Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the girl in (high) heels :)

this picture was taken somewhere in june...it was your first real encounter with high heels :) and that's mummy's working shoes by the way..

u walked confidently and didnt collapsed! such a good try baby :)

posh spice kicik??haha

and just when we tought it was something funny, it actually became a habit to you! you became a shoe fetish since then!everytime u see mummy's heels or nenek's heels, u would go, grab and wear em'!

look at you, trying on my new shoes before i could even wear it!

and finally u got ur first pair of 'kitty' heels :)
haha it was not easy finding this for you!thought of getting a second one for you but the search was neverending... :( nasib baik la kasut hitam ni terjumpa dekat warta :)
remember nia, ur very first heels was bought at warta!
(if only u knew what warta means to mummy and frens!!haha)

2 inches??humm :) n u love wearing it inside the house :)

u seem to enjoy this shoes very much, do u know that? everytime we ask you to go and pick up a shoes before we go out, you will come out from the room with this pair!!
haha ur daddy mmg geje habis la!

this is another proof, main ptg2 dekat luar pun nak pakai kasut ni :)
oh, and do u remember the incident at ur playground dkt our love nest tu?ada sorng kakak darjah 5 tu screamed "eh main dkt padang pun nak pakai kasut tinggi ke??mana boleh!!"
haha u ignored her and went straight to the slide.if only u knew what she meant, i guess you would be embarassed and ran home to change ur shoes!!haha :)

bootylicious :) nyum nyum

well dear, you and your heels are inseparable (at this moment) even though daddy is so geje with this idea, mummy always smile dengan bangga everytime you take out this shoes!haha padan muka daddy, u actually proved him you are a girl!!a mummy's girl indeed!!



Amboi2..kecik2 dah pndai pakai heels...Rugi ler duit daddy beli byk2 sneakers tuh...hehehe...

al-Buduk said...

mcm ko kecik2 kirko...

Lea Shmea said...

omg is that her bicycle? how adorable!! hehe.

dayah said...

Salam Kak,

Nia so cute! Kecik2 dah pandai bergaya ngan kasut tinggi, Pasti daddy cemburu glerkan... Bagus2 Nia. Practice make perfect ^_^ hehehehe

Anonymous said...

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n.i. said...

alalalalalalaala... comeiiiinyee!!!! well, mummy, be prepared to buy her manolos ya? hehehe

btw, hi tini!!!