Friday, November 6, 2009

diarrhea made her thin

this is me, on my 2nd day at the hospital. i lost about 1000grams and i think i can wear skinny jeans now.haah.

i got this cute roxy bikini from auntie B :)

i "decided" to fall sick a day before mummy's 26th birthday.pity her :(

i finally got admitted on 2nd nov, my nenek's bday (see,i choose my date well!!) after 5 days of continuous diarrhea and vomitting....

this pic was taken on the first day i got sick (29th oct)..i was too tired of all the sickness and lack of sleep...thank God it was not rotavirus, just a stubborn kind of virus that only went away after 7 days residing in my chubby body :(

my little fairy- 4 days before she fell sick -12.5kgs

* alhamdulillah, my baby nia was discharged on the 4th nov after 3 days in the hospital and the diarrhea has stopped since then. according to the doctor, it must be due to the things she pick and put into her mouth.huhu. nia, pls take note that this is the 2nd time in this year that u broke ur parents' bank account!pls la syg,be more careful coz mummy couldnt control u when u r out of my sight :(


Anonymous said...

ala...siyan nia...i bet tinie sedey giler tgk nia kene warded kan??hopefully from now on evrything will b well 4 her..insya allah..


Reeva Husin said...

glad to hear that she's doing fine ;)

Anonymous said...

siannya nia..hopefully she will be alright after this..

: s h e "2 d" n a: : said...

alhamdulilah she's fine...but die dh makin itt. :)