Friday, October 2, 2009

your 2nd year of raya :)

makcik kecik kain belah tepi :p

lets tango with my kitten heels!

oops, kain terbelah! haha
our family raya picture at creative litebox studio :)

on the 9th day of syawal or 28th September 2009, my nia turned 1 year 5 months old :)
this time around, she celebrated her hari raya wholeheartedly! she wore 5 baju kurung/kebayas, for 5 days in a row! and im proud to say she was comfortably happy in her sarongs and heels! no complaints at all! lil diva in the making :p
she also knows the meaning of 'salam' when we asked her to do it, she appreciates the 'angpaus' and successfully became a makcik yg menyebok nak pilih kuih mana yg sedap :p huhu..she even broke a cookie jar at one of our relative's house!menjerit la mummy dia !hehe

one thing yg geram, my 12 kilos nia doesnt like to wear her hairband anymore:( membazir je beli, she only wore it for about an hour then terus bukak! as compared to last year when all she could do was to lie down, cute je dgn hairbandnye :)

let the pictures speak for themselves:) raya 2009, from bangi to pj to kl to malacca to kl to ipoh to rawang....phew....but it sure was a memorable one and different from the previous years :)


Lea Shmea said...

she's wearing heels and kebaya. that is just too cute! :))

najwa said...

huhuhuhuhuh..miss my lil nia..aku punyer ker ek??
anyway at last update..eventho i want barney post plz..heheheh

~f@R~ said...

Dah macam anak dara dah... they grow up so fast *sigh* tetiba aku emo rasa tua :p hahaha

Every Lovebirds' Happy Endings said...

kak tinie..mmg comel bila nia nye kain terbelah..haha..

btw, had a great time yesterday with u, nia and the rest!

p/s: still xleh lupa mamat2 yg masa breakfast tu! hahaha..serious lawak!

Malicious Mind said...

great pics. slamat hari raya to you n ur family!

i am a mummy said...


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