Friday, November 5, 2010

baby Eva Latheefa's Fairytale aqiqah

This event was held on the 23rd october 2010 and bb eva was about 3 months young at this time :) i wa so glad that my dream to have her aqiqah's theme in rainbow/fairytale came true! it was whimsical and dreamy!! a big thanks to the wedding fairies team!! i'm more than satisfied, if any of you are interested, go visit their blog at they will never fail u :wink::

ALhamdulillah, everything went well, except that bb eva cried the moment they were about to perform the cukur jambul! gelabah la kejap mak dia ni :p nak susu rupanya! so i fed her and she fell asleep, so we had to do the whole thing again :p