 geram jgk coz dia suka tarik my tudung! on her development, she's turning 1 year old in exactly 2 weeks time! cepat je anak mummy dah besar!and alhamdulillah she can now walk steadily!jauh and lama without any help! i was so happy to see her walk like an anak beruang + penguin!! she also understands the 'meaning' of bird and kipas and mamam (makan). suka tong sampah (sgt geram), suka pukul muka mummy and everytime i scolded her for this, she will cebik and nangis sedih sampai menitis air mata! sumpah comel so i pun marah dia banyk kali nk ulang tayang!haha.gigi dah nak masuk 4 batang and she's a fierce biter a.k.a anak serigala!

my baby is still in her 10++ kilos and 72 cm.she likes to eat and taste new foods.and she is really proud of u dear!


mamaAriana said...

congratulations tini~!...oh anak i pun memang suke tarik2 my tudung..nakal~!..hehee~

sungguh lawak i bace ur story mory tu..bese la tu rakyat malaysia..huhuu~

okk..take care.. :)

Malicious Mind said...

awwwww. tini, congrats on your new image, i wish one day my time will come..

i saw you n ur hubby on sehati sejiwa.. that was sweet..:)

and niaa, ohh my, how she has grown and she looks like her mother now. hehehe.

Kiss little nia for me. geram sangat.

senioritasara said...

hye tinie...u look nice.take care

JujuBeS said...

disturbed jugak aku baca no. 1 and 2 plus kau tak pernah cite pon. maybe kau lupa. hehe.

apa2 hal diaorg tu sucks. boleh plak ada mentality mcm tu. nnt jumpe diaorg face 2 face say ptuuuiii k. haha.

p/s: lain kali masuk tv bgtau la. tak pernah tgk kau dlm tv. this is a reminder :P

Mummy of Dani said...

tini. i dhla busan duk umah. so bitaula i BILE MASUK TV. EH. BDAY PARTY NIA I NK DTG. BLH KE? DLM PAntang ni. hmm. *tibe2 perasan dijemput*

Shmea said...

eh your daughter dah boleh jalan! i can imagine the bear walk. hehe. :)

~f@R~ said...

Gambar Nia yang No2 tu serious muka kau... Comel!!! Nia not you... hehehehhehe

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

as 4 me..masa u free hair pon i rase u lawa...dh pakai tdg pon lawa..dedua lawa...

hihi..lawak org igt cat ada aweks lain ek?