Tuesday, November 9, 2010


the suprise 'kicik' :) shugiga pun nak sebok sama :p

oh yeah, ni pun bday girl jgk:) my mom 021110

a lunch treat for my mom -kokopelli pj-

wonderful mummys! (except the red one :p )

thanks rinot for the hijabs !!

thanks to fairy for this stylish pinky bb cover by kate spade


where's my gift?? :p

lunch treat by the 2 mommys at alexis the gardens

too much jap food at rakuzen -empire- with the chickies :)

a simple dinner at -the kitchen cyberjaya- on my bday eve

monte's bsc -great mushroom chicken!

testing my new lumix lx-5 -bday gift from my mummy-

welcome to the mugabe clan, gorgeous sil!

with the chomel mummy2be :)

last but not least, thanks for being able to make it, altho with a very very limited time:)

These are some of my belated birthday -lunchie-dinner treat- by my loved ones. phew, blogspot really test my patience. my 27th birthday was celebrated with full of love :) oopss, but where is si kicik?? :p baby eva, tho u couldnt join the celebration, mummy promise to post an entry full of your pictures. ONLY YOU :p

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Aida Narina said...

alahhh comel lah your little girl nak sebok juga tiup candles :) btw, happy belated birthday dear :)