Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the girl in kurung(s) part deux

this cute red nyonya kebaya was bought for u by nenek and u wore it for our raya photoshoot :)

this white kebarung was given to u from opah and nek su made it personally for u:)

this was on the 5th day of raya, during our first trip to ipoh, daddy's kampung :)

this was on the 4th day of raya, in kl and this cute pinkish kebaya was bought by nenek (again)hehe

see, told cha u really loveee kuih raya a.k.a muruku sayang!

oohh, the kain batik (as opposed to the 'belah tepi' red kebaya) is a 'duyung' i remembered,u were walking slowly, all prim and proper :)

this one was also given to u from u can see, u lovee kurung, maybe becoz it's less tight and u can walk freelyyyyyy:)

oh, look how cute and moody u were on the first day of raya! mummy has exactly the same pair kurung pahang (except mine has lotsaa beads on it!!) mummy bought the material and sent it to the tailor.u looked so 'rendang' in it (mcm pokok rendang!) haha. as far as i can remember, the hairband only lasted for not more than an hour!!!huhu
so darling nia, u passed with flying colours for this year's raya in wearing all your kurungs successfully without leaving any of them behind! let's see what's gonna happen next year?? muach to u munchkin!!


aNnAsUeJiE said...

hi there! ;)
omg! byknye nia punye baju kurung /kebaya/kebarung! seronoknye bile ade baby girl kan! ;D

Lea Shmea said...

eeeee comel tak terkata! hehe. love the last pic!

Deana Nadween said...

ala2...cumel jeee die pakai baju kurung...heheheheeh...i suke yang last picture tuee nampak sweet jeee

i am a mummy said...

hahaha..nampak rendang tapi comel gile!tibe2 teringat fay dulu pun nampak rendang gile ok. in fact lebih rendang dari nia kot. sbb fay tu tak panjang. huhu

Anonymous said...

sori i anon je..paling suke yg pink kebaya tu...cute sgt2!!